Mally Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener: A Closer Look

9:00 AM

Continuing with the Mally Beauty theme of an earlier post, I bring you another piece in the Mally 7 Pc Makeover Collection TSV I purchased a few weeks ago off of QVC. 

This is the Perfect Prep Under Eye Brightener in Lighter.  This comes in a wand-like applicator, similar to what her lip colors come in. 

Twist up, and the brightener comes through the brush so you can apply directly under the eye and dab in with your finger tip.  You'll notice the color of the product is quite yellow, as this is a brightener and is meant to counter any dark and dull concerns you have under the eye and on your skin. 

I apply this before my concealer, as this isn't a concealing product (see how translucent it is below?).  But, it does in fact do a nice job of brightening the under eye region without adding too much product prior to your concealer. 

You can see this has a yellow tone to it, so if you have redness that needs correcting, this does a very nice job.  Thin, easy to apply, blending easily into the skin, it doesn't get to thick when applied under concealer.  It's taken some practice, but I really am liking this product.  At this point, I'm not sure if I would actually repurchase outside of the kit - I don't tend to have too much redness, for me its dark circles that are the issue - but it's a nice thing to have on hand if I need a little help!

Oh...Hi! Remember me?

8:28 AM

Wow...time has really gotten away from me.  Between work, family, just life in general, I realize I haven't spent any time on the blog.  So, I am in the midst of sorting through tons of pictures and looks to start posting again! 

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