NOTD Hard Candy "Beetle"

7:06 AM

I finally found Hard Candy's nail polish in Beetle when at Walmart the other day, and this has quickly become my favorite nail polish I own.  This is the most complex, beautiful color I've seen.  Honestly, although it is named Beetle, it reminds me of the rainbow effect from an oil slick - purple, green, gold and oranges...all shifting in the changing light.  The entire nail polish looks like a complex microglitter in the bottle.  I found that the formula itself was quite nice - my pictures below (which don't do the polish justice at all), are two coats with a top coat over.  Honestly, the second bottle shot below, is probably the most true-to-life for the color than any of them.

(bottle shot - natural sunlight)

(two closeups of the polish - see how it changes based on the light?)

This is the best shot on my nails I could get - I tried everything, natural light...tilting my name it, but unfortunately this is just one of those polishes you have to see in real life to understand!  A beauty that is a must buy if you come across it!

Have you tried this polish?  On a side note, I have read that this is a dupe for Orly's Space Cadet, which I tried for weeks to find and couldn't.  For some pictures of the comparison, take a look at Catch the Beauty with Arie's Blog here, as they have great snapshots comparing the two.

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  1. This is such a pretty color and honestly if I didn't have to go into a walmart to buy it I would own it already. It looks great on you too! And yes I believe that Scandalously Polished did a comparison HERE and you can see it's a dead on dupe! YAY

  2. I can't believe I haven't heard of this before! I really want it. I can't find the Orly polish anywhere near me.

  3. Its a beauty-that's for sure! Definitely one of the most complex colors I've seen before!

    Check your Walmart!

  4. ooh i just bought this the other day! i cant wait to apply it, it looks so pretty!

    Beauty Bag 411

  5. thats an amazing color!!!!!!! I've seen nail polishes that change color in the light before but never as dramatic as that, that nail polish is gorgeous! You wear it well!

    I'll have to buy this color from my local Walmart :) I'll post pics of it on my blog when I do and leave a link of the post on here so you can see how it worked on me.

    I love your site! Its so fun!

  6. I LOVE this color on you! It's actually making me mad that I used up my $5 CVS Extra Bucks getting Orly Space Cadet, because Aquaheart did a swatch comparison and I swear they're identical. In fact, one of my readers told me that the only difference is that the Orly is tad more sheer. So Beetle seems to be even BETTER than Space Cadet! :)

  7. G, I was so bummed when I couldn't find ANY of the Orly's, so coming across the last one of Beetle at Walmart made me so excited! I will say, the polish is great, especially for $5. Now, the main issue is finding it if you haven't seen at your local Wally.

  8. Hi ShakeupYourMakeup, thanks for the compliment about my great snapshots :). Glad you got "Beetle", that's a winner!, and the formula is much better compared to "Space Cadet".
    I saw your swatches with "Mischief" looks gorgeous! I am going to hunt a bottle now ^_^.

  9. I was just going to suggest that that polish looks just like Space Cadet! I wonder if it's still available because I cannot find Space Cadet anywhere and I'm looking for a good dupe!

  10. @Melissa - I've seen it in th Walmart's near me...I'd definitely be worth taking a look! This is a gorgeous color!


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