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9:03 AM

Hi everyone! Although I am still sick (don't you just love the "back to school" flu that everyone gets this time of year?!), I have been able to get some pictures taken and start working on posts again, which you all should start seeing shortly.

Thank you for the well-wishes, and my apologies for the long delay! :) :)

I'm sick...

7:44 AM

...and therefore haven't updated the site recently. I don't know that I will get to it today, but hopefully tomorrow will be feeling better.

Keep your fingers crossed!


MAC Mineralize Blushes

7:55 AM

I decided that it was time to start Christmas shopping early this weekend, but of course, I couldn't pass the MAC at Macy's without stopping...and inevitably, buying something (or three things). I hadn't seen the new Mineralize blushes from the Sonic Chic collection, and of course once I saw them I couldn't pass up several of the colors. I was looking initially at Love Joy and Love Thing. Then, the sales associate came over to fill in an empty spot in the display with Merrily, and I was sold on that as well.

I am so excited about the three of these blushes! They are absolutely beautiful! Merrily is a coral color with hints of gold shimmer, Love Joy is a beautiful neutral pink with hits of shimmer and gold and Love Thing is a mauve with hints of gold shimmer!

Definitely a must buy! I would highly suggest running by your local stand or store if you haven't had an opportunity to see these gorgeous blushes!


Review: Rimmel Glam'Eyes Mascara

1:04 PM

I have to admit, I absolutely love to try out new mascaras. It's one of my weaknesses - anytime I see a new one on an endcap, or see it in a magazine, I'm game. Especially the mascara you find in a drugstore! Now, I've yet to find a brand I like more overall than Rimmel. Every mascara I have tried of theirs I like in it's own way - either for bold dramatic eyes or for subtle natural looking lashes. The new Glam'Eyes is no exception.

First, the packaging brings us back to the '40s when actresses and celebrities had absolutely stunning and gold lashes.

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Secondly, the comb is one of a kind. There are two perspectives to the comb. There is a portion that has short lashes, allowing for volume, and another side with longer combs, which aids in length and separation of the lashes.

Below, the short combs, helping add volume:

And below, turn the wand and see the long combs, providing length and volume:

I have to admit, this is my new holy grail. I absolutely lean to this mascara any time I need the look of false eyelashes without the clump! I will do a FOTD here in a bit where you can see the depth and dimension each lash gets. It's amazing!

Retail Price: $12.00 USD

Where to purchase: Click here, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, KMart

Product: 5 out of 5

Price: 5 out of 5

Packaging: 4.5 out of 5 (my comb bent a little bit when I put it back in the container)

Overall: 4.5 out of 5

Would I purchase again? Overall, I would definitely buy this product again - it's great, especially being that it is a drug store brand! As I said, my HG mascara for sure!

Jesse's Girl

Jesse's Girl Color Your World Baked Eyeshadows & Swatches

8:15 AM

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics has a set of four colors in a baked eyeshadow, similar to MAC Mineralize shadows and the Laura Geller baked eyeshadows, but at a fraction of the price and a substantially larger product. I purchased the set of four at approximately $17 and S/H was free! You can purchase them individually at $4.99 each, as well!

The set of four colors includes Volcanic (red), Aqua (blue), Evergreen (green/gold) and Earthtone (gold/copper). The colors have great pigmentation and a beautiful shimmer associated with them.

The color Volcanic is a beautiful red with pink shimmer and would also make a great blush if used with a skunk brush. Aqua is a beautiful bright blue with silver shimmer.

Evergreen has the tendency to move between a green/gold to a turquoise color, depending on how much of each you pick up with your brush. Earthtone is an absolutely beautiful brown/copper color with lots of shimmer.

Jesse's Girl

Jesse's Girl Eye Dust Swatches

9:37 AM

I mentioned earlier that I ordered some eye dusts and baked shadows from Jesse's Girl Cosmetics. Unfortunately here in Indy, we don't have any Rite-Aid's, or any other drugstores for that matter, which carry Jesse's Girl. I had read so much about them on Makeup Alley, but hadn't been able to find anything to try out locally. A few weeks ago, the lovely Toma had posted about the new baked eye shadows for her "Hidden Gems" and I had to order them online. The colors looked beautiful, and the price was right at about $17 for all four, plus free shipping. While I was browsing around the site, I found the eye dusts, which I have read a lot about, including their similarities to MAC pigments. At $3.99 each, you can't beat the price, so I figured I'd try a few colors out. I chose the following:

Majestic Green
Sunpearl Pink
Sparkle Gold
Duochrome Blue/Green
Sunlit Cactus

Not only are the packages filled to the brim, but I received a bag full of sample baggies for each eye dust they have! What a great way to get me to buy again, because I definitely will!!

(Click the picture to enlarge)

The swatches are below - sorry they are a bit blurry, my hands were shaky the other day!

I will post the baked shadows next - those are definite winners, too!!

Taylor Made Minerals

Part 3 - Taylor Made Minerals

9:30 AM

Finally, I'm getting around to posting the third portion of my Taylor Made Mineral's order I receive last week. These are mostly the blues, and when I was swatching them for these pictures, I fell in love with Marine! It's absolutely stunning! (Feel free to click the pictures to enlarge.)

Fiji Beach is a beautiful and shimmery turquoise. There is a hint of gold, but not a lot, in this shadow. Marine is a pale turquiose-periwinkle color with tons of gold sparkle and undertones. It is a beautiful and shimmery color, perfect for summer! Holiday is a bright Christmas green with gold sparkles. I love this color, and think it will make a great shadows as well as liner!

Next up? A whole bunch of Jesse's Girl Cosmetic's eyeshadows! Not only did I splurge on their new baked eyeshadows, but I bought a handful of their eyedusts, and couldn't be happier with the products, especially for the price!


Fyrinnae Eyeshadows (swatches to follow)...

9:08 PM

I received my Fyrinnae eyeshadows on Saturday in the mail, and boy was I so incredibly pleased with the quality and colors! I picked a variety of colors for this initial order. I had read numerous reviews and blogs raving about the colors and wearibility, as well as durability, of this brand, so I was anxious to finally get my order in. I was especially anxious when my mom got her order in the mail a few weeks ago - it just confirmed my need to place an order!

The colors that I decided to go with this time were:

Arcane Magic "Archmage"
City Glam "Lights of Stockholm"
Polar bear
Monarch Butterfly
Arcane Magic "Faerie Glamour"
Liquid Inks Liquid Eyeliner "Lovers' Quarrel"
Rice Powder Primer

Again, I can't rave enough about how absolutely stunning the colors are. I cannot wait to try them all out. I played around a little bit with Kimichi, Monarch and Polar bear today, as well as the liquid eyeliner. The liner is a stunner in itself, as it changes colors depending upon the angle from a copper, bronze, sage green, to turquoise. An absolute beauty, that's for sure!

The other thing I am anxious to try out is the rice primer. I absolutely love and swear by mineral makeup, but the one thing that frustrates me to no end is the fact that it settles in my lines. The rice primer is supposed to help alleviate that problem, so I will definitely do a review of that once I have tried it for a few days.

Well, again, tomorrow I hope to have up pictures of these swatches, as well as the third portion of my Taylor Made Minerals!

Running behind...

8:39 AM

...I feel like I'm running behind on everything! I spent part of the weekend in Chicago, where I was able to go see the Cubs play, which was a blast! I came home the following morning to my Fryinnae order, which I am so excited about! I have been waiting to try their shadows, and was thrilled with the colors I picked. I will definitely be posting swatches and pictures of those. I also have one more installment of my Taylor Made Minerals, which I will post today or tomorrow.

I think that's it for now...

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