Spotted at Walgreens: New Shades of NutraNail Gel Perfect Manicure Sets "Bling It On"

11:08 AM

Walgreens was full of new goodies when I went in there this past weekend!  Up next from the NutraNail Gel Perfect line, the Bling it On Collection which screams Christmas and holidays to me!  Lots of shimmer, reds, greens golds and silvers!  I really liked the concept of these (see my original review here).  Like any new type of product they take some getting used to the application process, but the color did last quite well!
Look at these gorgeous, festive colors!

Since these have been popping up everywhere, havey ou tried the Gel Perfect colors yet?  Thoughts?

Broadway Nails

Spotted at Walgreens: New! elf Villainous Villains Collection and imPress Nails Disney Villians Collection of

8:05 AM

There are a couple of great collections out for the Disney lover in you!  First up, the much talked about elf Villainous Villains pallet collection.  There are three to choose from: the Evil Queen, Maleficent and Cruella.  Cruella has beautiful nudes, Maleficent has greens and the Evil Queen has some beautiful plums in the set.  Each comes with 8 eye shadows, a lipstick/cheek stain, eyeliner and false eyelashes.  These are at select Walgreens, retailing for $9.99.

Secondly, from imPress by Broadway nails - a Disney Villains collection with 2 nails to choose from for each of the same villains as the elf collection.  These were really neat as well, although the entire collection had been picked over so I wasn't able to get a picture of all the nails. 
Have you seen these out yet?  Did you pick any of the collections up?  I'm regretting not getting any of the elf sets, but maybe I will go back (if they have any left).

Bath and Body Works

Spotted at Walmart: Seasonal bodycology Fragrances for Fall

9:31 AM

I ran into Walmart to grab some Halloween candy for my office desk, and thought I'd run over by the clearance section to see if there were any goodies.  I don't know how much of a "sale" or "clearance" this is, but bodycology had some new seasonal fragrances available that I had not seen before.  The two that really popped out to me were Sugared Vanilla Bean and Spiced Caramel Cider  and Sugared Candy Apple.  I wish I had picked these up - I absolutely love Bath and Body Work's fall fragrances, especially last year's Cozy Autumn Vanilla and Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin.  Might be an inexpensive alternative?
Have you seen these?  Tried them?  I wonder what their staying power is?


NOTD: Revlon Colorstay in Rainforest

11:03 AM

Revlon Colorstay in Rainforest - a rich emerald green jelly base with glitter.  Depending on the light, this takes on more of an olive green to having rich teal undertones as well.  This is a gorgeous color, and would be beautiful layered under a lighter glitter, or used as a base for stamping. 
Below is two coats with 1 coat of NYC Grand Central Station as a top coat.


Wen by Chaz Dean Kid's Line available October!

1:30 PM

I am a huge Wen by Chaz Dean fan.  I converted over to using Wen about 5 years ago and have never looked back.  QVC has an amazing selection of his entire line, and right now one of my absolute favorite Cleansing Conditioners (with the exception of 613 - nothing beats that one for me), Fall Ginger Pumpkin, has made it's appearance for the fall.  There is something about how this stuff makes my hair feel that nothing else can compare to. 
When my son, who is now two, got beyond the infant sponge baths of his infancy, I started using Wen on him as well because I noticed that all the baby shampoos made his fine hair extremely dry and tangled.  I started out with the Lavender, but actually moved onto the Sweet Almond Mint because it was more moisturizing on his hair.  I actually love the Lavender because I truly think he feels the benefits of the calming effects of lavender if I use it in the evenings.  Well I had heard rumors of a children's line of Wen coming out, and Chaz actually announced it on Facebook yesterday! 
"WEN Kid's™ Available in October on QVC in
Watermelon, Apple and Strawberry Banana!
WEN Kid's™ is a gentle, rice based formula with no wheat, soy, nuts, menthol or parabens. It is gentle enough for pediatric use and tear free. WEN Kid's™ is great for adults as well, especially if you haven't tried WEN due to allergies or sensitivities to menthol, wheat, soy or nuts"
I am so excited, and don't know what flavor to try first!  I think I will have to do apple - that is a nice fall scent that is uplifting and refreshing too! 
Have you tried Wen?  If not, and you are interested in the concept of a cleansing conditioner, there is absolutely no comparison! 


Spotted the Maybelline Fall 2012 Seen On the Runway Display

9:00 AM

Walgreens never disappoints when it comes to having new products on display in a timely fashion.  I have been looking for this display because, although I own Chanel's Peridot (and love the color), I was anxious to see the other shades in this collection up close as well.  Yes, there is a Peridot and possibly Graphite dupe, but there were a couple of intriguing colors I wanted to see in person. 

Have you seen any of these yet?  Did you pick any up?  What is your favorite shade?

NOTD Purple

NOTD: A nod to First Lady Michelle Obama's DNC Manicure - Sally Hansen Mystic Lilac

9:52 AM

The Internet was all a-buzz yesterday regarding First Lady Michelle Obama's blue/gray/lavender nail polish that matched her Traci Reese dress for the Democratic National Convention.  Before it was announced that she had worn Artistic Nail Design Colour Gloss in "Vogue", I started shopping my stash to see what I had that was comparable.  The one color I found that really stood out because of the slight shimmer was Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mystic Lilac.  It's actually been a couple of years since I've swatched this one - funny how some colors come back around.  Below is an updated swatch with Wet 'n Wild's "On the Hunt" on the ring finger (one coat). 

So what do you think?  Is this dupable for The First Lady's manicure?  What do you think is a good color/dupe?

LA Girl

Spotted at Meijer: New LA Girls Magnetic Nail Polishes

11:34 AM

Jumping on the magnetic nail polish trend, LA Girls has a display at Meijer, that not only had some different colors, but also had some different designs to apply outside of the typical stripes/squiggles.  Each color had a different type of magnet available, be it a "target", "V", diagonal, "c" or star.  I believe these were $3.99 a piece. 

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