Bare Skin Eau de Parfum - NEW! From Leslie Blodgett

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As many of you Sephora Beauty Insiders know, Leslie Blodgett has started a collection known as the Perfume Diaries, and the first in this limited edition set is called Bare Skin. Being that I love everything that Leslie has brought to us from Bare Escentuals, I am anxious to test out this fragrance as well.

From what I have read, this fragrance was developed by Leslie in an effort to embody a trip she had to Mexico. “Bare Skin…” she explains, “is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with night air and music.”
From the Sephora website:

Bare Skin Eau de Parfum Spray
Imagine you're on a tropical beach. The warm rays are beating down on you. There is nothing on the agenda for days, save for sunbathing, sipping umbrella drinks and sleeping in. Leslie Blodgett has captured the ultimate vacation through fragrance with this intoxicating blend of creamy sensuality, dreamy florals and sexy musks. Glowing, gorgeous sun-kissed skin that just begs to be touched is at the heart of this limited-edition scent, created exclusively for Sephora.

No clock in sight and no reason to wake up (Black Pepper, Freesia, Anise).
Middle: Hot, hot hopping to the towel on sand (Iris, Vanilla Orchid, Plumeria
, Patchouli).
Bottom: Finally, time to mingle, baring amber shoulders still warm from the day (Sandalwood, Labdanum, Musk).

Not only is there the perfume, but there is also Body Cream (above) and Solid Perfume (below).

Have any of you tried or smelled this fragrance? I haven't yet, but hope to soon!

This is available on Sephora's website,

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  1. Yes, it's quite nice, actually, and a bit different. It's on my agenda to review, just haven't gotten to it yet.


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