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Swatches: Mary Kate & Ashley Paper Me Pretty Cosmetic Sheets

10:06 AM

I found the cord to my camera, so have finally uploaded the pictures I took a while ago swatching the Paper Me Pretty Cosmetic Sheets I bought a few weeks ago at Walmart. I only grabbed a few colors, so you can see them below.

Warmth is a pretty lavender/warm blush.
Radiance is a bright pink with warm undertones
The bronzer Goddess is a great color with tons of shimmer
Gold Sparkle is definitely sparkly! I beautiful color to tone down any blushes with a little warmth.

I used the entire sheet on each swatch, so you can see how intense the colors are.

I lost the cord to my camera...

8:24 AM

...and thus havne't posted any of the pictures I've taken this past week!! I'm such a space - I am going to dig around for it tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to get some more posts up tomorrow.

Sorry for the lack of posting!


Quick Smokey Turquoise/Gold EOTD

1:23 PM

Please disregard the fact that I desperately need to get my eyebrows done! :) I just noticed how terrible they look when I was editing the pictures - ha!

I have been in a smokey EOTD mood recently, so I thought I would share the turquoise and gold look I did this past weekend. I used:

Taylor Made Minerals in Centaur in my inner corner
Taylor Made Minerals in Fiji Beach on my outer lid
Bourjois Ombre a Paupieres in Noir Emeraude 07 in outer corner and blended into crease
Jesse's Girl Eye Dust in Reflects Gold as high light
Rimmel GlamEyes in Extreme Black mascara

I am absolutely loving the Bourjois Noir Emeraude because it is a warm black color, that can be blended into tons of colors (for example, turquoise) to build a beautiful and smokey eye. And, for the 75% off I bought it at Sephora, it really was a no brainer!!

Jesse's Girl

Reader Questions: Paper Me Pretty Blush/Bronzer/Sparkles

7:45 AM

Question: How do you actually get them on your face right without a brush?

Answer: Now that I finally was able to upload and adjust some of my pictures, I can show you all how I used these sheets!

First, I applied my primer, concealer and foundation as usual. Here I am wearing Laura Geller's Perfect Match, which was a kit which I purchased off of QVC. My foundation and concealer are "medium". Once my foundation has set, I took a sheet of the Mary Kate and Ashley Paper Me Pretty Blush in "Radiance".

"Radiance" is a bright pink, with cool tones to it. There are a handful of other blush colors (probably 5), so there are some warmer shades as well.

Once my foundation had set, I held the sheet by the back, which didn't have very much blush on it, if any at all. I applied the blush like you would any other, starting with the apples of your cheek and swiping it backwards. Think of the sheet of paper as your brush, and just swirl and swipe back.

At this point, the color should be applied to your cheeks, although it will most likely have some harsh lines which need to be blended (see below).

I chose one of my lighter and fluffier blush brushes - this one is my Laura Geller double ended blush/eyeshadow brush. Very lightly, I blended the edges. You don't want to be too rough with this, or else your brush will pick up the blush and you will lose your color.

At this point, I finished my makeup, eyeshadow and mascara and had this look! The blush lasted all day - it has fantastic staying power, and for the price you can pick and choose different colors to play with. What's even better, they don't have any fall out when you apply!

As you probably noticed from the picture of my original purchase, I also bought a bronzer, another shade of blush, and one of their sparkle sheets. I will swatch those out for you to see as well! They are really neat!


Foundation: Laura Geller's Perfect Match in Medium

Eyeshadows: Jesse's Girl Eye Dust "Pink" (Lid), Bourjois Eyeshadow "Gris" (Crease), Jesse's Girl Eye Dust "Reflects Gold" (highlight)

Liner: Mary Kate & Ashley Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Lips: Mary Kate & Ashley X2 Lipstick/Lipgloss in Berry Kisses (more pictures of this to follow)

Mascara: Rimmel GlamEyes in Extreme Black

Mary Kate Ashely

Review: Mary Kate & Ashley Paper Me Pretty...

9:00 PM

I am working on the swatches, but have had some difficulty getting things uploaded tonight, so I figured I would give you a sneak preview of the Paper Me Pretty's by Mary Kate & Ashley.

As I said, these were approximately $3-4 at Walmart - really a steal for 50 sheets.

It's actually a pretty neat concept. The box of sheets opens up like a larger matchbox, where you basically push the container with the actual sheets out, and the remainder of a cover is there for you to hold while you grab a piece of the paper.

Each sheet has makeup on one side, and nothing on the other except for anything residual, which you are abound to have.

I found that the color has great pigmentation, not to mention fantastic and lasting wear. I really loved the color I chose, which you will see in a FOTD coming up. There is some nice shimmer to the blush, but nothing outrageous. I did have to use a blush to blend everything together, but I assumed I would to begin with. My one complaint was that I wasn't able to get both cheeks done with one whole sheet - I ended up partially using another sheet to get the remainder of my other cheek completed. Overall, for the price, I think this is a great idea, and fun to mess around with when you are tired of your basic blushes that are used on a day to day basis.

Retail Price: $3-4.00 USD

Where to purchase: WalmartProduct: 5 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 4.5 out of 5 (Again, I ran out of product on one sheet for both cheeks)

Overall: 4out of 5

Would I purchase again? Definitely - they are fun to play around with, and actually were some colors I don't have in my collection, which was an added bonus!

Mary Kate Ashely

NEW Mary Kate & Ashley Makeup - Paper Me Pretty On the Go Cosmetic Sheets!

2:22 PM

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love the Mary Kate and Ashley line that you can find at Walmart. Their liquid eyeliners are beautiful and have great staying power for $3 a pop, not to mention the color selection is unbelievable!

I happened to go to Walmart for groceries the other day and decided to swing by the makeup aisle to see if there was anything new and stumbled across these: Paper Me Pretty On the Go Makeup Sheets...

As a result, I had to buy a ton of them - they were $3.96 each and the colors were really pretty. The gist of them is similar to blotting sheets (which they also have), but you can easily apply blush or glitz & glam on the go. I believe there are 50 sheets per packet, so assuming the color payoff is good, this is a steal!
I also picked up one of their Color X2, which as both liner, lipstick and gloss that all compliments each other in one easy to use container and applicator.
I will do a FOTD with the blush and lipstick here soon, but haven't had the opportunity to upload them, so stay tuned!


New Avon Lipstick Swatches

11:06 AM

Finally! My shipment arrived and I've been able to play around with some of the colors I picked up. I decided to buy some more "berry" colors, as fall is just around the corner and I needed to update my lipsticks for the upcoming season.

Below is a picture of my entire haul - not only did I get quite a few of their lippies, but I also purchased one of the new mark. Earth Face Glow in Pebbles and a liquid eyeliner in Electric Blue.

I was in need of a good neutral lip color, especially a gloss, so I opted for the mark. Glow Baby Glow hook up in Secretive. This is a beautiful nude, with pink undertones and lots of shimmer. It isn't very opaque, so although it does have some color to it, this gloss won't totally masque another color underneath.

On the other side of my hookup is a tinted Lipsheen in Blissful, a beautiful berry/plum color, with just enough color to be noticed as well as nutrients to moisturize and nourish your lips.

One of the new Avon Ultra Cream Rich lipsticks for fall I chose was Charmed Rose, which I fell in love with immediately upon opening the tube. This is truly a warm rose color with lots of shimmer. This is perfect for fall - I would almost consider it a warm raspberry color on.

Lastly, I picked up one of the new lipsticks they are kicking off, which is an extension of their ANEW line. At first, when I opened this I couldn't figure out why it would be considered "Blushing Bride", as that to me would be a nice sheer color, and the lipstick itself looked almost brick red in the tube. Once applied, it's a different story. The ANEW lipsticks are extremely smooth, milky, and sheer, with tons of shine. My lips felt fantastic after wearing!

You can see the swatches below - feel free to click to get a larger image!

Lastly, here is the Face Glow in Pebbles, which is a soft shimmery baby pink with some soft coral color running through it in a swirl. These are beautiful, but a bit on the small size. I would say these are about the quarter of the size of the MAC Mineralize, but you get some beautiful shimmer, and this color in particular makes a fantastic highlight. I have applied it to the apples and contours to add some dimension to your cheek color, or else to lighten up one that might be a bit dark for you.
And, just for fun, I picked up the Electric Blue liquid eyeliner from Avon. This color is so pretty, I can't wait to wear it!!


My newest Avon Haul...

7:39 AM

...should be coming today! Hopefully I can post pictures tonight! I ordered some new lipsticks, including the new line of ANEW lip colors in "Blushing Bride", a new set of mark. hookups lipcolors, one of the new mark. "baked" face colors in "Pebbles".

From the pictures, the new mark. colors remind me of the Laura Geller Baked face colors, or even a smaller version of the MAC Mineralize colors.

They also have some new colors in their liquid eyeliners, so I picked up Electric Blue for something fun and bright to play with.

The mark. hookups are some of my absolute favorite's - I think I have all of them except for Secret, which I ordered, along with one of the Sheen Sticks below in Blissful.

When they get here, I'll swatch and post those pictures as well!

I need a vacation!

5:29 PM

The funny thing is, based on my lack of posting recently, you probably think I've been on one...but alas, no! I've been working so much that I haven't had the opportunity to come home, relax and do my favorite thing, which is play with makeup and blog about it!

So, with that said, I've been dreaming of a tropical vacation and started looking at places online and came across this beautiful picture...

How unbelievably wonderful does that look!?!?

Well, now that I'm done with dreaming, I'm going to get back to working and let you all know that I'm still here, just a bit behind! Hopefully I will be able to catch up over the next couple of days! With that said, where should I go on a little mini-vaca? Thoughts?

New Makeup at Target!!

6:47 AM

A few days ago I ran into Target to get some more medicine for this lingering respiratory cold I've been battling. When I walked through the cosmetics department, I noticed a bright and new area in the cosmetic isle that I hadn't seen before! Target has introduced three "new" lines to their cosmetics: JK Jemma Kid, Pixi, and NP Set.

I knew that Napolean Perdis was moving from Sephora over to Target, but I didn't realize they were picking up any other lines. The colors in the JK eyeshadow singles are absolutely stunning, as are those from Pixi. I swatched a few colors and was really pleased with the color payoff, but unfortunately I didn't get to buy anything.

My only complaint about the new lines is the price. They are a bit spendy, with eyeshadows running around $13-$18, but Target has always been a store to bring in designers and been successful with it, so I am sure these new cosmetics will do great there!

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