NOTD: Revlon Scented Nail Polish "Pineapple Fizz"

8:33 AM

Revlon expanded their scented line for the summer to include some sparkly, scented polishes - all in some sort of  "Fizz" flavor.  I picked up Pineapple Fizz: a yellow jelly base with flakey shimmer.   When I say yellow, think your highlighter-yellow.  The flakes are like a smaller version of the Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, so they ultimately pick up the color of the base.  Below is three coats - I could have definitely put this on top of something, but I wanted to see it on it's own first. 

The pictures don't really do this justice.  It's so bright, that it almost looks like it's lit up, to be honest.  The smell is subtle, but there.  It's definitely tropical, and reminds me of summer!

Did you pick any of these scented polishes up?  What do you think?  What is your favorite color?


NOTD: Wet n Wild Fastdry Nail Color "Teal of Fortune"

9:18 AM

Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune: a deep teal jelly-based shimmer with multi-sized and shaped iridescent glitter throughout.  I think I'd actually call the shimmer more of a glass fleck/flakey than shimmer.  The picture with the flash (above) has more of a blue tinge to it, where in reality it has a bit of green throughout (below).

Dry time was fine.  It is a bit sheer, probably because it's a jelly base.  This is three coats, but I can definitely see some of my nail through the picture above.   This is a really nice color, and a budget-friendly alternative to Zoya's Charla or (maybe?) OPI Catch Me In Your Net?


Swatches: Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash and Flash Light

7:23 AM

I recently decided to pick up two of the Milani Lip Flash lip crayons when I saw some posts about them online and on their Facebook page.  I have always liked the concept of a lip crayon, but just haven't dabbled in them very much.  I usually just go for my standard lipsticks or lip gloss and move on with my day.  After drying these, Milani's Lip Flash have definitely found a place in my makeup bag.

There are eight shades to chose from, from a pale pink, bright fuchsias, reds and a really pretty bronze.  I picked up two of the reds.  I've been trying to find a red lipstick I can pull off, so I figured I'd give these a whirl!

These Lip Flash are big chunky pencils.  The tips are thick, and make application really easy.  It doesn't require a lot of application to fill out the lips. 

Below are swatches of each - each swatch is one swipe!  This is what I am asking for when it comes to pigmentation!  Even better, if you want more color on your lips (let's say in the case of Flash Light), just apply another coat to your lips and the intensity is amped up.

Hot Flash is a gorgeous warm red with coral shimmer.  I think you can see the shimmer on the picture below if it is enlarged.  Flash Light is in the same family as Hot Flash, only a more sheer, lighter, and just a bit more coral version.  This also has shimmer throughout, but it isn't over the top.  Just enough to add a hint to the lips.

Below are the lip swatches.  I find that Flash Light is my more wearable color out of the two, but Hot Flash is definitely a gorgeous red, that I feel I can actually wear. 

Like I mentioned above, the pigmentation on these are wonderful.  The consistency is so creamy, but it doesn't feather and spread out from the lipline.  I couldn't be happier with the wear on these - they are so surprisingly long wearing!  But, amazingly, the Lip Flash didn't leave my lips dry or flaky.  I suppose the wear and pigmentation comes from the fact that these pencils has some body to them - the product itself is actually quite dense - like a less "wet" version of a lipstick, so they wear very similarly to a lipstick.  Obviously, the darker the shade, the more residual color there is on the lips once the product is long gone, but I suppose this is another facet of the long-wear for these crayons.

I think I may have to pick up one of the pink shades, just to see if these are wearable on me as well.  I don't typically go for the bright colors - I'm more of a neutral shade kind of girl.  I really hope Milani comes out with some other shades. 

Have you tried these yet? 


Bethenny Frankel to Debut budget skin care line: Skinny Girl Face and Body Solutions

8:00 AM

Expanding upon the huge success of the Skinny Girl Margarita, Bethenny Frankel will soon be debuting a skincare line under the Skinny Girl name, according to the Daily Mail.  

Simple packaging and even easier on the wallet, all items will retail for under $15.  The products will be developed with the beauty company, Lotta Luv, and will be carried through Walmart beginning in November.

Also, interestingly enough, she isn't pawning these items off as miracle workers.  Instead, each item is and its purpose is straight forward and made for a reason.   Below is a peek at the packaging - it's cute, and goes right along with the Skinny Girl theme.

image courtesy of

Well, what do you think of that?  Interesting, huh?

When looking for Carbonite...

10:01 PM

Make sure you check the actual nail polish display in the MAIN aisle. I bought mine at Meijer, and although the display picture I posted is quite picked over, I bet there were at least six or seven bottles in the main display as well.

Just an FYI while you search!

Happy hunting!


Spotted at Meijer and Swatch Comparison: Revlon "Carbonite" Nail Polish - A Chanel Graphite dupe? Let's take a look...

9:12 AM

First of all, what is graphite, besides what is in your pencil?  Well above is a picture of it...

Above is the display that the Revlon Carbonite comes on.  This is another one of their Limited Edition colors, just in line with Black with Envy and Perplex.  This is a dupe of Chanel Graphite, and since I have Graphite I thought I'd show you some side-by-sides of the two.

Actually, this is a really good dupe.  There are slight differences, which I'll get into here shortly, but overall, when you look at these side-by-side, it's hard to tell them apart. 

Both have a deep pewter gray base with silver micro-glitter.  Chanel's glitter/shimmer is a bit larger and more complex than the Revlon.  Chanel has hints of very pale, almost silver-gold glitter, giving it a hint more of a warmer tone than the Carbonite.  Where Graphite has the golden shimmer, Carbonite has hints of darker gray shimmer though out.

With the flash, below, you can really see how much shimmer is in the Chanel.  I think what is really *lighting up* the bottle there is that pale gold shimmer that is in Graphite, that isn't in Carbonite.

OK, now onto so side by side swatches on the nail.  I didn't clean up these swatches, so please ignore the mess.

See that hint of gold above?

In this picture, you can really see the difference in the microglitter size in Chanel vs. Carbonite.  Where Carbonite is really a true metallic, Graphite borders on being a microglitter polish.

Then again, when you see them in natural light, side by side, there is very little difference.  I will say, the Revlon is a bit thicker and more intense upon application, where Chanel is a thinner and a bit more sheer of a polish.  Both are two coats, but I think the Chanel could afford three.  I am going to be doing a full fledge manicure with Chanel shortly, so I'll post those pictures once completed.

Well, what do you think?  Does Revlon Carbonite match that of Chanel Graphite?  Have you seen the Revlon Carbonite displays yet?  In my opinion, if you see this and have been lusting over the Chanel Graphite, I'd definitely pick it up - it's worth the spend, and can easily satisfy your need! 

Mally Beauty

Mally Beauty Just Heaven 8-piece Brightening Collection

7:08 AM

A few months back Mally had a TSV on QVC for her Just Heaven 8-piece Brightening Collection.  Now, I'm a total sucker for her mascara, which I've posted about here.  It is one of the blackest, richest, and most volumizing mascaras I've ever worked with.  I have also wanted to try her primer, so with all the goodies in this set, I had to buy it!
The collection comes with the following, several of which are exclusives to QVC until next year:

  • 0.07 oz Evercolor Endless Eyeshadow in Sunglow, a bronze-brown; includes 0.03 oz powder and 0.04 oz cream shadow--exclusive to QVC until 1/1/12! 

  • 0.12 oz High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Just Heaven, a sheer peach shade--exclusive to QVC until 1/1/12! 

  • 0.18 oz Effortless Airbrush Blush & Highlighter in Afterglow and Purelight, a peachy-pink blush with golden highlighter--exclusive to QVC until 1/1/12! 

  • 0.39 fl oz Volumizing Mascara in Black 

  • 0.35 oz Visible Skin Bronzer in Lighter or Deeper--exclusive to QVC until 1/1/12! 

  • 0.5 oz travel size Perfect Prep Primer in Glow 

  • 0.01 oz Automatic Liner in Black Navy 

  • Double-ended shaping brush 

  • Zippered makeup clutch: measures 7-1/4"L x 10"W x 2-3/8"D; 45% cotton/45% low-p PVC/10% polyester; wipe clean

  • First up, is the primer.  This is truly the consistency of whipped cream.  It looked like it too!  Almost good enough to eat.  The size on this is a deluxe travel size, so it's not the full sized primer, but it is definitely enough to try it for a few months.  This is also the Glow version of the primer, so there is just the slightest shimmer.  For a "glowing" primer, this definitely has the least amount of shimmer on the skin once applied, compared to some other ones I've tried, so this may be the one for you if shimmer isn't your thing. 
    Again, the consistency is like air - it just blends into the skin and really makes makeup application a breeze.  I found that it smoothed out the skin, and really helped the makeup last through the day.  I don't really have oily skin, so I can't say much for prevention of that, but when it came to warm/humid days, I found that my makeup didn't travel or come off as a result of the weather.

    Next up, the bronzer.  This is a matte bronzer, and the light is very easy to wear on my fair skin.  This isn't orange, and I actually find this shade quite useful for contouring since it's a paler bronzer.  I'd liken it to Stila's Sun Highlighter (Shade 2), but without the shimmer.

    Mally's Effortless Airbrush Blushes are next.  These are an interesting twist on blush.  The ultimate purpose is to give you that airbrushed look with your blush, without having to use the technique.  The consistency of the blushes are interesting - they aren't powders and they aren't creams.  Instead, they are a mix of both.  You do use a brush to apply, so this isn't too complicated.  It's just the consistency that's different.  Because these are quite pigmented, a little gives you a natural glow.  The blush, AfterGlow, is a warm peachy pink.  The highlight, Purelight, is gorgeous pure pearl.  I like to use this not only as a higlighter over the blush, but just all over the skin to give it a brightening effect. 

    The eyeshadow is a new concept, at least for me.  This is a three piece set - including the cream eyeshadow, applicator, and powder eyeshadow with sponge applicator.  It actually all connects together and looks like a pen/marker.  Sunglow is a deep bronze.  This is really shimmery, lasts ALL DAY, and has such versatility.  If your looking for major impact, use both the cream shadow and set it with the powder.  If you're looking for a little bit of color, just use the powder.  The cream shadow can also be used as an eyeliner, if you dip an eyeliner brush into the pot (pictured below).  Outside of the mascara, this is my favorite piece in the set.
    None of my pictures of the set came out, so I had to borrow the picture from QVC (above).  Below you can at least see the pot with the cream shadow in it.  See all that shimmer?  The sponge applicator has a spring to it, so you actually *punch* it into the lid and it gets the powder shadow on it, and you dab it across your cream shadow to set it.

    Although none of my other swatches transferred over to the computer, at least you can see the shadows below. 

    Last up, the pencil.  This is a "bullet proof" liner in Navy/Black.  The concept of Navy is that it helps brighten the whites of your eyes, widening them and making you look more awake.  This is something I tend to need A LOT!   The liner is truly bullet proof, too, as Mally would say.  It's creamy, applies easily to the lash line, as well as the waterline, and lasts! 

    Like I said earlier, my swatches didn't transfer over - user error I'm sure.  I'll put a post together with a FOTD using these items, and put some new swatches together for that post, too. 

    This set also comes with a lipgloss (in the missing pictures), a double ended brush and a really nice sized makeup pouch.  The brush is really nice - it's not as dense as a lot of other blush brushes, since it doesn't need to be to apply this blush.  To me, it's nice to have another brush in my set that I can use with my more pigmented blushes.  The makeup pouch is huge!  Plus, it's lined so it is easily cleaned if something should spill in travel.
    Have you tried any of Mally's products before?  I have to say, I am really enjoying these.  The items are multi-functional, from the blushes and highlighters to the eyeshadows

    EOTD Browns

    EOTD: Maybelline Color Explosion Eyeshadow Quint "Caffeine Rush"

    8:00 AM

    Here is a very quick, simple, and totally wearable EOTD using the Caffeine Rush from Maybelline's Color Explosion Quints. 

    To creat the look I used:

    LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Primer - all over lids to prime
    Taupe Shimmer (right triangle) - inner corner, all over lid
    Brown shimmer ("V") - outer corner, crease
    Ivory Highlight (lower triangle) - highlight
    Beige Shimmer (left triangle) - lower lashline
    Luminizer - all over lids

    This lasted all day, without any fall out from the luminizer.  The taupe is by far my favorite color in this set - it's gorgeous.


    Swatches: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Quints "Caffeine Rush" and "Forest Fury"

    8:47 AM

    When I spotted the new Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Quints at Walgreens the other day, I picked up the green, Forest Fury, and brown, Caffeine Rush, sets.  These boast four coordinating eye colors, and a shimmering/luminizing "top coat" to put over the look to add sparkle to the look.  I was very pleased with the Eye Studio Quad's I'd picked up the past few times at the drugstore, so although these retail for $11.99, I figured I'd try them out.

    First up, Caffeine Rush.  This is a gorgeous set of brown/taupes.  My favorite color is by far the taupe in the right triangle.  There is also a shimmery beige (left triangle), a milk chocolate brown ("v" in the middle), and a warm ivory shade to highlight (bottom triangle).  The luminizer is an ivory sparkle, which is the top triangle.  This is not a powder, but instead is almost a cream shadow that isn't wet at all.  I'm not sure how to describe it, although it is reminiscent of the NYX Glitter Cream pallets, but with a much better staying power, in my opinion.

    Swatches are applied on bare skin - no primer.  If you use a primer, the colors stand out even more boldly. 

    Forest Fury is a gorgeous set of greens.  These are a bit on the cooler side, and less olive in color as compared to the Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in "Green with Envy" I posted earlier.  Still, these are warm enough to be work without looking too over the top.  The far left is a satin lime green.  The far left is a shimmery, medium forest-turquoise.  The crease color in the "v" is a deep forest green with a hint of shimmer.  The highlight is again a warm ivory, but with just the slightest green shimmer.  The luminizer is also a pale warm white base with iridescent green and gold shimmer. 

     Again, swatches are on bare skin.

    I am so glad I bought these two quints.  Not only are the colors beautiful and extremely pigmented, but they wear well, the luminizer adds some gorgeous shimmer, and the luminizer actually lasts without creasing or causing any discoloration to your actual eyeshadow application.  I really think I would like to get the purples next.  The colors in that quint look a lot different than some of the other purples/mauves I have.

    Have you tried these?  What did you think? 


    NOTD: Essie Coat Azure

    8:00 AM

    Essie's Spring Collection, A French Affair, included several beautiful pastels, and also this beautiful periwinkle blue with a hint of silver shimmer called Coat Azure.  I'm not usually a blue nailpolish girl, but this one definitely converted me.

    This is a medium blue.  Just the slightest shimmer - it really takes the right lighting (i.e. natural light below) to capture it.  The formula is great - very smooth and easily applied.  Below is two coats. 

    The color reminds me of spring, specifically the little vinca vines or myrtle that pop up around here in my garden - beautiful!


    Swatches: Revlon Grow Luscious Lash Liner "Emerald"

    10:48 AM

    Revlon has expanded their Grow Luscious line to include four colors of lash liner/eye liner.  I picked up Emerald.   Per website, the eyeliner

    "Delivers ultra intense color impact in one stroke. Botanical and vitamin rich formula nourishes and supports healthy lashes."
    Emerald is a very deep deal with golden shimmer.  I tried to capture the shimmer in the pictures, but everything came back looking overly-turquoise.  This is truly a beauty, and something very different than most of the drug-store brand pencils available. 

    The pencil is extremely creamy, smooth and pigmented.  This is one swipe of the pencil.  When applied to the lash line, there is no tugging.  I didn't experience any smudging or traveling on the outer corners.  I did use this on both the upper and lower lashline, without any irritation when used along the waterline of the lower lashes.  I love the color.  I really love the shimmer. 

    I hope that Revlon comes out with some other colors.  I would love to see a plum shade and possibly a green (like true green, not olive). 

    Have you tried these yet?  What was your experience?

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