Spotted! at Meijer: New Nicole by OPI Liquid Metal Nail Colors

8:56 AM

Meijer was a plethora of new products when I went in last week!  I will have quite a few "Spotted!" items to share here - between nail polish, the Wet 'n Wild collections, and Milani, it appears that the new spring lines are coming out!

Here we have the new Nicole by OPI "Liquid Metal" collection, which I can only assume is for spring, based on the beautiful pinks, golds and turquoise.  I did not purchase one of these, but I was definitely leaning towards all three! 

A little Google search shows there are actually four colors, but one must have sold out already at the store. 

"Nicole by OPI ignites a mesmerizing look for the New Year with Liquid Metals. Featuring four new metallic Nail Lacquers ranging from shimmering sea foam to sophisticated champagne, Nicole by OPI’s Liquid Metals collection offers the season’s must-have accessory. "

I think I'm having buyers remorse - I really like that blue/turquoise!  Oh well, next time groceries call....looks like I'll be making a pit-stop by health and beauty!

Good morning!

8:49 AM

This is exactly how I felt (and probably looked!) last week, which is why I didn't post very much. 

We should be back to your regularly programmed blogging this week!  Thanks for being patient with me...

Big Lots

Spotted at Big Lots: Revlon Perplex!

8:00 AM

I tell you what...I scour the CVS's all around for the Perplex when it came out, only to see it months later at Big Lots for $1!  Crazy I tell ya, but I'll take it!  :)  If you have a Big Lots, it'd be worth checking out, that's for sure!


EOTD: Avon 24K Eyeshadow Quad "Golden Splendor"

8:00 AM

Looks like it's an Avon week for me!  I wanted to try the entire 24K Golden Splendor palette together, so below I created a look doing just that!  Like I said, this set definitely stepped up the quality for Avon - if the rest of their palettes are like this, I'll have to try out some other colors - the shades blended well together and the pigmentation was quite nice.  

To create the look, I first used LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Primer, then:

Inner corner - golden shade (top left)
Outer corner/crease - deep copper shade (bottom left)
Highlight - pearl frost (top right)
Lower lashline - purple frost (bottom right)

Top off the look with the 24K Gold black mascara, and you're done!  


Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner Pencils "Bronze", "Shimmering Khaki", and "Steel"

8:00 AM

Unfortunately, I think these have been discontinued, but I thought I'd review them anyway in case you are able to come across them in the future.  Mini-rant...don't you just hate it when you find something you like, only to discover it's been discontinued!  *Umph*  Oh well, I guess I should be happy I got the three I did!

Anyway, Avon came out with an extension to the superSHOCK line, which had mainly focused on mascaras in the past.  These gel eyeliners are compared to the Urban Decay 24/7, MUFE Aqua Eyes Eyeliner, and in my experience the Sephora Flashy Eyeliners.  

Let's talk pigmentation and staying power - these are amazing.  They go on extremely smooth and creamy, without any tugging or pulling.  The colors are gorgeous and have pigmentation out the wa-zoo!  I can't express how impressed I am with these!  Not only did they last all day, once I applied them, the liners didn't smear, run, or trail down my eyes.  

Aren't the colors gorgeous?  I love how shimmery and bright they are, especially for neutrals.  Were you lucky enough to grab one (or all) of these before they were disco'd?  I am hoping they are going to re-launch these, or even come out with new shades...I would hate for these to be a goner!

(Note: the Black to the left is a swatch of the 24K Gold mascara from the previous Avon post).


mark. Shimmer Down Lip Gloss "Pink Spark" and "Feels Ripe"

8:00 AM

I almost forgot how much I love mark. by Avon's products until I received my most recent order, which included the 24K Gold Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Splendor.  I picked up two of the Shimmer Down lip gloss tubes, one in Pink Spark an another in Feels Ripe.  

Each tube is a highly glossy, slightly pigmented lipgloss, packed with iridescent gold shimmer.  Pink Spark is a beautiful pale peachy-pink and Feels Ripe is in the same color family, but is a brighter (almost red) magenta with the same golden shimmer.  

I tried to capture the colors in the shot below, but the flash totally washed them out.  You can pick up the shimmer, though.  
The lipgloss comes with a squeeze tube applicator.  The gloss itself is thick, but not sticky.  It has just a *hint* of color, and the shimmer is very subtle once applied.  The gloss lasts quite a while, too, which is nice - it doesn't immediately soak in and leave you wishing for more.

The colors are very true to life in the picture below.  I really like Feels Ripe - it adds just a hint of color, and Pink Spark is a perfect natural gloss.  See how as the swatch thins out?  You can get a good idea as to the color on the lips towards the bottom of the swatch.  

Lip swatches below.  Like I have said, Pink Spark is quite neutral - it really is just my lips but shiny.  I do like the shimmer, which I couldn't capture in the picture(s) below unfortunately.

Feels Ripe gives a hint of pink to the lips.  It actually is even deeper in real life, but I think you get a pretty good idea of it below.  The shimmer stands out a little better in the swatch below for Feels Ripe. 

I am going to be keeping Feels Ripe in my purse - this is a great gloss to have around.  Do any of you have these Shimmer Down glosses?  Thoughts?

Physicians Formulas

For the Taupe Lover! Physicians Formula Eye Candy Shimmer Strips: Hazel Eyes

10:03 AM

Wrapping up my Physicians Formula posts for the time being (there are more to come!), I have the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Candy for Hazel Eyes.  I bought this set on sale at CVS, so I think it retailed at around $2.49 once it was all said and done. 

For those of you who love taupes, you could easily make this your everyday pallet (without the pink of course).  There is a full spectrum of shades and intensities, from the pale pinky taupes on the left, to the warmer taupes to the right.  The pigmentation is very nice, the texture is creamy, but a bit on the dry side.  I did use a primer under my swatches below (LA Splash Eyeshadow Sealer/Primer), but even without they lasted pretty well.  These are quite frosty, so that may be a turn off for some of you.  The darker shades work very nicely as a liner when applied wet. 

This was my first shot at Physicians Formula eyeshadows, and I'll be honest, I'm quite pleased.  Because of the neutrality of a majority of the colors in this set, I can see using this day-to-day.  Have you tried this set?  What about the other Eye Candy Shimmer Strips?


Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Eyeliners: Glam Collection for Hazel Eyes and Green Eyes

10:18 AM

I went on a bit of a Physician's Formula splurge when I found the display at Meijer a few weeks ago, and now I am *finally* going to post the swatches for you to see.  I am absolutely in love with the original set of Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Eyeliners I own, so picking up these metallic sets (called Glam Collection) was a no-brainer!  I picked up the set for Hazel Eyes (gold packaging) and Green Eyes (mauve packaging).  Closeups and swatches are below...

First up, the Hazel Eyes.  This is a set with warmer colors - including a gilded gold, frosty plum and black with gold shimmer.

Secondly is the Green Eye set, which is on the cooler side.  Again this comes with a purple-shade, this one being more of a lavender or lilac, a deep silvery-jade and black with pewter shimmer.

My swatches are below - the Hazel Eyes is on the left and the Green Eyes is on the right.

Now, I will say, I have read mixed reviews about these Shimmer Strips, particularly the pigmentation compared to the original set of liners.  Yes, these are a bit different - the liners are still as creamy and easy to apply as ever.  The black is a deep black, and the above swatches are one swipe of the liner.  As in the original set, these blacks are VERY dark and pigmented, and glide along effortlessly.  The metallic shades are just that - extremely metallic!  I didn't have any problems with pigmentation - they aren't exactly dark or intense shades, so I'm not sure what the concern is here.  These are gorgeous on their own, but work exceptionally well on top of the black liner to give it some more dimension and shine.  Just as the original set, all applied extremely easily to the waterline, and didn't budge all day.  I will say, at $10.99 a pop, Physician's Formula gel liners are my absolute must have and go-to liners...forget all the high end, fancy schmancy ones available - I get no irritation, no smearing, flaking or cracking - just perfectly applied, long lasting, beautiful liner all day long!

So, who has tried these out?  What are your favorite shades?  I must go back and get the set for brown eyes - I am totally lemming the copper color!


Zoya Intimate - Spring 2011 Colors

10:45 AM

Zoya's newest collection for Spring 2011, called Intimate, will be available January 15th.  Don't those colors just make you ready for the snow to melt!  I absolutely love them - they are bright, but muted at the same time.  Some are shimmery and some are creams. 

A few fellow beauty bloggers have had the opportunity to try them out - check out their swatches and reviews below...

What a perfect set of colors to change up all the dark, deep shades of the winter!

Wet and Wild

New Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Trios: Silent Treatment, I Dream of Greenie, and I'm Getting Sunburned

10:31 AM

I picked up a few of the Color Icon Trios when I saw the new display at Walgreens and Meijer - I grabbed Silent Treatment, I'm Getting Sunburned, and I Dream of Greenie.  I apologize for the bad picture above - my camera is acting up and I haven't figured out the issue yet.

Silent Treatment:  For those of you who love taupe, this would be the one for you.  The colors work effortlessly together, are extremely creamy and the pigmentation is perfect.  The brow color is a satin nude/pale peach.  I was worried it would look too peachy on, but in fact it blended right into my skintone without standing out.  The crease color is a deep chocolate brown with taupe shimmer.  The lid is a very creamy and frosty cool taupe shade.  A beautiful every day palette!

I'm Getting Sunburned:  Talk about frosty goodness.  This set is really quite beautiful, and a nice way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral look.  The brown bone shade is a frosty Barbie pink, the crease is a deep chocolate brown with copper shimmer, and the lid color is a truly metallic copper.  Again, the pigmentation is outstanding and the shadows are nice and creamy.

I Dream of Greenie:  Now this is a palette you can have fun with!  I instantly thought S-P-R-I-N-G when I saw these greens!  This palette is not as shimmery as the other two, but still has nice creamy shadows with great color payoff.  The brownbone is a frosty mint green, the crease is a bright grassy green, and the eyelid is a lime green with hints of yellow. 

I am really excited about all these new colors - I think I am going to have to run out and get the set with navy - I think it's called Good Jeans or something like that.  What color have you picked up?


Spotted at Walgreens: New Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Display - Including new Fast Dry Nail Polish, Mascaras, and Eyeshadow Trios

10:44 AM

For those of you who are huge Wet 'n Wild fans (I know I am!), you have probably heard the rumblings of the new products that are being launched...if you haven't, head on over to Nouveau Cheap and check out her recent posts - she's the first Wet 'n Wild Ambassador, and is posting some awesome reviews of the new products!

Wet 'n Wild has come out with some new mascaras and lash growth serums, new lipgloss, new Color Icon Shimmer Pencils (see Nouveau Cheaps review here), new eyeshadow trios, and new fast dry nailpolish (see swatches on Nouveau Cheap here).  There are also new 8-pan palettes that are coming, which are absolutely GORGEOUS, but I haven't seen them at my Walgreens or Walmart yet.  The review from Nouveau Cheap can be found here.  So much fun!  I love all the new products!

Aren't all these new goodies so much fun!  I absolutely love the names of the nail polish too - they are named after favorite TV shows of the present and 9021-Orange, Silvivor, and Gray's Anatomy.  Exciting stuff I tell ya!


Avon 24K Gold Eyeshadow Quad "Golden Splendor" and Mascara "Golden Black"

10:24 AM

I recently picked out some newer products from Avon to try out, including their 24K Gold line - the eyeshadow quad in Golden Splendor and the mascara in Golden Black.  Both of these were limited edition for the 2010 Holiday season.  A while back, I think last year, I picked up some of the Ultra Rich 24K lipsticks from their 2009 collection and absolutely loved them.  With the new formulas in their shadows, I thought this would be a good product to try!

The eyeshadow quad in Golden Splendor is a set of four shadows with a golden lustre to them.  All four would work extremely well together to create a warm golden look.  There is a nice cultured pearl highlight shade (top left), a beautiful true gold (top right), a plum with golden shimmer (bottom left) and a warm coppery/reddish/brown (bottom right).

As with my previous history with Avon's eyeshadows, these were not extremely pigmented, so I thought I'd give them a try over primer.  In the swatches above, I have primer on the bottom, no primer on the top.  This helped a lot.  It's hard to capture in the picture above, but when applying them to the

Now let me get to the mascara.  I'm not going to lie, my first impressions were quite disappointing.  I really was hoping to see the golden shimmer when I pulled the wand out, but it was minimal at best.  I will say, the actual mascara itself is quite nice.  I forgot how much I really enjoy the Avon mascaras - this particular one coated each lash and really defined and created a "fringe" effect.  The formula is a little on the dry side, but it doesn't clump, flake, or smear.  I can actually say this is one of my go-to mascaras, and has replaced Lash Blast as my favorite every day mascara.  Once the actual product dried on the lashes, I did notice a hint of shimmer, particularly when looked at from the side. 

I'll post a look with these shadows and mascaras in the next day or two.  They really are quite nice, and I'm impressed with the updated quality of the shadows. 

What is your favorite Avon product?  I'd love to hear your thoughts so I have some new things to try out!


Ever wanted to try Zoya?

8:35 AM

Well, now's the time!  Head on over to their Facebook Page because they have put up something special for all of you that are fans!  Three free nailpolishes!  I know I placed my order (for six...don't judge!).  I ordered Valerie, Kelly, Edyta, Kim, Sarah, and Gloria.  What will you get?

Happy New Year!

8:03 PM

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy New Years this year!  I have so many things to be thankful for, I don't even know where to start!   Thank you all for your never ending support - I wish you the best in 2011!

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