Wet 'n Wild Dual Ended Eyeliners: Da Bomb! and Rock On!

10:47 AM

I finally found the Wet 'n Wild Dual Ended eyeliners I posted about about a week or so ago here...

Talk about gorgeous!  I picked up two colors - Da Bomb! (purple) and Rock On! (Turquoise).  One end is a pencil eyeliner, and the other end is a liquid glitter eyeliner in a matching/coordinating shade.   

Here is a closeup of the liquid glitter end.  These are very complex - see all the different colors?  The glitter is a fine, micro-glitter...not chunky at all!  Da Bomb! is a mixture of periwinkle, lavender, royal purple and iridescent micro glitter.  Rock On! is a mixture of blue, turquoise, and green micro-glitter.  The applicator is a fine brush, not felt tip, which I love.  It glides on smoothly, and gives enough glitter that it could be used on its own, but is also translucent enough to be worn over the pencil eyeliner (see the swatches below - you will see all the different ways to wear it).

The pencil side of the liners are great as well!  Just as the new Color Icon liners I reviewed the other day, these are creamy, smooth, and long wearing.  Both are pearlescent and match absolutely perfectly with the glitter liner side of the set.  Although I love them alone, I really am loving how beautifully the two coordinate with each other in the swatches below, where I layered the glitter on top of the pencil.   

Below are the swatches - both in natural light and with a flash.  I think the natural light gives you a good idea as to the shimmer and colors of the pencils and glitter.  These really are beautiful!  I think I need the other shades as well - there is a iridescent pearl and a black set as well...hmmm...maybe another stop at CVS?

Have you found these yet?  What are your thoughts??


Quickie EOTD - Aromaleigh Bamboo & Solange

6:13 PM

I know I have not been around recently, but I am working on catching up on so much needed posts.  Next week should be much better!

On a side note, I did want to post a pretty easy EOTD I did using Aromaleigh's Bamboo on the inner corner of my lid, and Aromaleigh Solange in the outer corners and crease.  I topped it off with MAC Vanilla as a highlight, some black liquid eyeliner, and The Falsie's mascara, and I'm set!

Pretty short and to the point, eh?  :)


Review: Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner Pencil "Olive" - New Formula

8:46 AM

About a week or two ago, I received an email from Wet 'n Wild about the new formula for their ColorIcon eyeliner pencils.  I was anxious to find the new pencils on display, and finally came across them at my CVS last week.  I instantly gravitated towards the Olive shade, so at $0.99 I picked it up to test.  Fingers were crossed that these were a much better consistency than the other pencils I have purchased of Wet 'n Wild....

Well...what were my thoughts?  These are great!  Talk about pigmented, creamy, and even a little bit shimmery (at least in the case of the Olive).  I swatched the pencil below, so you can at least see the color, and hopefully get an idea for the consistency.  As you can *hopefully* tell, these aren't grainy at all.  They glide along, without being wet.  They are similar in consistency to a lot of the higher end eyeliners, without the high end price.  Even better?  When I applied them along my lashline, there wasn't any tugging, pulling, and the product actually applied!  I have to say, I am super-impressed with this new formula, and can only hope that Wet 'n Wild will replace their entire line of pencils!  Of course, I went back to pick up a few more colors, and they were all gone...

Who else has tried these?  I have to say, if you come across the display, pick one up in your shade and try it - you won't be disappointed!

New from ELF - Shimmer Cream Eyeliners!

12:39 PM

It's true, e.l.f. never ceases to amaze me.  Just as I check my email, I get a newsletter from them announcing a line extension in their cream eyeliners (currently they carry coffee, midnight, black and ivory).  Now, you can pick up four new colors, all of which are shimmer: Metallic Olive, Copper, Gunmetal and Purple.  Although I have not tried these particular eyeliners, the reviews are off the charts for the base line, so I imagine these are something worth trying!

Have you?  At $3 it's hard not to be tempted!

More new Wet 'n Wild Eyeliners!

10:35 AM

I haven't seen these yet, but I will definitely be looking for them!  I love some glitter, and as I will be posting in the next day or two, the new formula on their pencil eyeliners is great!  And, at $3.99, it's really a great deal!

Have you seen these in your area?  I would love to know if you have tried them!

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Swatches: E.L.F. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen "Plum"

7:09 AM

Eyeliner comes in many shapes and forms: liquid, pencil, gel, and in the case of e.l.f.'s Waterproof Eyeliner...pen!  I have tried numerous pens with very little success, mainly because they dry out so quickly or don't dispense enough liner to be effective. 

Luckily, that's not the case with e.l.f.  This is quite easy to use, has a nice flexible felt tip, and disperses quite a lot of liner - enough that it actually coats over the eyeshadow you have applied to the lid.  And, it's actually waterproof!  Like I said, this has a felt tip, but it is flexible, so it's almost like you've dipped a tip in liner to apply it.  Also, because this is almost an "ink", it doesn't make a coat of liner on your lid that can flake off in the corners (think liquid liner), and actually does last all day without smearing or wearing off.

Here is a nice closeup of the actual pen.  I did order this in plum, and as you can see by the swatch below, it is quite dark - almost black.  I don't really gather the plum/purple color out of it, but I will say this isn't stark black, so if you are looking for a dark liner but don't want black, this would be a great option for you!

Would I buy this again?  ABSOLUTELY!  The pen is amazing, the lasting power is fantastic, and it's $1!!!!  I can hardly say that about more expensive eyeliners!

Have you tried these liners?  Any other colors?  What are your thoughts?


New Milani Nail Polish Spotted at CVS....

10:20 AM

Click on the pictures below for a larger version....

While paroozing my CVS for some mascara, I stumbled across two new displays of Milani nail polish.  In true form of the huge trend towards "greige" nail polish, there is a gorgeous display of neutral colors in their "Bare it All" collection.  I picked up the grey/taupe on the far left and will have pictures to accompany that in a few days. 

The second collection is full of bright neons and pearls.  I also noticed a pseudo-dupe for the much coveted Sally Hansen "Hidden Treasure", although the flakes in the Milani version are much more glitter-like and less flaky like the SH version.  Still, it appears that the shade will give a similar effect. 

Who has tried either of these collections?  Thoughts??

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