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Rethink What Matters....

9:43 AM

Bare Escentuals is asking women to really think about their makeup, and even more importantly, think about things that are more than "skin deep"!  It's time to give ReThinking a try...

Every week at a new discussion topic will be posted with five questions to answer, share with your friends, and have a chance to win FREE products and other goodies!  Every Friday, new products with be featured for the upcoming week.  For today??  Rethink going bare in public...and the opportunity to win a free Flawless Definition Mascara (see picture below). 

Stay tuned!  I'll have more updates regarding this fantastic campaign to come!

Bare Escentuals

I'm back...and the last of my Christmas goodies! Cargo Boogie Nights and Buxom Babes Holiday Escapades

9:56 AM

I am finally back!  These past few weeks have been very hectic, and apologize for the mini-hiatus.  I did find my battery, too, so as promised I am wrapping up my goodies from Christmas.  Below are pictures of the Cargo Boogie Nights eyeliner set and the Bare Escentuals Holiday Escapades Buxom Babe collection.  As always, you can click the images below to enlarge.

Cargo's Boogie Nights Eye Pencil collection is a set of gorgeous blues, silvers and purples, all infused with silver glitter.  I was first introduced to Cargo this Christmas - between the Hands of Hope palette and this eyeliner set, I am absolutely in love with the brand.  Just as the eyeshadows are, these eyeliners are very pigmented and creamy.  When you apply them, there isn't any tugging or pulling, and the line goes on very smooth and dark.  I love the purple and blue colors.  I find it hard to get a good blue or purple, especially those that aren't too red.  These are beautiful - the blue is a rich navy and the purple is just that...PURPLE!  Add the Aqua and Silver and you really have a well rounded collection of cool-colored eyeliners. 

The Bare Escentuals Buxom Babes are some of my favorite lip glosses, and this collection is no exception.  Not only are these the great formula that many have come to love, but they come in a convenient tube that easily can be stuck in your purse and not take up a lot of space.  The Holiday Escapades set (below) comes in some gorgeous colors for the holidays, but really if you separate them, you'll see that these shades will work well into the spring and summer.  Merry is a sparkely nude with pink glitter.  Hope is clear frost packed with irridescent glitter.  Holly looks just like it sounds - a perfect holiday red with red glitter.  And Joy is a gorgeous champagne with white/frost glitter.

I love all of these - again, these are the Buxom lipglosses that we all have learned to love, but are kicked up a notch with all the frost and shimmer that are packed in these little tubes.  Holly is a great way to add just a hint of color, and the others are just as beautiful ontop of a lipstick as they are on their own! 

I have to say, I was very spoiled this Christmas - now I get to post all of them in use! :) 

Checking in...

8:55 AM

I am still here...

Life has gotten in the way of me blogging this week, not to mention I couldn't find my camera until last night...and now the battery is dead!  It is charging as we speak, so hopefully I can get the pictures uploaded I took over the holidays and get back in the swing of things!

Be back soon...

Bare Escentuals

NARS Silent Night Eyeshadow & FOTD

10:56 AM

I ordered quite a bit of Christmas presents from Sephora's website this year.  Actually, now that I think about it, I did a lot of e-tailing this year, and it was so easy!  Anyways, at some point in December, Sephora had Nars Silent Night eyeshadow for something like $9, so I picked one up for myself and another for my mom for Christmas. 

Talk about G-O-L-D!  This color is truely a bright, yellow-gold shimmer with a hint of sparkles woven through.  The texture is creamy, but chunky, if that makes sense - I know there were a lot of customers that complained about the texture.  I did find that it didn't apply very consistently over dry skin, but if I used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy it applied extremely well and had very good coverage and pigmentation.  The sparkles even stayed in place!  Below I did a smokey-gold makeup look with Nars and some of the new Fyrinnae's (which I am working on swatching and posting).

...(for some reason, I look really disappointed below...not sure why!)...

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Fair"
e.l.f. Mineral Glow "Shimmer"
Nars Blush "Orgasm"

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Nars "Silent Night" - inner corner
Fyrinnae "Medievil Haunting" - outer corner, crease
Fyrinnae "Polar Bear" - highlight
Mary Kate & Ashley Liquid Eyeliner "Black"
Lashblast Mascara "Black"

NYX Lipstick "Snow White"


EOTD: Cargo Hands of Hope Palette

9:24 AM

Bring on the neutrals!  After lots of bright silvers, glitters, reds and greens, I was pleased to play around with some neutrals for this EOTD.  I was especially excited to try Cargo's eyeshadows, as this Hands of Hope Palette is my first time with the brand! 

Let me first say that this palette is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and it was so hard to dip my brush into the eyeshadows!  I didn't want to ruin the gorgeous imprint each has.  Luckily, although the shadows are very soft and blendable, they are still solid enough that one sweep of the brush didn't ruin the design at all...pphhheeeww!  Secondly, these colors are very pigmented.  They really remind me of the pigmentation and consistancy of Stila's Kitten: smooth, shimmery, and pigmented.  Thirdly, these shadows are quite large!  I know that most Cargos are, but as far as a pallet goes, these are some of the biggest shadows I've seen.

Below I used three colors, the champagne shade, the deep taupe shade, and the gold shade. 

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer
Cargo Hands of Hope Gold - inner corner
Cargo Hands of Hope Taupe - outer corner, crease
Cargo Hands of Hope Champagne - highlight
Smashbox Caviar eyeliner
Lashblast Mascara - Black


Another Christmas Goodie: Hard Candy Walk the Line Eyeliner "Night Sky"

10:32 AM

My sister knows me well: makeup and glitter, and whenever possible, combine the two!  Hence, I present to you Hard Candy's Walk the Line Liquid Eyeliner in "Night Sky".  She got this for me as part of my Christmas present, and it fits the bill of glitter and makeup. 

This color is very unique.  A lot of times dark eyeliners that have glitter in them mask the actual sparkles, and therefore you end up with a black eyeliner or a brown eyeliner, but nothing else.  Night Sky is very different.  This is a charcoal color with irridescent glitter.  I tried to show you how much depth there is - if you lay it on thick, you get a nice deep charcoal color with sparkles and charcoal shimmer.  If you really pull it out, you can see how sheer it becomes and the glitter REALLY stands out.  I played around with these a little bit, and because of this liner's complexity, it can be used on its own, layered, or on top of other shades to deepen and add some glitter.  It really is pretty, wears well, and doesn't flake off.  I like that it isn't jet-black either.  I wear a lot of black, but sometimes it is nice to have a color that is a bit more subtle.

 I haven't tried any of the other colors of these liquid eyeliners...have you?  What are your thoughts?

Welcome to 2010 - Happy New Year!

3:35 PM

Hopefully you all had a fabulous evening ringing in the near year!  It's hard to believe that 2009 has been here and gone, and that we are starting a new decade!

I have to give thanks to you wonderful readers!  I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store.  I wish you all a healthy and beautiful 2010...

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