MAC CCO Haul: Mink & Sable, Idol Eyes, Blonde Skinfinish

8:00 AM

Last weekend I had to drive about 3 hours north for my work's annual industry trade show, which was in Michigan City, IN. Although I had to spend the weekend up there, the only thing redeeming about the entire weekend was the fact that I was about 30 seconds from the Lighthouse Place Premium Outlets, which is jam-packed full of great stores, including a Cosmetics Company Outlet. I knew that regardless of what my weekend had planned, it was necessary that I stopped over to at least peek in and see what they had, and I'm glad I did!

After getting lost while walking through the outlets (I did stumble across a Bare Escentuals Outlet, but that's another post!), I finally came to the CCO. They had quite a lot of things to chose from, but I did see two products I had been looking for: MAC's "Blonde" Mineralize Skinfinish from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection, and MAC's Mink and Sabel from the Starflash collection. I also picked up MAC's Idol Eyes as an added bonus!

Idol Eyes is a really pretty color. I don't have much in silver, so I was excited to pick this up. The thing is, this shadow isn't exactly's more of a silver-meets-lavender-meets-gold-meets-taupe. It really takes on the characteristic of whatever else you pair with it, so it is quite intriguing!

Mink and Sable is one of the "must haves" in my eyes. I love greens and olives, but this one takes on a lot more. It has the ability to pull browns and golds out, as well. This was re-introduced during the Starflash Collection earlier this year, and I just didn't get around to buying it. Every time I saw someone post this in a FOTD, I would kick myself for not getting it. This is a deep olive green with golden shimmer. It's not over-the-top sparkly, but it definitely has some frost to it.

The Blonde Skinifinish from the Blonde, Brunette and Redhead collection is probably going to be my everyday blush during the winter. My skin is so pale, and it is so hard for me to find a blush that I can wear, that doesn't make me look like a clown. This one definitely hits the mark! Not only are there four shades to chose from, but blended together it's a gorgeous warm-pale pink.

Take a look below at the swatches. I think you get a pretty good idea as to the complexity of the Idol Eyes eyeshadow - from top to bottom you can see it change from a typical silver-gray to a more lavender shade. Also, I swatched the individual stripes in the Mineralize Skinfish "Blonde", as well as blended the four together for all possibilities. Really, not a bad trip up north, if I say so myself! :)

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