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Bronze, Copper and Gold, Oh My! EOTD

10:33 AM

Good morning - today is going to be a quick EOTD blurb about a look I did a while ago and am just now getting to. One of my favorite combinations are golds and coppers, so this was an easy look for me to put together.

Taylor Made Minerals "Brown Sugar" - all over lid, under lash line
Bare Escentuals Glimmer "Sex Kitten" - crease
Mac Pigment "Vanilla" - brown bone
Diorshow Blackout mascara

Everyday Minerals

Everyday Minerals are here!

7:11 AM

The other day the mailman suprised me with my Everyday Minerals purchase, and I am so excited and happy with everything! First of all, I must say I absolutely love the foundation. I have been a faithful Bare Escentuals user for 8-9 years, but when I tried this I was blown away by the consistency, the coverage, and the lasting ability of the mineral foundation. And, for once, I have found a color that truely matches my skintone, without washing me out. I was mixing Bare Escentuals Fair and Medium together, but it wasn't quite right. I would wear the Fair in the winter, but felt very washed out. The Medium was perfect for me in the summer, but too dark for winter. So confusing! Anyway, I purchased the EM Fair Medium and couldn't be happier.

Along with that, I ordered some blushes: Theme Park (a rich, frosty, warm pink/coral), Pink Ribbon (a cool, pale, lightly sparkled pink), and Favorite Hoodie (a rich, warm, frosted bronze). They are all absolutely beautiful and Favorite Hoodie could definitely dual as an eyeshadow. I also got a freebie of Light Peach (a pale peach with subtle shimmer). This is also a great high-light, but could be used as an eyeshadow too.

The eyeshadows I ordered were Baby Sitter (a bright periwinkle blue - slight frost), Net Surfing (warm purple/violet with shimmer), Feather Light (white frost), and Oaisis (frosted gold/bronze). Along with that I recieved two lip colors: Cherry Fizz and Pink Lemonade. These two have been sucked in by the abyss known as my purse, so I will dig those out and show you swatches when I can find them!

The swatches and pictures of everything are below:

Blush swatches: Theme Park, Pink Ribbon, Favorite Hoodie, and Light Peach (natural light - flash wasn't showing the colors very well at all).

Eyeshadows: Baby Sitter, Net Surfing, Feather Light, and Oasis.

Everyday Minerals

Happy Easter FOTD

3:46 PM

Happy Easter everyone! I love Easter - it is the begining of spring, and hopefully this means the cold weather is on the way out the door and warmer weather is around the corner! This morning I decided to try my best to match the shirt I was wearing for Easter lunch, which consistered of beautiful corals, pinks and yellows. It's like an Easter Egg!!

I went to CVS yesterday and bought the Monistate Anti-Chafing Gel that everyone has been talking about as a primer - I must say, it's absolutely fantastic. I couldn't believe how smooth and easy makeup application was, especially compared to some of the very expensive brands out on the market. I'll tell you one thing, for $6-7, I'm sold! Also, I was able to try out my new Everyday Minerals foundation and colors, and I love them! The foundation goes on so smoothley, the color is great and the coverage is fantastic. I love, love, love the blushes too! They are beautiful! I will have a picture of my goodies eventually, but first thing's first - today's look:

Everyday Minerals Intensive Foundation "Fair Medium"
Everday Minerals Blush "Theme Park"

Taylor Made Minerals "Bone" - inner corner of lid, under lash line
NYX Pearl Fanta - outer corner of lied, lower lash line
Milani Runway Eyes "brown pallet" - crease
Mac Pigment "Kitchmas" - hilight
Mary Kate & Ashley Liquid Eyeliner "Black"
Tony & Tina Glitter Eyeliner "Pink"

Unknown brand - pink gold shimmer


Pretty in Pink FOTD

9:14 AM

The weather is extremely gloomey out, so as a result today is a pink day! It's my attempt and bringing spring into full bloom, although it is still March. I have noticed that some of my flowers are blooming outside, which makes for such a pretty site when the sun comes out. Too bad the rabbit living around our subdivision has managed to munch on them a little bit!

Anyway, here's today's look:

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Medium"
Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color "True"
Mac ShadeStick "Beige-ing" - all over lid
NYX Pigment "Pink Pearl" - inner corner of lid, lower lash line
NYX Pigment "Purple Pearl" - outer corner of lid
Cosmetics Princess "Cat Eyes" - crease
Mac Pigment "Vanilla" - hilight
Unknown eyeliner "Wine"
Diorshow Black Out Mascara
Avon Glazewear Lipgloss "Tickled Pink"

Bare Escentuals

Still a little green FOTD

2:16 PM

I couldn't quite kick the green out, even though yesterday was St. Patrick's day, so today's look has a little bit left over from the day before! Somtimes I feel like I need to do something like this just to get me through the day - you know, bright fun colors! Even though it's just makeup, it really does do a lot for one's outlook on the day, or at least it does for me.

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Medium"
Isadora Mineral Blush Powder "Iced Candy"

NYX Pigment "Lime Pearl" - inner corner, lower lash line
Taylor Made Minerals "Envy" - outer corner, lower lash line
Bare Escentuals Glimmer "Sex Kitten" - crease
Mac Pigment "Vanilla" - hilight
Bare Escnetuals Liner Shadow "Onyx" - liner
Diorshow Blackout Mascara

Bare Escentuals Lipstick "Fig"


Happy St. Patrick's Day EOTD

9:12 AM

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! What an excellent reason to wear one of my alltime favorite colors - GREEN! This look was a bit dramatic, but I loved it. Plus, it must have been extra sparkley because the last picture has a bit of a reflection in it, from what appears to be my face :)

Mac Shadestick "Beige-ing" - all over lid
NYX Lime Pearl Pigment - inner corner of lid
Milani wet/dry eyeshadow "Shamrock" - outer corner and crease
Milani wet/dry eyeshadow "Silver Charm" - hilight
Taylor Made Minerals "Envy" - lower lash line
Mary Kate & Ashley Liquid Liner "Black"
Diorshow Blackout Mascara

90% Off at CVS?!

8:59 AM

So, yesterday I was running some errands with my mom, and on my way back to my house I thought I would run into the CVS outside of my subdivision in order to get some of the Milani wet/dry eyeshadows (specifically I wanted the Shamrock color to wear for St. Patrick's Day). I walked around and found what I was looking for, but of course had to walk out with more than I intended on. Luckily, everything else (besides the Milani) was on a table labeled "90% off with your CVS card". What a bargain!

I was able to get a bright emerald green Milani eyeliner pencil, some Olay Quench Therapy body lotion, Essence of Beauty Lemon Body Cream, and some Essence of Beauty Citrus Coconut Hand Lotion for my purse.

I have desperately been needing some lotion as I feel like this winter and extensive cold air has taken all the moisture out of my skin and I always am itchy and uncomfortable a few hours into the day. I figured for $0.38, I'd give the Olay Quench a try. Honestly, I have always looked at these lotions, but they run more than I would normally pay for a body lotion, at approximately $7 a bottle. Last night I used it for the first time, and from what I can tell it is absolutely wonderful! Not only does it soak right in, but my skin was soft and smooth all night and even this morning when I woke up. We'll see how it works throughout the week, but I think I may have found a winner! The fragrance is nice and fresh as well.

I am anxious to try the Essence of Beauty Lemon Body Cream because lemon is one of my absolute favorite fragrances. It is so refreshing and reminds me of spring/summer.

I love, love, love the Milani wet/dry eyeshadows, and I am excited to use these colors for St. Patrick's day (hopefully picktures to follow!)

Crazy Daylight Savings!

8:21 PM

I apologize for not being very up to date on my posting - between work and daylight savings, I feel like I've run out of time in the day (not to mention, I can't catch up on my sleep)! I am think this weekend should help. It is going to be rainy here tomorrow, which is great for getting things done around the house, which is a definite must! Sunday I think it is going to be nicer, sunny and even warm, which means I might get outside here soon to work in the garden (my second passion besides makeup).

I did just place an order with Everyday Minerals. I am so excited! My mom ordered some, so I tried her foundation the other day and was blown away at the coverage and longevity of the makeup. I can't wait to try out some of their eyeshadows and lippies, too! I will definitely post some pictures once I have everything organized and it all comes. I'm very excited!

Until then, I'm off to go catch up on some much needed beauty sleep!


FOTD - Taylor Made Minerals

3:52 PM

Yay! I got to try the Taylor Made Minerals, and I love them! The colors are great, they wear really well, and they are super sparkely (at least the ones I picked out).

Below are the swatches, in the same order as I showed them yesterday.

I wore the following colors: Bone, Chameleon, and Envy. What beautiful colors!
TMM "Bone" - lid and lower lash
TMM "Chameleon" - crease and corner
TMM "Envy" - lower lash line
Milani "Lilly White" - hilight brown bown

Taylor Made Minerals

Taylor Made Minerals Haul!

4:59 PM

I checked the mail today and it was like Christmas! I ordered some Taylor Made Minerals about a week or so ago, and they came today! What a great way to beat the glum winter weather we are having right now! I posted pictures of the colors below, and will swatch them tomorrow for you to see. They are absolutely beautiful, though!! Sorry to make this quick, but I am running out the door to meet some friends. Enjoy!

Top Row (left to right):

Brown Sugar

Bottom Row (left to right):

Bare Escentuals

EOTD - Milani Wet/Dry Eyeshadows

10:34 AM

Good morning! After a long night of very little sleep, I rushed through my makeup this morning, but did find that the Milani wet/dry eyeshadows are absolutely fabulous! They were so easy and smooth to apply, the colors are absolutely beautiful and frosty, and it made getting ready this morning very easy! I love, love, love the colors too! I bought the browns and golds, as that is what I typically wear, but I'm going to have to go back and get some of the spring colors - pinks, blues, and purples - they are absoultey stunning!

My look below is:

Bare Escentauls Mineral Foundation "Fair"
Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color "True" - blush

Milani wet/dry eyeshadow "Lilly White" - hilight/lid
Milani wet/dry eyeshadow "Coffee Shop" - crease
The Cosmetic Princess Mineral Eyeshadow "Cateyes" - corner
mark. hookup liquid liner "Nefertiti"
Diorshow Blackout Mascara

Bare Escentuals Lipstick "Generosity"

Bare Escentuals

FOTD - Greens & Browns

5:44 PM

Today I didn't have to go into work until the afternoon for a meeting (the luxury of working from home), so I decided to play around with some of the new NYX pigments that I received about a week ago. Today, being that I wore a bright olive green sweater, it was NYX Mocha Pearl and NYX Lime Pearl to the rescue. I am a huge green fan, so this was definitely a fun one!

Bare Escentuals Foundation "Fair"
mark. Shimmer Bar "Bronzed" - blush

NYX Lime Pearl - inner crease
Bare Escentauls Glimmer "Soiree" - outer crease, under eye liner
NYX Mocha Pearl - crease, outer V
IsaDora Gleaming Eye Shadow "Frosty Shell" - hilight
Diorshow Blackout Mascara



EOTD 3.4.08 - Hard Candy SONIC

2:55 PM

I have been out of commission recently due to work and being sick (not a great combination), so I decided it was time to play with makeup, as that always makes me feel better! I have had a Hard Candy pallet sitting my makeup box for months: SONIC. It is full of great neutral colors seen below.

I used the white as a base, as it has a great golden undertone to it, which is hard to see in the pallet above. I foiled it on using mixing medium thanks to Vanessa (3 parts water:1 part glycerin) on the inner portion of the lid. On the outer corners, I used the golden olive color and blended it into the white. In the crease, I used the dark black with gold flecks.

Let me tell you what - the whole mixing medium thing has improved my makeup application and staying power so much, it's hard to believe! I had always used water, but this makes such a difference - thanks Vanessa!!

Here are the swatches from the pallet, in order as to it's location - these are great everyday colors, definitely!!

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