Attention Wet 'n Wild Fans! SPOTTED at Walgreens: Wet 'n Wild "The Perfect Couple" Nailpolish Duos

8:05 PM

For those of you who love Wet 'n Wild, especially their polishes, I saw this display at Walgreens today.  This was in two locations (both end-caps) at my store.  The set is called "The Perfect Couple" and includes  one of the new Fast Dry Nailpolishes and a Fast Dry Top Coat: both for $1.99!

I don't know about you - but that's a fantastic deal!  There was quite the variety of colors to choose from - it looked to me like they were all from the core line, but a couple looked like shades from the Mermaid Cove, but I didn't look hard enough.

Have you seen these yet?


Swatches: Milani Baked Blushes: Luminoso, Carollina, and Berry Amore

8:30 AM

Milani never ceases to produce great products and a nice price in the drugstore realm.  Most recently they have introduced their Baked Blushes, which immediately became a hot commodity and difficult to find out in the market.  I came across these three at a Walgreens about a month ago and picked them all up.  (The other shades were unavailable/out of stock).  The three I found were Berry Amore, Corallina and Luminoso. 

Berry Amore is the deepest, and probably most pigmented (in my opinion) of the three.  This is a swirl of pinky-mauve and bronze.  Both are shimmery, but not over the top.  The color reminds me a little bit of the Laura Geller Blush 'n Brighten in Subtle Sateen Berry, that came in her "On the Bright Side" Collection from a while back (you can see pictures and swatches here).  The Milani has a little more bronze in it, and the Laura Geller has a bit more pink swirled throughout, but once blended you get the same effect. 

Corallina is a beauty.  This is a true, intense coral swirled with straight up pearl sparkle and shimmer.  On it's own, the coral portion would probably be over the top, but the pearl swirled throughout really tones it down, gives a nice added glow, and gives this particular baked blush more shimmer than the others.  Personally, I really like this one.  Used with a light hand you can achieve a perfectly natural warm glow to the cheeks. 

Luminoso is the baked version of Milani's Luminous blush (you can see pictures and swatches here and here).  Although the original has more of a pink undertone and golden sheen to it, this baked version is a very nice, neutral blush.  This is less bright and orange version of Corallina, as you can see in the swatches below.  I wouldn't say this is less pigmented, I just think it is more neutral so you can have a heavier hand when applying Luminoso versus some of the other colors available.

Swatches below are swiped with my fingertip to get the intensity of the colors.  I'll post a FOTD using a couple of these in the future so you can see them applied with a brush. 

I couldn't be more pleased with these blushes.  All the raves I've read online couldn't be more accurate.  These are extremely pigmented, there is quite a variety of shades to choose from, and the value is really nice.  I'd compare the pan size to that of a MAC Mineralize blush.  I'm not sure of the actual product amount compared to each other, but just side by side that's about right. 

If you can't find these around, you can see the entire collection online here at Milani's website. The lovely Nouveau Cheap also has some great snapshots and swatches here, here and a dupe alert here.  I absolutely need to find Pink Dulce after seeing her swatches.  It looks beautiful! 

So, have you stumbled upon these yet?  What color is your favorite of the collection?

Limited Editions

Swatches: Revlon Color Burst Lipstick "Fashion Night Pout"

8:57 AM

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet.  I'm sure you all remember when Revlon launched a limited edition lip stick called "Fashion Night Pout", which was basically a dupe of the MAC Gaga2.  This was launched at the same time as the limited edition nail polish called Black With Envy, which was a dupe of the Chanel Black Pearl nail lacquer.  Well, I walked into Walgreens one day and there were both the lipstick and the nail polish, so I immediately grabbed both. 

Fashion Night Pout is a creamy-peachy-nude/beige.  That's about the only way I can describe it.  It's been described on the blogsophere as a nude that everyone can wear.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I can actually wear this - I thought I would be too fair-skinned to pull off a nude, but it is actually a nice color, just a bit more nude than my actual lips. 

This isn't quite as opaque as some lipsticks, which I think probably makes this a little more wearable on everyone - you're natural color kind of *shines* through the lipstick.  I really am liking this - it's an easy lipstick to pull off, goes well with most any looks, and is just so very natural.

Did you find this color when it was available? 


Swatches: geoGIRL VeryBigSmile Lipgloss in "Sub-Lime"

9:35 AM

A few weeks back I posted a picture of a geoGIRL endcap at Walmart.   From that display I decided to pick up a lipgloss for my purse, and since I'm a sucker for anything lemon/lime, I went with "Sub-Lime".  This is a pale lime green gloss with hints of shimmer. 

As with the other geoGIRL products I have swatched here before, the packaging focused on recyclable products.  The lid is cardboard and the plastic portion containing the gloss itself is made from recycled product.  The outer packaging was also card board and had the cutsie little sayings and ideas on how you can better the environment as well. 

The applicator itself is a doe-foot.  As you can see in the picture below, the product isn't really all that green - its really quite sheer.

As for the swatch, it is below.  See how this is really a true gloss, with just a hint of shimmer.  I'm definitely not sporting green lips!  The scent/taste reminds me of a margarita.  It smells really fresh and lime-y, but it isn't so overpowering that you smell like you've been cocktailing it up during office hours :)

I like the shine, the hint of shimmer, and the size of the packaging.  The product didn't last too terribly long, but that's not really the point I suppose.  Really, it's not a bad deal for $2.97.  Plus, if you're not a citrus-girl, there are tons of other summery flavors to choose from, all of which look to be a nice sheer gloss with out a lot of overpowering color.

Have you tried these out?  What's your favorite flavor?

Everyday Minerals

Everyday Naturals Lemon Symphony No. 1 Natural Cuticle Butter

1:44 PM

I absolutely adore all things lemon. There is something about it, which probably stems from my youth and a little product called "Love's Fresh Lemon".  Every day I would give myself a spritz of that fresh citrus scent, and now that I'm all grown up, I still look for a fresh lemon scent to pick me up.

Recently, an online e-tailer by the name of Everyday Naturals (of Everyday Minerals if you enjoy their mineral makeup) had a cuticle butter in a lemon scent.  Somehow or another I missed out on this little guy, but luckily my mom didn't, so I now am the proud owner of this little pot of lemony goodness.

The product came wrapped in a little cotton pull-tie bag.  I am actually keeping this in it, because the bag makes the stuff easier to find in my bottomless pit of a purse.  The product, Everyday Naturals Lemon Symphony No. 1: The Romance of the Cuticle is described as the following on their website:

Super concentrated for intense hydration -- a must for cuticles. You will find yourself enraptured by the refreshing lemony scent. Indulge your cuticles with rain forest Brazilian butters for the ultimate in moisturization. We also included plant oils, Pumpkin and Argan to make it extra fantastic!

This comes in a 0.37 oz pot, and retails for $4.00.

 Now, this is indeed lemon scented, but because it is a butter, I picked up some vanilla and other "warm" fragrance in the product as well.  It is rick and thick. 

When I stick my nail in it, you can see how dense the product is.  This isn't a cream, or a lotion, or a typical cuticle product.  This is definitely reminiscent of the consistency of Carmex Lip Treatment in the pot.  Intense.  Fragrant.  And yes, definitely moisturizing and nourishing on my cuticles.

A little goes a long way.  Don't think you are getting ripped off by such a little pot.  This stuff is truly intense, and that bit on my finger tip there will be enough to nourish one hand of dry cuticles.  The product isn't overly oily either - meaning it doesn't leave a long lasting residue on your hands once you've put it on.  Give it about 5 minutes, and you are good to go. 

I've been using this for about two weeks now, and it is definitely helping my cuticles.  Now, I know this isn't a treatment, per say, but because I love the fragrance so much, I am inclined to put it on first thing in the morning every day.  Typically, I throw on some moisturizer, but my hands are dry by mid-morning.  With this, my cuticles stay moisturized, I haven't had nearly as many hang nails or snags, and my nails are looking much better.

Do you need it?  If you love lemon like me, I'd definitely say it's worth the $4 splurge to try it out.  Better yet, do some shopping with their mineral makeup as well!  They have some beautiful colors, and I'm particularly partial to their blushes.  Theme Park is a beauty!

How many of you have tried Everyday Naturals/Minerals?  What is your favorite product?

Limited Editions

New Milani Limited Edition Products Coming in July!

8:29 AM

Yesterday on Facebook, Milani posted some upcoming collections that will be Limited Edition.  First up (above), the Milani Color Streaks Hair Mascara.  Looks like there will be 5 colors to choose from. 

Secondly, below, the High Speed Fast Dry One Coat Nail Lacquers. 

Lastyly, four Limited Edition (July only - in select stores) Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer LipGloss.  Swatches below as well.

Personally, I am really excited for the lip gloss and the nail polish.  I love the colors, and think that Milani have really nice polishes for the price. 

What will you be looking for?


Lorac 3D Liquid Lustre: Swatches

10:10 AM

I recently picked up Lorac's 3D Liquid Lustre when I got the Urban Decay Primer Potion from Sephora a few weeks back.  Although I haven't tried this out yet over eyeshadow, I did swatch it.   Pictures and closeups are below.

First up - a closeup of the bottle/product.  This is a very watery (hence the name "Liquid" Lustre) product, that is jam-packed with sparkle.  Like Sephora states, this is "a long lasting liquid shimmer that can be applied over eyeshadow or worn alone on eyes and/or cheeks for a luminous, prismatic and three dimensional sparkle and shine".  I'd have to emphasize prismatic - this is an extremely iridescent sparkle!

The applicator itself is a dropper.  Mine actually was clogged when I got it, but I've used a needle to help push the glitter in and out of the dropper, and allow it to actually mix into the product in the bottle. 

Some swatches below - with and without flash.  Like I said, this is a very watery product, so I am anxious to see how this works over eyeshadow.  I can see how it would add some nice sparkle to the lid alone, or maybe applied over eyeliner to add some shimmer, but I would think the product would smear eyeshadow around, and ultimately make a mess.  I guess I'll have to give it a whirl!
A few people have tried this out in the blogging world.  First, Scrangie - she's is where I actually saw it first and why I decided to buy it.  Also, JoMakeMeBlushDotCom had some pretty looks (as well as a dupe to the product). 

Have you tried this yet?  How do you use it?


Spotted at CVS: New Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat and Wet 'n Wild Go for the Gold

9:55 AM

Going along with the shatter/crackle craze, Sally Hansen has a collection of quite a few colors and finishes from metallic to cremes.  I picked up the silver (Fractured Foil) and gold (Antique Gold) colors and will post pictures.  They are really pretty!  (Retail: $9.99)

Also for the summer Wet 'n Wild's Go for the Gold collection is out.  This is a Color Icon Trio (eyeshadow) in "The Gilded Age" and a bronzer in "Everything Under the Sun".  I picked up the shadow.  Beautiful, especially for the price!  (Retail: $2.99)

Have you seen either of these?  What did you pick up and what did you think?


NOTD: mark Nailed It Trend Trend Mini Lacquer in "Stay Neutral"

10:59 AM

A few weeks ago I picked up the mark. by Avon Nailed it Trend Mini Nail Lacquer set in Fuschia-istic and Stay Neutral. 

Stay Neutral is a warm nude shade with pink shimmer.  The picture below really shows the shimmer. 

Fuschia-istic is a traditional bright berry pink.  I love these shades in the summer.  Bright pinks are perfect for the go-to pedicure.

(with flash)

Above is "Stay Neutral" - two coats.  I should have gone with one more, but I didn't really realize it because, a) the color is so nude and b) because I think the flash really accentuates the sheerness of the color.  The consistency is nice - it's a bit sheer, which like I said, doesn't really effect the outcome on such a neutral color.  I haven't swatched the fuchsia yet, so I don't know if that was the general consistency of the new mark polishes, or if it was just this particular shade.   

(without flash)

Not so much of the pink when just in natural light.  In my opinion, the picture with the flash is much more true to color.

Right now this collection is sold out of mark, but they do have a new set here.  It has two colors as well: Tango (a bright red/coral) and Mojito (a pale turquoise/mint green creme).

Urban Decay

Swatches: Urban Decay Primer Potion "Greed"

10:42 AM

A few weeks ago I decided to splurge on a large Urban Decay Primer Potion, and since I'm a sucker for shimmer, I went with the shade in Greed.  This is the golden primer potion, and boy oh boy is it pretty!

The thing that I absolutely love about this tube is...well, it's a tube!  It makes getting product out that much easier, and I won't have to cut open the container to get the remainder out.  There is a needle nose opening, so you don't squeeze out too much product either. 

The color is gorgeous.  To me, this is beautiful for summer.  With warm tans, gold plays very well.  Also, this allows for very minimal makeup, as this can be your eyeshadow too!  Talk about simplicity.

Below is a swatch, and I layered it on thick so the picture would capture the shimmer and color.  You obviously don't need this much for normal wear, so consider it for picture purposes only.

Do you have Greed?  How about Sin?  I think that will be my next purchase.


NOTD: Wet 'n Wild Mermaid Cove "Waves of Enchantment"

7:23 AM

(with flash)

I recently posted the display of the new Wet 'n Wild Mermaid Cove nailpolishes.  I ended up picking a few of these polishes up, including Waves of Enchantment.  This particular color is a bright orange/coral with gold and iridescent pink sparkles in this.  These colors remind me very much of the Zoya Summer colors, and at $1.99, this was *just* different enough for me to grab (since I bought the Zoya colors too).

(natural light)

I am wearing two coats above.  I could have probably put another coat on top, since it appears a bit sheer towards the tips in the picture with the flash.  In real life, it looked perfectly fine.  These did dry quickly, but I also used a quick-drying top coat.  The lasting power was nice too - I did not experience very much wear or chipping.  I find that with shimmery/sparkly colors like this, they tend to chip more, but this was a nice surprise. 

I took some closeups of the bottles, too.  I think it gives a better representation to the color as opposed to the swatches above.  This is by far the prettiest color in the collection, in my opinion.  I love the orange, pink and golds.  It's a gorgeous color for summer - shimmery, bright, but not over the top or difficult to wear.


(natural light - cloudy day, sorry)

So, have you seen these colors?  Which ones did you pick up?

EOTD Browns

EOTD: Laura Geller Vanilla Nudes "Vanilla Toffee" and Tropical Dreams I-Dreams "Sunset Horizon"

7:00 AM

When I'm in a makeup rut, I tend to fall back on neutrals, and specifically Laura Geller's.  She has so many beautiful shades that are easy to use, blend and mix and match, that her shadows are at the top of my shadow drawer.  Recently I've been sort of in a rut (hello...lack of posting), so I reached for my easy neutrals in LG's collection: Vanilla Toffee from the Vanilla Nudes collection and the I-Dreams Suset Horizon from the Tropical Dreams collection.

The total look goes a little something like this...

Urban Decay Primer Potion "Greed" - all over lid
LG Vanilla Nudes "Vanilla Toffee" - inner corner
LG I-Dreams Sunset Horizon - Gold shade - middle of lid, blended ontop of crease color, wet as liner
LG I-Dreams Sunset Horizon - Dark Chocolate - outer corner,  crease
LG I-Dreams Sunset Horizon - Ivory shade - highlight
Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara

On a side note, I got my shipment confirmation for Part 2 of the Vanilla Nudes...I'm so excited!

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