EOTD: NYX Secret World & e.l.f. Persimmon

7:06 AM

DSC03180.jpg picture by mnh3281

I had completely forgotten about my NYX Secret World palette until I stumbled across it in a drawer the other day, so I thought I would wear a few colors out of it, along with my e.l.f. Persimmon All Over Stick.  The Secret World palette is gorgeous - a compilation of browns, bronzes and greens - the colors coordinate perfectly!  I used the lime green and deep brown colors for this look.


Also, I used the e.l.f. All Over Stick in Persimmon as my blush.  These blend really well into my skin, and don't leave it greasy at all.  This does have some frost to it, so you can see that below, but I honestly think it left my skin with a nice glow because the color of the stick was a warm pink that looks like the "pinched cheeks" color I was going for, without being over the top.


LA Splash eyeshadow sealer - all over lid as base
NYX Secret World - lime green - inner corner
NYX Secret World - dark brown - outer corner, crease
NYX Secret World - champagne - highlight
e.l.f. Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil - Grassy Green - lower lashline
e.l.f. All Over Stick - Persimmon - blush

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  1. What a gorgeous look! The bronzy-olive colors really flatter your pretty eyes.

  2. Thanks! I love green eyeshadow! It's that one color that I can't get enough of. I'm sure I have duplicate shades from various brands in my stash, but oh well!


  3. This is gorgeous. The colors transition so beautifully.

  4. I love this look! You blended it so well. But how in the hell did you use Lime Green?! I have that ES and no matter what primer I use, or what base I put it on top of it never turns out that pigmented enough to really give enough pop to a look. Grr...

  5. David - I used LA Splash's eyeshadow sealer/base, which you can get online or at Ulta (do a quick google search). Although I typically use Fyrinnae's pixie epoxy, when it comes to basic pressed eyeshadows (that don't have a lot of shimmer/glitter) the LA Splash works well enough to help create a bright look that lasts all day. I wouldn't suggest this for loose powders or those that have a lot of glitter, but overall it does a nice job on regular eyeshadows. Thank you so much for the compliment - I appreciate it so much!

  6. Very pretty! That green looks great against your eyes. :D

  7. Great combo!!
    Makes me wanna do more than just a sweep of a neutral...LOL

  8. Great eye look !!It looks gorgeous on you and suits your eyes soo much!!Lovely great blog hun!!!


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