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Random Question: Soap Making...have you done it?

9:45 AM

Recently I've had the urge to try and make soaps.  Be it Bath Bombs/Fizzies, or slices of home-made soaps, my inner Martha Stewart likes the idea of the project.  Of course, I know it is probably a major undertaking at first, but I am soliciting some advice from you, my readers...

Do you or have you made your own soaps?   I love the idea of the soaps by the slice. 

If you do make your own soaps, who do you recommend for supplies?  Do you order online or do you have a local shop you go to?

What about any websites you recommend for "how-to's" and recipes?



Spotted at Walmart: Piggy Paint Nailpolish Duos

11:28 AM

Welcome to the world of Piggy Paint.  I saw this display at Walmart this past weekend and came home to do some research.  Piggy Paint is a non-toxic, hypoallergenic nailpolish that is " Natural as Mud!".   These polishes are free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone as well.

Closeups of pictures below...

Big Lots

Spotted at Big Lots: Salon Express Nail Stamping Kit and CoverGirl Smokey ShadowBlasts

10:07 AM

You know, Big Lots can be hit or miss.  This time I went through, it was mostly a miss, but I did spot a couple of good deals I thought I'd pass along.  First of all, the Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit.  I ran across this towards the end of last year/holiday season at CVS for around $9.99.  I was tempted to purchase, but evidently, waiting pays off.  Big Lots has this set for $6.50!  The set includes the plate holder, 5 plates, the stamper and scraper.  Not a bad deal, for something that has recieved decent reviews across the blogosphere. 

The other item I saw that was interested were the winter duos of the Smokey Shadow Blast from Cover Girl.  I think these were from Target, but I can't remember correctly.  The Big Lots price was $9.00 for two, and retail is $7.99 each.  For two basic colors (a bronze and a gray) it's not a bad deal at all, especially if you like the Shadow Blasts. 

What have you found recently at Big Lots?  I missed out on the philosophy goodies that were there a few weeks back, unfortunately. 

Color Club

NOTD: Color Club Sparkle and Soar

10:49 AM

Today's NOTD is from the Color Club's Take Wing collection I saw at Meijer a few weeks back.  I picked up Sparkle and Soar, which is a beautiful bright mandarin orange foiled sparkle.  There are orange and gold flecks packed into this orange jelly base. This is definitely a beautiful summer color.

Closeup of the bottle, blurred so you can see the sparkle.

Here it is on - three coats, with the picture taken outside on a cloudy day (sorry). 


FOTD: Fyrinnae's Red Panda, Arcane Magic Pyromontic Erotica, and STFU

11:58 AM

It's been a long time since I've posted a look I've really enjoyed creating and wearing.  Not only have I just not had the time over the past several months to really spend playing around with my makeup, but I just haven't really been motivated to.  Well, thanks to my son, I am.  He had his toy dump truck full of my Fyrinnae eyeshadows, which he had decided to "excavate" from my makeup drawers, so I took a look and grabbed these three to play with this morning: STFU, Red Panda and Arcane Magic Pyromontic Erotica. 

The first picture is probably the best of the entire look.  It's take in natural light, no flash, and you really see the transitions in colors.  The purple eyeliner also really stands out in the picture above, where it's difficult to differentiate in the pictures below.  Regardless, this look reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset, and I'm glad I finally got back to being inspired with my makeup!  I almost forgot how much I enjoy creating these looks.

For the FOTD, here is what I did/used:

Laura Geller Champagne Spackle - primer
Laura Geller "Real Deal" Concealer - Light
Laura Geller Balance 'n Brighten Foundation
Mally Bronzer - light - to contour
Mally Poreless Airbrush Blush - Afterglow and Purelight

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy - all over lid
Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Pyromontic Erotica - inner corner, and blended ontop of crease
Fyrinnae Red Panda - middle of lid
Fyrinnae STFU - outer crease, blended into the Arcane magic in the middle of crease
NYX candy Glitter Eyeliner - Lavender - ontop of Essence Berlin Rocks

Revlon Lip Butter - Candy Apple

Thanks for looking!


Walgreens Spring Fever Wet 'n Wild Display

9:25 AM

I'd certainly say Spring is over and we have moved onto Summer.  Maybe I'm behind the times, or the store by me is, but I ran across this display at Walgreens for Wet 'n Wild.  For $2.99 there are multiple sets of either eyeshadow trios/mascaras, lip stick/gloss, or nailpolish trios to choose from.

All of the nail polish trios, below, come with the Party of Five glitter and a topcoat.  The only difference is the color polish you choose. 

Have you seen this display yet?

Color Club

NOTD: Color Club Magnetic Nail Polish in Sci Fi

2:37 PM

One of the Color Club Magnetic polishes I picked up at Meijer last week was Sci Fi.  This is a metallic olive green with golden undertones.  When actually applied (no magnet) it is a really warm olive with tons of shimmer/metallic and some golden flakies.  When the magnetic is applied, oh boy do things change!  This looked like a tiger's eye gem on the nails - the pattern literally moved as I tilted my nails in the light.  It was so cool!

This was my first attempt at magnetic polishes, and I have to say I like them.  The colors are a bit deeper and richer than I typically wear in the summer, but this one was gorgeous. 

Of course my manicure not applied really well - I was so anxious to give these a try I forgot to finish with my routine - clean up, wash and moisturize - before I took the pictures.  Also, my camera was dead again, so I had to use my iPhone. 

Just a few quick thoughts.  Application was easy.  I actually applied one coat without using the magnet, and then the second coat did it nail by nail - applied polish and then magnet over wet polish.  The consistency was really nice and I didn't have any problem with drying time.  My pinkie nail must end up being farther from the magnet because I didn't have nearly as intense of a pattern on either pinkie as I did on the rest of my fingers.  My only complaint is this: the polish chipped and peeled like crazy the following day.  I'm not sure if it was because of my application and/or technique, or if it was truly the polish itself.  Either way, this mani only lasted a day on me before it was so peeled up I had to remove and do something else.  Bummer, but hopefully you fellow readers have some advice for me!

Color Club

Spotted at Meijer: New Studio M "Live on the Bright Side" and Color Club "Take Wing" Collections

10:07 AM

If you are into brights, then you're in luck!  Studio M and Color Club have some gorgeous collections out right now.  First up, Studio M's Live on the Bright Side collection, which is a series of creme and then glitter colors.  Actually, the two polishes are exactly identical, except one is the creme base with holographic glitter in it.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a closeup of the individual bottles to who the difference - the store was packed!  Retail is $2.99 a piece.

Next up the Color Club Take Wing collection.  Let me just say how happy I am to see Color Club displays now out and about in the stores where I live.  For years I've seen these polishes swatched on the blogs and haven't been able to find them, but I'm thinking times are changing here in a good way!

The Take Wing collection is a set of beautiful bright and summery colors with iridescent flakes and glitters.  I picked up three colors I will swatch for you later.  These are so gorgeous.  Retail was $3.99 a piece. 

Have you seen either of these?  What colors did you pick up?

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