Laura Geller "Eye Dream of Italy" #2

8:41 AM

I can't believe how long it took me to post these swatches! I think I received this back in August, so I apologize on the delay!

This is the second installment of the Laura Geller "Eye Dream of Italy" collection. These colors are merging into the fall colors - the blush is warmer, the eyeshadows are smokey, and the lipstick is a very beautiful neutral.

The blush is a Sugar Free (no shimmer) in Boysenberry/Amaretti. Boysenberry is a beautiful berry-pink with swirls of tan, coral, terra cotta and cotton candy pink. The highlighter is called Amaretti, and it couldn't be more aptly named. This is a very pale cream shimmer with swirls of ivory frost and golden frost.

The baked eyeshadow duo is Spumoni/Sinful Praline. These are absolutely GORGEOUS! One side is a swirl of lavender, gray, and berry with flecks of gold. The other side is a deep charcoal color with tons of gold and silver swirls. These definitely have some "flecks" of sparkle, so I would suggest using Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy to ensure that you are able to enjoy all of the glimmer!

The marble lipstick in this collection is deceptively bold in person, but once applied, it is a beautifully natural coral-pink. On me, it is almost an amped up version of my natural lip color, so this is the perfect natural lip color for me. Although it is difficult to see, the lipstick is swirls of tan and coral lipstick. For a better look, click the image for a larger image.

Below are the swatches, including the lipstick next to the entire collection. As you can see, Dolce ends up being much lighter and pinker on than it looks in the tube.

The baked eyeshadows work effortlessly together. I don't know that I would have thought the two colors would have worked as well with each other by looking at them in the compact, but all the colors swirled together make a beautiful smokey eye with a hint of golden-pink.

Of the two collections, this is by far my favorite blush, which is surprising to me since it's a Sugar Free! It has the beauty of the cool toned pink, but the swirls of coral, tan and terra cotta allow this shade to blend easily into the skin without looking like a clown!

I am anxiously awaiting the next installment, which I think is due in November/December? I'll have to look on! (Just a note, if you want to see the previous collection, click the Laura Geller link to on the side of my blog!).

Do any of you have this collection, or any of Laura Geller's products? Let me know what you think!

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