Today's Look - 2.22.08

5:48 PM

Golden Browns and Neutrals

This morning I had a buisiness meeting, so although I would usually go dark when I wear black clothes, I decided to do some neutral golds and browns on my eyes. I actually used this as an opportunity to try some of my new NYX eyeshadows (NYX Pearl Walnut and NYX Pearl Oro). I loved them! The texture is very smooth and even, the pigmentation is fantastic, and there is a great pearl shimmer to them. They remind me a lot of the MAC pigments, but they were a little easier for me to use, and the price is is much more managable ($0.99 at Cherry Culture)!

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Light"
Bare Escentuals All Over Face "True"

Bourjois Mini Dose de Nacres - Mini Loose Powder Eyeshadow #4 - "hilight"
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Pearl Walnut" - crease
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania "Pearl Oro" - corner

Bourjois 3D Lipgloss "Brun Galactic"


Today's Look - 2.21.08

6:14 PM

Good evening everyone!

Whooo what a day! I am so glad I am home and can sit down to post - after a long day, I need something else to think about besides work!

This morning I decided to mess around with some of my eyeshadows and work on a look to wear with purples and greys.

Revlon Glitz "Bubbles" - base/hilight
Pure Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow "Smokey Topaz" - crease
Bare Escentuals "Elegance" - corner & upper liner
Ulta Mineral Eyeshadow "Atlantis" - lower liner
Avon Supershock Mascara

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Light"
Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color "True"

Bare Escentuals Buxom Gloss "Kitty"

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to update my new haul I received in the mail today. Fingers crossed!


For the love of makeup...

10:03 PM

That is why I decided to start a blog. Makeup has been one of my favorite things for as long as I can remember, which all started with being a little girl watching my mother and her makeup. From there, as I grew up, the obsession began.

Now my collection is modest, and continues to grow on (what seems to be) a daily basis. Because of one of my newfound favorite blogs, Vanessa's blog, I have learned so much more than I thought I ever would. I hope I can share some of the things I have learned throughout the years so that you, too, can enjoy the fun makeup can bring!

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