Perricone MD "Get Age-Less" Giveaway! Advanced Face Firming

9:54 AM

I am so honored to share with you all my first give-away (and it's a doozie)!

When I think of amazing skincare products, the first name that comes to mind is Perricone MD. Not only is Perricone MD associated with skincare, but ultimately age less, healthy, glowing skin!
You have an oppportunity to win one of Perricone MD's best selling products, which will be for Perricone MD's Advanced Firming Activator. Have any of you tried this? If so, please leave a comment and let us know what you think. There are several reviews on the Perricone website you can read as well, which speak volumes for the product. You can also checkout reviews on Makeup Alley, here. The product is described as (from the website):

Advanced Face Firming Activator transforms skin to appear firm, toned and absolutely glowing, while preventing further damage. Formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE that work synergistically to visibly resurface skin's texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveal a radiant and healthy complexion. Paraben-free

The contest is below. Please put your name, an email where you can be reached, as well as why you need this product! Winner will be chosen at random. The winner will be announced on Wed. October 14th!

U.S. Residents Only. Winner will be chosen at random, based on responses above. Please enter a valid email address.


Who's ready for Halloween? Fantasy Makers and Phantom Frights Eyeliners & Massini and Sinful Nail Polishes

8:17 AM

I love Halloween. I'm not usually too big on dressing up, but this year a good friend of mine is having a costume party, so I decided that although I do not know what I am going to be (yet), that it was a good excuse to buy some fun nail polish and hit up the Halloween makeup aisle at the stores! Last year I purchased some Fantasy Makers eyeshadow at Walmart, and the quality was really nice. This year I found a display with tons of nail polish, eyeliners (below) and lip stick/glosses that looked like so much fun to play around with!

When I was at Meijer the other day, I noticed two displays of nail polish intermingled in with the Halloween makeup, so I decide to pick up a few colors that are not my normal reds or neutrals.

Massini makes some gorgeous colors, and they are only $1.88 a piece! Sinful also has some beautiful colors, and these two came out of their Vegas collection, but the orange screamed "pumpkins" to me, so I picked it up.

As you can see, I'm kind of on a glitter kick, so the four Massini colors I picked up are below. I also zoomed in on the bottle and took a snapshot of the actual color, since I haven't had the time to give myself a mani recently.

Slamming Red is a beautiful and bright cherry red with iridescent pink glitter throughout. I'm loving this, and I think it is going to be my next manicure...when I can find the time to!
Magnatism is a really deep golden brick, with tons of pearlescent shimmer. It's not as deep as a burgundy because of the frost to the color, but still a beautiful shade for fall.

Magic Attraction is my guilty pleasure nail polish. This is total glitter - a base of silver disco-ball iridescence with berry colored micro glitter, giving the entire bottle a pink hue. It's just gorgeous! I don't know when/where I'm wearing it, but I'm sure I'll find a place for it.

Brown Velvet is truly a golden bronze base color with tons of golden micro-glitter. This is a true pumpkin color, especially when you look at it from a distance.

Serena and Chloe is one of Sinful's colors from the Vegas collection. A very bright red-orange fire engine color, this can definitely go either as a bright summery shade, or move into some of the warmer tones of fall.

#61 Purple Glitter is just as it's name says...jam packed with purple and blue glitter!

Last but not least, I hit up the Fantasy Makers end cap, which had TONS of new products, including these gorgeous glitter eyeliners. The two colors I purchased were Secrecy (shimmery purple) and Mystical (glitter evergreen).

The other display had the Phantom Frights glitter eyeliner, which I bought Halo, a bright turquoise glitter.

I am absolutely in love with Mystical and Secrecy - the applicator is an actual brush and the color goes on smoothly and evenly. On the other hand, Halo (I mislabeled it below as Heaven) is a very sparse turquoise glitter. I think the biggest difficulty with this one is the applicator is felt tipped, which I tend to dislike. I do have a fine point artist brush I can use to get this out of the jar, though, so I'll try that next time. But, in reality, at $1.99 a piece, I can hardly complain!

I also purchased two of the Fantasy Makers Confetti, which I'm not positive what I'm going to do with, but I love glitter (obviously), so I figured it was a necessity. I think I might make some nail polish with this, or use it as an eyeliner. They are absolutely beautiful, extremely holographic pale pink and silver glitters.

For those of you who don't know, Fantasy Makers is Wet 'n Wild's Halloween line. There are tons of gorgeous lashes that would be a blast to use for Halloween, including glitter, gemstones and feathers, just to name a few. Also, there are lots of various nail polishes, face paints, etc. You can check them all out here on their website.
What will you all be going as for Halloween this year? Again, I have no idea what I will be, but whatever it is, it best have a lot of glitter and sparkle in the details!

NOTD Neutrals

NOTD: Sephora by OPI "Under My Trench Coat"

8:00 AM

It was time to update my manicure, so I decided to take a break from the reds and move into a more natural, but still chic for fall, gray-tone:  Sephora by OPI "Under My Trench Coat".  This is a very neat color - it's almost cream, but there is a hint of shimmer.  I would call this a warm-gray to taupe color.  The shimmer, all-be-it minimal, is a silvery-golden pearl.  

I clearly need to do a little clean up and moisturizer, but as you can see this is a very pretty color!  I used two coats, and Sally Hansen's No Chip top coat.  

If grays are a bit out of the ordinary for you, this might be a good way to try them out without going over the top!  

To see the entire line of Sephora by OPI, click here!  


Fyrinnae Haul + Pixie Epoxy!

8:00 AM

I recently received my newest shipment from Fyrinnae, which included the Pixie Epoxy I've anxiously been awaiting! I ordered a lot of dark shades, particularly those I can use as eyeliners. Being that fall/winter is around the corner, I've started sidelining a lot of my paler pastels and have been indulging in the darker browns and golds recently.

The first row has Lousy Tip, Sake & Sashimi and Bastet.

Lousy Tip is a beautiful deep penny-colored copper. This is very shimmery, but doesn't have chunks of glitter.

Sake & Sashimi is a deep mauve/copper blend with hints of olive. This is a shimmery shade as well, but it also has tiny pieces of iridescent glitter. I can't get a very exact picture of the color - this is one you definitely have to see in real life to experience all the colors!

Bastet is a matte black with deep golden shimmer/glitter. Although this will make a beautiful liner, using the Pixie Epoxy (below) you can see how gorgeous the color can be as an eyeshadow as well.

Boy Toy is a gorgeous, deep evergreen shade with gold, copper and turquoise shimmer.

Fyre & Ice is a deep purple (almost black) matte with purple, blue and a little gold shimmer. This is such a gorgeous eyeliner and blends well with tons of different colors because of the different shades of shimmer/glitter in the color. Again, this is another one of those colors that is difficult to photograph because of the complexity of it.

Biker Chic is a deep black with royal blue glitter. Another color that makes a beautiful eyeliner!

Wicked is a egg plant purple shimmer with blue and purple glitter. This color is very iridescent - one angle it looks purple, another it looks turquoise. It's so pretty, and a great way to get some color in your regiment for the winter months!

Sahmain Spirits was a sample that I received and I love it! It's a muted terra cotta color with lavender shimmer.

Faerie Realm is a very pale, almost iced pink/lavender with iridescent shimmer. I am so glad I received this as a sample - I've been using it so much, I know I am going to have to order a full-size!

I also ordered the Pixie Epoxy. This is a product you apply on your lid, allow to dry and become "tacky", and brush on your shimmery and glittery eyeshadows so there isn't any fall out, and the colors last all day! (Check out the website - there is a great description of the product and the ingredients there). I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive, but at $5, I figured, why not?! The product is clear, dries quick enough that you don't delay your application, but isn't so instantaneous that you rush to get your eyeshadow on, either. I am so AMAZED at how it works!! Not only does it look better than when you apply your eyeshadow wet (no creping!), but you have intense, shimmery eyeshadow that lasts all day! Do note, this is not intended as a replacement for a base/primer, but mine didn't budge all day long.

Finally, I have swatched all the colors below. I used the Pixie Epoxy on top, all the way across the arm, and brushed the eyeshadows from top to bottom, so you could see the color with/without Pixie Epoxy. It really is amazing! Talk about no more buyer's remorse! The colors look as good on as they do in the jar now! There are so many more shades I am going to be buying because of this product.

Also, do remember - this works wonderfully on all of your eyeshadows, not just Fyrinnae! If you have some shimmery eyeshadows or pigments that fall out during application and don't last during the day, I would definitely give this a try. I used it with my Bare Escentuals and couldn't have been happier with the colors.


Who doesn't like a give-away?

10:15 PM

For those of you wanting to hold onto summer a little bit longer, you might hop on over to Bridget's Blog, and enter yourself in her contest to win the Wisteria pallet from MAC's Dame Edna collection!  A gorgeous pallet and a great website - what a perfect combo!!


New! Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliners: Endless and Forever

8:00 AM

Those of you who seek an affordable alternative to high end cosmetics know that Milani offers just that - they have gorgeous eyeshadows and nail polish, and now you can add liquid eyeliner to the mix.  

On a recent trip to CVS I came across the Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliners, which come in a variety of colors.  I chose the purple "Endless" and gold "Forever" to try out.

The tubes are a very generous size with a thick brush applicator.  The formula is very smooth and dries quickly with extremely long wear.  

I love how vibrant the colors are.  "Endless" is truly a royal purple/egg plant type color and "Forever" looks like melted gold.  The other options, that I didn't pick up are "Infinite", which is a bright cobalt blue, "Eternal" which is a bright lime green, and the smokey black of "Everlast".

Beautiful colors!  Have you picked any of these up?

Bare Escentuals

FOTD: Smokey Gold for the Ballet!

10:49 AM

Last week I had the opportunity to take my little sister to the Indianapolis City Ballet. It was an amazing event, as they had brought in such unbelievable talent from all around the world, including the Ukraine, Canada, and New York, just to name a few!

For the event, I thought it would be fun to use some bolder colors than I am used to, particularly the lipstick - I mean, it's not very often we get the chance to go to the ballet here!

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Fair"
Bare Escentuals Feather Light Tinted Mineral Veil
Nars Blush "Laguna" - contour
Nars Blush "Orgasm" - blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Bare Escentuals Glimmer "Hottie" - all over lid
NYX Eyeshadow Single "Deep Space" - outer corner (over Hottie) and into crease
NYX Eyeshadow Single "Snow Cone" - highlight
Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner "Roach"
Lashblast Mascara - Black

MAC Lipstick Hello Kitty Collection "Most Popular"


Review: mark. Make it Big mascara in Black

5:57 AM

Good morning everyone! After a week+ of trying the mark. Make it Big Mascara, I wanted to write a review for you regarding the product. Have any of you tried this mascara? If so, I'd love to know what you think!

First, when I saw the tube, I liked how large it was, because for me, it is more ergonomic, and easier to use and apply the mascara. Secondly, I love the brush - it reminds me of the Maybelline Colossal Mascara brush: the style is a that of a traditional bristle, but it is bigger, and the actual bristles are thicker to help pull through your lashes.

The actual product itself is a bit dry, so this was the biggest turn off for me. I don't know if I'm just used to the really smooth mascaras that you apply once, maybe twice, but this wasn't one of them. I found that because the formula was a bit dry, it took several coats to get the length, thickness and application I was looking for. Once I did this, though, I thought the mascara looked great.

There was no flaking, smudging, or other issues with the mascara after application. I did not try to curl my lashes, so I do not know how this will hold curl for those of you that do so on a regular basis.

Retail Price: $6.50
Where to purchase:,
Product: 3.5 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 3.5 out of 5
Would I purchase again? I am still unsure if I received a bad tube that was a bit too try, or if this is just how the formula works. I do know they put these on sale a lot with the rest of the mark. line, so there is a good chance I'll try out the Espresso just to see how it is, and I'll be able to come to a full conclusion at this point.

Depending on the type of formula you are looking for with a mascara, this does give you full, long, thick lashes (see below). The final decision is definitely how this product works for you!

After a lot of thought this morning when using this product, I decided it is just EXTREMELY thick, not dry, which is why it's hard to work with.


Wet n Wild Craze Nail Polish: Morbid, Rustic, and Sheild

8:00 AM

Several weeks ago I bought three of the new Wet n Wild Craze nail polishes: Morbid, Rustic and Shield.  I thought the three of these were perfect for the upcoming fall season, which I cannot wait for!  

Below is a close up of Shield, a beautiful shimmery taupe with silver microglitter.  

Morbid is a very different color, which I am in love with!  This is an almost-black color with silver, deep teal and almost iridescent green shimmer.  It's a perfect deep color without going completely black.

Rustic is the perfect color for autumn - a deep bronze with tons of sparkle/shimmer, including hints of gold!  This reminds me of the color of fall leaves.

I liked Rustic so much, I immediately used this color for my manicure.  I used two coats below, with a non-chip top coat (Sally Hansen).  This lasted for over a week without any chips, peels, or nicks - not bad for $1.99!

I'm on a nail polish kick right now, so you'll notice I'll be posting more of these for you shortly!

e.l.f. Cosmetics

FOTD: e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows (Socialite and Elegant)

7:01 AM

Just a quick and simple FOTD using e.l.f. Mineral eyeshadow in Socialite and Elegant. Again, these shadows are such a bargain at $3 a piece! I was so pleased with the lasting power and flexibility of these shadows - not only do they work well as an eyeshadow, but I used Socialite as an eyeliner and it was GORGEOUS!

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Fair"
Bare Escentuals Feather Light Tinted Mineral Veil
Avon Smooth Minerals Blush "Blushing Mauve"
Urban Decay Primer Potion
e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow "Elegant" - all over lid, lower lashline
e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow "Socialite" - crease, wet as eyeliner
LashBlast Mascara "Black"
Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick "Melted Mineral"

I love, love, love these eyeshadows. Again, you can't beat the price! always has coupon codes that are available as well, so they are definitely worth the try!


Avon Smooth Minerals and mark. i-mark eyeshadows

8:00 AM

My most recent Avon order was pretty much a hodge-podge of random items, including some of the new Smooth Minerals blushes and eyeshadows and lipstick, and of course, my favorite:  i-mark eyeshadows.  I also got a new Maxi pallet to pop the i-mark eyeshadows into. 

The blush I ordered is called Avon Smooth Minerals in Blushing Mauve, which is a gorgeous true pink with pearl and a hint of cool shimmer. 

As you can see, this is a perfect pink shade with hints of shimmer and a little bit of a cooler undertone, hence the "mauve" shade.

I also ordered the Smooth Minerals eyeshadow in Golden Moss, as olive colors are my favorite! :)  This is a beautiful olive/moss green with golden shimmer.

I also ordered 3 of the i-mark eyeshadows, which I love!  These are so pigmented, have such a range of colors to pick from, and the convenient magnetic compacts (choose from mini, mezzi, or mega).  I picked out Gioia (a deep golden shimmer), Victorian Lace (a shimmery beige) and Sassy (a deep purple/eggplant with hints of shimmer).  Pictures below:

Here are the swatches of the colors below.  Again, the flash washed out the color a little bit, but you get the idea of how beautiful these shadows are!

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Part 2 - e.l.f. Cosmetic Haul - Studio Eyeshadows and Blush

8:00 AM

On Friday I showed you all the mineral eyeshadows I ordered from e.l.f. Cosmetics, and now it's time to introduce the Studio line from e.l.f.  

The first thing I thought when I saw all of these shadows was that the packaging looks so similar to a Nars eyeshadow and/or blush package!  The only difference is the little "window" where you can see the colors, which I love, and the fact that it the package isn't velvety means that nothing sticks to them!

The blush I ordered is called "Tickled Pink".   This color is a very pale, true pink (think Barbie) with hint of shimmer.  The pigmentation is really nice - not so much that you have to worry about having a heavy hand when you are applying, but still enough to show up and give you a healthy, very pretty, color to the apples of your cheeks!

The four eyeshadows I picked were Raspberry Truffle, Butter Cream, Mystic Moss and Saddle.  All of them have some shimmer (of course) and are perfect colors for fall.  The colors I picked remind me of fall leaves!

I swatched each color below - they are all very smooth, almost creamy, and not overly pigmented.  I am used to using loose eyeshadows/pigments, so I was a little thrown back when the color didn't swatch immediately onto my skin in a deep, dark color.  I noticed that using a brush actually gave me a much better swatch then using my finger tips, so that is what I did.  This is because of how creamy these shadows are, even though they are still powders!

(Just as an FYI, the pictures below are washed out by the flash, so the colors are a much richer color in real life...)

Saddle:  A very warm, chocolate brown with hints of golden shimmer.

Mystic Moss:  A very cool, deep grey-green color with hints of turquoise and golden shimmer.

Butter Cream:  Truly the look of butter cream icing, this is a pale creamy-yellow with pearl shimmer.

Raspberry Truffle:  Deep coffee brown with hints of purple-berry and golden shimmer.

When I ordered all of the eyeshadows, I also got some of their Studio brushes.  They remind me of the look of the MAC brushes, and at $3 a piece, they are a steal!  The handles are thick and ergonomic, and the hair in the brushes are soft, compact and work effortlessly into the shadows and your skin.

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