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ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Color "London Fog"

9:19 AM

ColourPop Cosmetics released their Ultra Satin Lip collection several weeks ago, and I picked up a couple of new shades, including this beautiful blue-toned red, called London Fog.  The texture on these is very light and not gloppy or sticky at all.  I really like semi-matte finish as well.  Not shiny like a gloss, and not completely dry/matte like the Ultra Matte Lippies.  


My LitCosmetics Haul: Magic Dragon, Really Nude, Soul Sister, Abba, Glitter Junkie and Mother Earth

1:19 PM

On St. Patrick's Day, Lit Cosmetics had the most beautiful freebie on orders - the color Magic Dragon.  I was so mesmerized by the images on Instagram, I had to pull the trigger on an order, so I went all out!  I picked up one of the Lit Kit's with the Water Resistant base, Forever Wear glitter base in Almond, and the colors below.  I couldn't be more excited to play with these colors.  I already have visions of them on top of liners and with cut creases.  I am also looking forward to trying these bases, as I tend to have issues with either watery eyes, or just plain 'ol fall out, so I am hoping between the two, these suckers stay put!



Morphe Pallets: 35W, 35O and 35D

9:33 AM

(Morphe 35W)

Several weeks ago I was able to grab some of the Morphe pallets off of their sale.  I got three, the 35W (warm), 35O (orange) and 35D (dark) pallets and they are just beautiful!  The pigmentation on these pallets is over the top, the colors are very blendable and creamy.  The mattes don't tug, and the metallics/frosts don't fall out.  I couldn't be happier and find myself using the pallets daily.  

Feel free to click any of the pictures for a larger view.  What is your favorite Morphe pallet?

(Morphe 35O)

(Morphe 35D)


Swatches: Tarte Make Them Stare Set of 5 Amazonian Clay Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks

10:34 AM

What is it: A set of five dazzling, waterproof shadow sticks from tarte that are infused with Amazonian clay.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants an enchanting stare this holiday season with a mix of soft, wearable eye shadow shades.

Why is it different: The creamy, Amazonian-infused shadow sticks are back! These waterproof, velvety-smooth wands glide on like silk and wear like iron. The set offers an array of must-have shades that deliver gorgeous, budge-proof pigment for any occasion. Perfectly packaged in a festive gift box, these ultra-portable and easy-to-apply cream shadows make a dazzling gift for any girl who's dashing through her day.

How do I use it: Apply each shade directly to your lid. Then, using your fingertip or a shadow brush, gently blend up toward the crease. For a more dramatic look, gently smudge along the lower lash line.

From tarte.

  • 0.058-oz Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand in Copper, a shimmering copper shade
  • 0.058-oz Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand in Sugar Plum, a shimmering plum shade
  • 0.058-oz Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand in Champagne Pearl, a shimmering champagne shade
  • 0.058-oz Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand in Smoky Topaz, a creamy taupe shade
  • 0.058-oz Amazonian Clay Shadow Wand in Sage, a shimmering olive green shade

If you are an eyeshadow crayon lover, these are absolutely fantastic!  The colors are very pigmented, very blendable, and once set, do not budge.  I love using these on my lower lashline, which tends to carry my eyeliner all over my face :(  Not with these though!

My go to shade has been the Sage and the Champagne Pearl (two colors on the right).  The Champagne is a great highlighter, and also helps brighten the eyes, eyebrows, and even as a highlight for your blush.  

There is a video below which really shows the intensity of these shadows.  I absolutely love them!

I purchased this set over the holidays on QVC, but they are no longer available.  I did find a similar set on Macy's website for $35, as well as the Tarte website for $9 each.  

Bitter Lace Beauty

Bitter Lace Beauty UnBirthday Highlighter and Kylie Lip Kit in Mary Jo

6:48 AM

I love discovering new indie companies and sharing them with you!  I was running through Instagram the other day, and stumbled across Bitter Lace Beauty, an adorable Etsy Shop that has a variety of highlighters to choose from.  I picked up UnBirthday, which is a gorgeous swirl of turquoise, gold, pink, coral and violet.  When brushed on the skin, it is the most beautiful and bright way of turning the lights on your skin.  I couldn't be happier with the purchase, and I know I will be going back for more!  

I purchased two UnBirthday, one for me, and one for my sister.  Look at how different each one is!

Above, the UnBirthday I kept for myself.  I absolutely love all of the colors, and look at how illuminating it is!  The colors all swirl together beautifully, and make just a gorgeous color on the skin.  With precise application, you could grab any of the colors individually to use as an eye-shadow or highlight as well.  

Below, UnBirthday on me.  Everything I am wearing is broken down below:

Laura Geller Primer Potion
Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten in Fair
Younique Beachfront Bronzer to contour
Nars Orgasm Blush
Bitter Lace Beauty UnBirthday - highlight

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Pallet: Zone, Serious, Blackout and 1987
Laura Geller Fortifying Lash Primer Mascara - top and bottom lashes
Kiss True Volume Lashes in Ritzy
Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick Weirdo as eyeliner

LipKit by Kylie in Mary Jo

Cover Girl

Olive Smokey FOTD featuring CoverGirl's TruNaked Pallet in Goldens

9:10 AM

As I posted yesterday, I am really enjoying this new CoverGirl TruNaked pallet in Goldens.  The colors are just beautiful together, and you can create extremely neutral, to beautiful smokey eyes.  

In this look I used the darker side of the pallet to create a smokey olive look.  In the crease I blended the dark brown (3rd from right) with the darkest shade (far-right).  On the lid I used the olive shimmer (4th from right) and also used this on my lower lashline.  To highlight I used the satin shade on the far left.  This color doesn't have much shimmer, but isn't a true matte.  This just brightened and lifted the eye.

Like I've said - a very versatile pallet at a great price!  I would love to hear what you think of these new colors from CoverGirl! 

Cover Girl

FOTD: Covergirl TruNaked Goldens Pallet

9:38 AM

I posted some swatches of the new Cover Girl TruNaked Goldens pallet, and today is a quick FOTD I did using them as well.  These are gorgeous, highly compatible and blendable shadows.  Like I mentioned in the earlier post, I am blown away by the quality of these, especially when used over a base.  CoverGirl was never my "go to" drug store brand for eyeshadows, but I am absolutely loving this pallet and will definitely take a look at the other two available.  I also will say, although they are attempting to be a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked pallets, these do have some different colors in the mix, making these a lot of fun to work with!

Below is my quick cut-crease with the pallet.  I used the darkest brown for the crease, blended it into the third-from-the-left and blended that into the third-from-the-right for my crease.  The lid is the second from the right, and my highlight is the farthest to the right.  Gorgeous - a simple and easy way to create a neutral cut crease, and at a drug-store cost!  

Lips are the Younique Opulence Lipstick in Stuck Up.  Cheeks is the Nars Orgasm blush.  

Cover Girl

Swatches: CoverGirl TruNaked Golden's Pallet

9:00 AM

CoverGirl has introduced a new eyeshadow pallet targeting the Urban Decay Naked series.  There are three pallets (Goldens, Roses and Nudes).  I instantly went towards the Goldens, so I had to buy them to try it out.  These retail around $10-$12, depending on where you purchase.

These truly are beautiful.  Talk about compatible, shimmer-filled, gorgeousness.  

I have tried CoverGirl shadows before only to be disappointed at the texture and pigmentation.  Let me just tell you, that is not the case here.  These shadows couldn't be more pigmented and blendable.  I used the Cinderella eyeshadow primer that is available at Walgreens (this stuff is amazing if you haven't tried it, and only $2.99!)

Swatches are below over the primer.  There is also a video to try and capture the sparkle and duochorome of some of the colors.  I will also post a couple of FOTD's using these!  

Have you picked up any of these pallets?  What do you think?  

FOTD gold

FOTD: Younique Beachfront Bronzer, Opulence Lipstick and Lip Pencil in Pouty

4:02 PM

Back in August, Younique had a Kudo's featuring their Beachfront Bronzer, new Opulence Lipstick in Stuck Up, and Precision Pencil (choice of lip or eye).  I chose a lip pencil in Pouty.  

The Beachfront bronzer is a split bronzer, one side a lighter shade, and the other side a swirled mix of two-three darker colors.  Swirled all together it gives a beautiful, non-orange glow to the skin.  I actually use the darker shade as a contour and apply the lighter shade as a blush on days I am looking for a more subdued, neutral look.  

The lipstick and pencil are below.  Opulence lip colors are extremely light in texture, non sticky, but very pigmented.  This color in particular is a favorite of mine in the winter months, as it a nice deep shade for my pale skin, without being overly "vampy".  The Pouty lip pencil is the perfect compliment to this color too!

A total look below.  Honestly, I don't remember what eyeshadows I am wearing, but I can probably dig back through my drawers and figure out which ones they are.  I really do love the combination though!

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