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Swatches: Color Workshop Kajal & Lash Set

12:52 PM

After the holidays are that's when you really can get a good bargain.  Take this Color Workshop Kajal & Lash set from Walgreens.  Regular price, $5...but after Christmas, I found this guy 75% off, meaning it was $1.25!  Now, that is $1.25 for not one, but four Kajal eyeliners and a mascara (which immediately went into the trash as it did nothing for my lashes).  

The liners, though, where a different story.  I have to say I wasn't sure what to expect - probably chalky, brittle and non-pigmented.  These kajals were anything but - instead they were smooth.  Creamy.  Long lasting.  And VERY pigmented.  So pigmented, in fact, that the colors on my swatch did not come off after I washed my hands, or showered, or washed my hands again.  Particularly the blue.  But, a little makeup remover did the trick!  Also, they stayed put on my eyes.  No tears, not smudging in the corner....and no irritation.  For the price, I couldn't be happier with these four colors!  

The other bonus - colors other than black!  

Did any of you get lucky enough to grab these before, or after, the holidays?  


Swatches of Milani's Constellation Gel Eyeliners

12:00 PM

(Milani Constellation Gel Eyeliner: Enchanted Lapis)

Milani is one of my favorite drugstore brands - not only are their "everyday" items staples in my makeup bag, but the Limited Edition offerings that are introduced into the market are always unique, typically quite beautiful, and tend to become something I want to become part of their core line.  The Milani Constellation Gel Eyeliners are no exception.  

Unfortunately, I was not able to find these in my local Wags or CVS (both displays were sold out), but I did stumble upon someone who had them up for purchase on Instagram, so I grabbed all three. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my picture of the closeup of Enchanted Opal, so please forgive me.  

Gel eyeliners are my absolute go-to when it comes to eyeliners.  Liquids tend to flake on me, pencils tug and don't last, but gels are my favorite.  The three Milani Constellation gel eyeliners are a step away from the basic blacks and browns, as these certainly are multifaceted.  Yes, the sparkle you are seeing is a spray-overlay, but the actual liner itself does have some significant complexity and shimmer to it.  These are very smooth and creamy.  A little does go a long way, too.  I also think this is very "smudge" worthy, and could create some really pretty smokey eyes.  The lasting power on these were great for me.  I did not experience any flaking or the typical "tear" that tends to develop under my outer corners of my eyes from eyeliners.  

(Milani Constellation Gel Eyeliner: Enchanted Emerald)

Swatches of these liners are below.  From left to right it is: Enchanted Opal, Enchanted Lapis and Enchanted Emerald.  Were you able to find these?  What did you think?  


Swatches: ColourPop Cosmetics SuperShock Eyeshadow in I "Heart" This

4:11 PM

Over Christmas I picked up some ColourPop cosmetics to give as gifts, and of course, had to try them out for myself to see what all of the hype was about. :)  If you haven't heard of ColourPop, please do a quick Google Search, YouTube Search, or Instagram #colourpop and filter down on the beauty bloggers.  You will immediately see that these are a becoming quite the sensation, and at $5 a pop (no pun intended), I can see why!

The first color I have to show you is called I "Heart" This, which is a pale, almost silvery taupe with iridescent glitter.  The texture of this is so creamy, smooth and gel-like.  I have been using my finger to apply, and let me just say, this is the easiest and most effortless application for a foil-like finish I have ever come across on any eyeshadow.  When you touch it, it's kind of *squishy*, and literally glides onto the lid.  Once set, it's set.  This sucker won't budge.  

Here is a video of it swatched - this was the only way I could think to show how complex and shiny this is!

Below is a FOTD using I "Heart" This - like I's gorgeous!

3d fiber lashes

FOTD: Urban Decay Vice 3 (Downfall, Heroine, Bobby Dazzle) and Urban Decay Vice LTD Disco

3:57 PM

I have absolutely fallen in love with my two Urban Decal pallets from Christmas.  Dragon might be the best green I've worked with in a long time (used it here), but I am also loving the matte shadows in both of these sets.  I don't typically go for mattes, but I am learning how to use them to blend into creases and create some different combinations with them, although it has been a struggle because most brands matte shadows are so chalky and difficult to work with.  Not so much with UD!

I have been eyeing Heroine in the Vice3 pallet, but typically don't wear blues.  I decided to mix it with Disco and a whole lot of glitter to have some fun!

Here is the look, below:

L'Oreal True Match Liquid Foundation - N1
L'Oreal True Match Powder N1
Mally Bronzer - contour
Mally Beauty AirBrush Blush "Afterglow"
Artist Couture Diamond Glow Powder "Conceited" - highlight - BTW, if you haven't check out Artist Couture, you absolutely have to.  These will have their own post in the near future!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Downfall - upper crease
Urban Decay Heroine - cut crease, blended into Downfall
Urban Decay Disco - lid
Urban Decay Bobby Dazzle - highlight
Mary Kate & Ashley Sequin Glitter in All Over Gold
Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara


Argan Oil

Spotted: New Physicians Formula Argan Wear Collection at Ulta

11:56 AM

Argan oil is all the rage, and now Physican's Formula has come out with a collection called Argan Wear, which is infused with nourishing Argan oil!  This collection includes BB Creams, a bronzer, blush, and nourshing Argan oil to apply prior to your makeup - one is illuminating (has some gold infused in it) and the other without.  I am kicking myself for not buying the illuminating version (snapshot from the Physicians Formula website below).  

The blush and bronzer are very pretty in person.  They appear to have a gold over-spray, but the detailing of the actual product in the compact is quite beautiful.  

Closeups below - have you seen these yet?  

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