Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Blackest Black

11:49 AM

Up for review today - L'oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes, the newest line extension from the Voluminous line. 

"The power of sculpting fibers give you an outrageous, false lash look from any angle with this fiber volumizing mascara by L'oreal."
Incomparably volumized * Extended new lengths * Infinitely structured * Incredibly curled"
I found this in our soon-to-be remodeled Walgreens (which, by the way, has tons of other goodies coming to it!  I can't wait for it to officially *open*!). 

The Voluminous False Fibers Mascara is packed with short and long nylon and rayon fibers, which are the same used to make actual false lashes.  These fibers help make lashes look fuller, longer, curled and sculpted.  The mascara also contains botanical waxes to prevent hardening and flaking.

The brush, pictured below, is quite narrow.  It's bristles are stiff, thick, and almost spiral around the brush.  Picture a pyramid or a long 3D rectangle that has tapered down to the tip - that's what this brush reminds me of.  The end/tip is actual more narrow than the base, so it helps reach the inner corners without smudging along your lashline.  Because it is somewhat of a 3D rectangle, there are flat, almost cupped, sides to the brush that allow you to get more volume, and then you pull through the edges of that rectangle with all the bristles, and it pulls through the mascara giving the length and definition - similar to how The Falsie's mascara brush is flat and spoon shaped. 

The mascara itself is definitely a thick product.  It's almost dry, or maybe it's just that thick that it doesn't feel as thin and liquid as some mascaras do.  It definitely takes bit of work wiggling back and forth to get it on the lashes, but once it does it's a nice coat.  The fibers don't get in the way, and instead I think facilitate in the volume and lengthening effect of the mascara (hence the name).  The thin and narrow brush helps you get the product all the way down to the base of the lashes without hitting and coating your under eye or eyelid with excess mascara.  The brush also helps pull the fibers through so that excess fibers aren't creating a bristling effect on the lashes.  If you've used fibrous mascaras or primers before, you probably know what I'm talking about.

Because of the dryness of the mascara, it is difficult to apply multiple coats without it looking clumpy.  If you are going to do so, make sure the product has dried in between, as that seems to be what causes the clumps.  I have not experienced any flaking or smudging, which is a definite plus! 

I like this mascara.  I've currently been obsessed with The Falsie's, but since I've tried this one out, I find myself leaning towards this more and more.  I'm getting used to the consistency of the mascara itself, but I think the brush helps me through that.  It's easier to use than some of these big and fat brushes currently on the market.  Like the Falsies, I find this achieves long and thick lashes, but the Voluminous version actually defines the lashes better, and more of them!  I even get a bit of a curl instead of my typical stick-straight lashes, without using a curler. 

Retail is approximately $8.99 at your local drugstore.  

Have you seen/found this one yet?  What were your thoughts?

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  1. I really like L'Oreal mascaras and Voluminous is my all time favourite. I'm looking forward to trying this one

  2. I really think the brush makes this one. To me, it's easy to use, has some guts to it, and helps work the mascara through the lashes! Enjoy when you get to try it!

  3. I bought this after reading your review and I am in LOOOOVE with this mascara, it is my new HG! The brush is amazing. I was disappointed with the original L'Oreal Voluminous so I was skeptical on this one, but I'm so glad I tried it. I do like L'Oreal mascaras, though - Telescopic (in the gold tube) and their Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascaras are some of my favorites.


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