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I hate that I have not had the chance to blog, but I am working like crazy to get things finished and more manageable at work so I can spend the nights at home updating my blog and not working.  Please be patient - I did upload photos today, so hopefully I can start blogging here this weekend. 

Thanks for being patient (again)!

Bare Escentuals

Bare Minerals Great Gossamers Collection

8:00 AM

If you haven't figured it out already, you probably have realized I have a soft spot for Bare Escentuals, and everything about them.  One of my best friends gave me a gift certificate to the Bare Escentuals boutique at our local mall for my birthday, and I finally had the opportunity to take a gander around and find something to buy! 

It was my lucky day, too, because several items were on special, although not what I am posting about currently.  The Bare Minerals Great Gossamers Collection is something I have had my eye on for some time, but decided to splurge for my birthday and buy it.  I love adding a little shimmer, regardless of to the cheeks, eyes, or even all over, and this kit gives you the flexibility to do so.  Note only would these colors be great as brighteners and highlighters for the eyes, but on top of a blush to lighten/brighten, or across the collar bone for a little shimmer, these colors are multi functional at the very least!  This set comes with three colors, Gossamer, Rose Gossamer and Diamond Gossamer.  As the name implies, the rose has more of a pinkish hue, the Diamond has more of a "clear"/crystal hue and the regular Gossamer has a golden undertone.  The swatches below are pretty good, but it is relatively difficult to see the iridescence that plays out of these three colors.  

On top of the great colors, this set comes with a fantastic brush as well!  Great to apply these colors, but also perfect to apply a darker and more pigmented blush, you can never have enough of these skunk brushes.

Bare Escentuals Rose Gossamer:

Bare Escentuals Diamond Gossamer:

Bare Escentuals Gossamer (the original):

Again, I think the swatches are a bit difficult to see, but you get the idea.  At the top is the Rose Gossamer, which is a gorgeous shimmer with a hint of pink.  In the middle is the Diamond Gossamer, and it looks just as the name implies - crushed up diamonds!  At the bottom is the original, which is the Gossamer - a very light and sheer iridescent vanilla/gold.  Again, with this undertone range, these colors can be used for such a multitude of things, they are a great addition to any collection!

American Beauty

Happy Valentine's Day to me!

8:00 AM

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was great, especially after I went to the mall to pick up some of the new MAC Hello Kitty collection (pictures to follow). I went by my mom's house to give her and my little sister their little gifty for Valentine's day (I got each a blush from the Hello Kitty collection) and my mom had a gift waiting for me!

Two brands that don't get enough press in my opinion are American Beauty and Flirt!, both available at Kohl's, and online, at very reasonable prices. I have never tried the American Beauty line, but I love the natural colors of shadows, blushes and lip glosses every time I walk by. Flirt! I have tried several of their blushes and they are absolutely gorgeous! My mom got me the new Flirt! Glamourazzi Eyes pallet - a gorgeous quad of golds. Also, I got the American Beauty Pretty Glossy Lucious Lipshine in Pink Parfait - a gorgeous golden pink!

Below, is a shot of the Glamourazzi Eyeshadow quad - the color on the right is an excellent dupe for Nars Night Star - I will do a side by side of this in a future post.

Swatches below match the quad from left to right. The colors are extremely pigmented, even the lightest shade, and this is one stroke with a sponge applicator.
The American Beauty lipgloss is gorgeous - a pale shimmery shade of pink.

Swatch on the lips below - I apologize for the funky look of my lips - I was wearing a darker shade of lipstick during the day, so I had a little of that left behind.


OPI for Sephora - Spring Collection

7:30 AM

After what seems to have been the longest winter ever, it was so nice to open my email this morning and find these bright lights for your nails! Sephora's new OPI collection for the spring is gorgeous, with 6 new shades ranging from bright oranges to beautiful bubble gum pinks.

Each polish runs $9 - not bad for an OPI and an easy way to brighten up any one's wardrobe! To see the entire collection, click here. With every color in the rainbow, Sephora by OPI is bound to have something for you, too!


New mark. Skincare - Go With The Grain Exfoliating Beads & Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask

8:00 AM

I think that if someone came into my bathroom and looked in the cabinets, they would find just as much skin care as they would makeup.  I absolutely love to try new things, and although I still find it difficult to really get into a full regiment at night, I like to take the time to pamper myself with a good deep exfoliation and mask every once in a while.  

As I stated in yesterday's post, I do love the items I've picked up from the Avon skin care line, from the Avon Clinical line to the basic Avon Anew.  There really has not been one thing I've tried that I don't have something good to say about it - be it the item actually does what it says, or it just makes my skin feel down right good.  

The mark. line is no exception.  Although it is geared to a younger crowd, I think the options of natural and focused skin care is a great option to the basic drug store brands most teenagers are buying.  It's a good idea for young girls, even if their skin is perfect, to start using more than just a basic face wash and moisturizer, because before they know it, those fine lines will start creeping up on you!

Recently I picked up two items out of the new catalog - the mark. 'Go With the Grain' Exfoliating Beads and the mark. 'Calm Yourself' Hydrating Masque.  Both are part of their newer skin care line.  The exfoliating beads are a new idea to me - they are bits and pieces of natural grains that you add water or cleanser to and exfoliate the skin.  The great idea about these are you can adjust how much exfoliator you have - a little or a lot!  The hydrating masque is a great thing, especially in the winter when your skin is dry and could use a little boost!  Not like your typical masque, this one doesn't dry you out - instead it feeds you skin moisture and helps it soften and smooth out.  

Once I get a little more usage out of both I will write a review, but I wanted to give you a heads up for two items I found out to be great on the first try!  Below is the description from the mark. website.

mark. Go With The Grain Exfoliating Beads

Vitamin-rich adzuki beans and rice bran - two traditional Japanese exfoliators - blended with corn cobprovide mild exfoliation. Container conveniently "hooks up" to the tops of our cleansers. 0.65 oz. net wt. 

mark. Calm Yourself Hydrating Mask

This gel mask immediately increases skin's moisture by 168%,plus packs the power of five super smoothers - sea moss, wheat germ, cucumber extracts, aloe vera and green tea. Antioxidant-rich lemon and orange extracts also help improve skin tone. 3.4 fl. oz. 


Kirland Signature by Borghese

8:13 AM

For quite some time I have seen the Kirkland Signature by Borghese at Costco and wondered if I should try it. I'll be honest, I love the Avon skincare lines I use, but wanted a serum to use under my lotion to help prevent aging, as well as supplement my daily routine. Over the weekend I decided to try the Borghese, as I was debating between the Olay Regenerist Serum I've used in the past and the Kirkland Signature by Borghese Defying Wrinkle Defense Serum.

I have to admit - I am thrilled with this product, and I've only been using it for a handful of days. It has the feel of the Smashbox Photofinish Primer, in that it smooths and and makes your skin feel like velvet. The only difference is you use this under your moisturizer, not over. I have noticed a difference in my skins texture and I feel like it has smoothed and evened out the skin, allowing makeup application to that much simpler.

Also, here is a great article discussing the Kirkland line : click here

Here is what the product says:

Borghese has a wonderful tradition and spa heritage. Borghese skincare respects the synergy between health and nature, luxury and science. That tradition continues today with the Kirkland Signature™ by Borghese Collection. Our Skincare Products have been formulated with natural botanicals that moisturize and soothe. Mineral-rich ingredients nourish every inch of your skin.

(1) 1.7 fl. oz.

Age-Defying Wrinkle Defense Serum Features: Advanced complex to help firm and smooth way wrinkles. Skin looks more youthful and vibrant. Dermatologist tested. For all skin types.

Key ingredients: Aloe, Olive fruit extract, Wheat bran extract.

EOTD Green

A Very Green EOTD

8:00 AM

After I bought the new Wet 'n Wild crayong in green (below), I decided I needed to brighten up my look with a green EOTD.  I have been wearing so many neutrals recently, especially due to the blah, snowy weather.

I used:

UDPP - base
Wet 'n Wild crayon all over lid
Taylor Made Minerals "Holiday" - all over lid into crease
Taylor Made Minerals "Envy" - outer lid into outer crease/under eye
Stila "Kitten" - high light
Colossal Mascara "Glam Black"

I'm now officially on the lookout for more of these crayons, as they didn't crease and held the color perfectly all day.  What a way to brighten up a look!

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