Spotted at Walgreens: New Revlon Nail Polish Trios in Garden Party and Tea Party "Bloom with Captivating Color"

9:24 AM

Look at these adorable, bright, mini-size shades of Revlon colors!  This limited edition collection consists of two trios: one set in cool tones (Garden Party) and one set in warmer tones (Tea Party). 

The cool set:  This has a pale sky blue, an iridescent chunky glitter, and a bright apple green.  The blue looked like it had the slightest shimmer undertone, but I really doubt it would be apparent once applied.  The green was a creme.

The warm set consists of an almost neon coral, a really pretty warm "greige" and a bright berry pink.  All three appeared to be cremes in this set.

The retail was $7.99.  These are mini's, not full sized products.  Have you seen these yet?

EOTD Smokey

Rimmel Glam Eyes "Night Jewel" and EOTD: Rimmel Night Jewel, Milani Lilly White and Milani Silver Charm

7:23 AM

Back at the beginning of the year, Rimmel put out some new displays for their Glam Eyes sets and singles.  There were eyeshadow quads and single shadows, like Night Jewel (shown above).  I'm typically pretty happy with Rimmel's products, although I have rarely used their eyeshadows, so I thought I'd give this smokey pewter color a whirl!

Night Jewel is a deep pewter with almost iridescent shimmer strewn throughout.  This is a very frosty-frost, and the pigmentation is quite nice as well.  There are two pictures below - one with a flash and one without.  I think you can see the various iridescent shimmer in them below, especially if you click to enlarge the photo.

with flash
without flash

I swatched this shadow without any primer, using the sponge applicator in the package.  Like I mentioned above, this is very pigmented.  The color is creamy and smooth, as well, not chalky at all, making blending and application a breeze. 

Seeing as this shade is a frosty pewter color, what better to do than a smokey look.  Something quick and simple below, using the Rimmel "Night Jewel", Milani's Baked Eyeshadow in "Lilly White" and "Silver Charm".

What I used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Milani "Silver Charm" - inner corners
Rimmel "Night Jewel" - outer corners, crease
Milani "Lilly White" - highlight
Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner Trio - black
NYC Show Time Mascara - black

So, have you tried any of these Rimmel Glam Eyes shadows?  Which is your favorite color?


Winner: Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron

12:00 PM

Congratulations to Chanelle, as you have been randomly chosen the winner to the Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron! 

Results chosen via random selection.  Email address/IP addresses removed to protect the privacy of those who have entered.

Please check your email!


An Easter-y NOTD: Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer "Into the Limelight"

10:22 AM

I'm so excited that spring is right around the corner.  Unfortunately, the weather we've had here in the Midwest has been anything but accommodating to the change of the seasons.  Cold, damp and rainy has been the name of the game recently, and it doesn't look to be letting up anytime soon!  Like they say, "In like a lion...".

Well, for Easter, I wanted to wear something bright, but springy, so I chose Ulta's Professional Nail Lacquer in "Into the Limelight".  Talk about a beauty!  This is a bright lime green with silver frost (and I mean FROST!).  It's absolutely gorgeous.  I would consider this a metallic more than anything else. 

I tried under numerous lights to get this color to be true, but couldn't.  The flash totally washed out my hands, although the nail color in the thumb above is probably the most accurate.  I picked this up a couple of years ago and am just getting to it!  I'm not sure if the color is available in stores or not, as I couldn't find it online.  It must have been a seasonal shade.

The formula was nice - smooth and evenly applied.  I used two coats, but probably could have opted for one more. 

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend!  Happy Spring!


N.Y.C. The Show Time Volumizing Mascara

10:27 AM

"If you take one thing with you on your big night out let it be this: new NYC New York Color Show Time Volumizing Mascara. It gives up to 8 times instant and extreme volume for your most dramatic eyes ever. There's no drama in the price though. So get ready, because tonight is showtime!"

I recently have discovered the great value that is N.Y.C., specifically with their nail polishes and lip gloss.  The other day I saw a newer mascara called Show Time Volumizing Mascara, so I thought I'd give that a whirl.  Retail runs between $2.99-$3.99, depending on where you shop, which is well below a majority of the hyped volumizing mascaras right now. 

I tried to get a good snapshot of the wand because I think it is what sets this mascara apart from the other inexpensive drugstore brands out there.  When I pulled the brush out, it instantly reminded me of the Tarte "Lights, Camera, Lashes" brush.  A thicker brush, made with thick bristles, which are not the typical pipe-cleaner type bristles, nor are they rubber.  The formula on the mascara is thick, not overly drying, and with the help of the wand, pulls through the lashes and lengthens while it volumizes.  I did not experience any clumping, flaking, or smudging with this.  I think the clumping thing is a huge "pro", as well.  take a look at the closeup of my bottom lashes below - it's truely an elongation of my natural lashes, which is amazing.  I will definitely be using this as my everyday mascara once I run out of my Tarte.  The price to value is fantastic, and the quality really is there.  My only complaint is I would like to see a blacker-black.  This is a little smokey in color.

A "before" and "after" shot...

What are your favorite products from N.Y.C.?

FOTD Golds

Quick FOTD using geoGIRL Mineral Blush in QTPi and URA*

10:36 AM

After yesterday's post and discussion about geoGIRL Cosmetics, I thought I'd post a FOTD using the two mineral blushes.  I used QTPi all over and URA* as the highlight. 

See what a nice color this is?  It's not overly pigmented at all, totally blendable, smooth and the URA* adds a really nice shimmer to the cheekbones.  I really like them simply because sometimes loose blushes are difficult to work with, especially those found in drugstores/mass merchandisers.  I did have a comment from the lovely Femputer over at Shop My Stash, who said she has used the geoGIRL 2Nite lip Treatment, and that she likes it a lot, so I might be hitting up their skincare line before long!


Swatches: geoGIRL Cosmetics from Walmart - Mineral Blushes "QTPi", "URA*", and Cream Blush "KOC"

9:34 AM

A few months ago, Walmart introduced a new beauty lined targeting tweens and teens called geoGIRL.  Now, this caused a lot of buzz around the Internet and actually in national media.  Now, I understand that there is an age that is too young to be wearing makeup out and about, but am I the only one who remembers playing dress up and trying my mom's makeup when I was little?  And, I'm pretty sure that being eco-friendly wasn't part of the repertoire back in the early 80's either.  Regardless, and more importantly, my mother was in control of where, what and when I was allowed to wear the makeup. It's not like I was paroozing around town on a day-to-day basis with a full face of makeup at age 10!  Ok, enough of my pontificating...

Outside of all the hoopla, I thought it might be nice to see what this brand was all about, so I picked up a few of the blushes available.  Besides the broad spectrum of products available (from skincare to lipstick), I was intrigued by the packaging of geoGIRL.   They truly are targeting an "ecofriendly" audience - the packaging is made of cardboard and is biodegradable.  The only plastic I found in my blushes were the sifter in the mineral blushes, and the "push up"mechanism of the cream blush. 

The first thing I noticed about the product was the packaging's details.  Like I said above - Ecofriendly is the focus here.  Not only is the outer packaging cardboard and discuss the product inside, but it actually has stories about what "tweens" are doing to keep the Earth a clean and healthy place.  Each color has a different snippet or idea as to how to reuse products, which I find pretty unique. 

Something else I found interesting is the the slogan "DIRT" or DoTheRightThing.  This focuses on what the products are made of.  Straight off the packaging:

"geoGIRL produts are free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates, Propylene Glycol, PABA, DEA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Color (in Skincare), Carmine (crushed beetles), & Animal Ingredients (except cruelty free honey, laolin and beeswax)."

Click on the images below for a larger view...

First up, QTPi: a bright coral with light pink shimmer.  The packaging has cute little hummingbirds outlining the lid.  When you take the lid off, you'll see the typical sifter-style filter to prevent spillage.  There is also a mini puff to apply, although I threw mine in the trash to use my blush brush.

This color does look quite bright in the picture below, and in real life honestly.  It actually goes on quite lightly, which I'll show you in the swatches below. 

Next up is URA*, which is a pale shimmery peach.  I would consider this to be more of a highlighter.  This packaging has daisies around the lid, matching the color of the product inside. 

Last up, the geoGIRL cream blush in "KOC".  Similar to the URA*, this is a pale peach but without shimmer. I find that this could be used as a lip balm, too.  It's moisturizing, but not greasy.  There's just a hint of color.  Although this is a cheek color, the stick isn't so overly chunky that you couldn't use it for other things. 

See, no shimmer...

Ok, onto the swatches.  These are *not* overly pigmented, so the target audience of the "tweens" is right on (also note the texting slogans as the names).  I now that QTPi looked like a clown's cheek color in the pot, but as you can see below, it's a nice shimmery coral.  I used my finger tip to swatch these, so the streaks are quite dense with product.  I've used them all for the primary purpose, blush, and they have worn wonderfully, no irritation, and the colors blend well into the skin. 

My only complaint about the product is the packaging.  I can appreciate the attempt at having an ecofriendly or mainly biodegradable package, but they are difficult to open.  My sister had two separate products that she could not take the lid off at all, and ultimately returned.  Although I didn't have that particular problem, I will say that the blue or adhesive used to package the product tends to create quite a seal and make removing the lids difficult. 

All in all, these are quite nice.  I am loving how natural the products are, both on and in composition.  I wish that when I was growing up there had been more products like this for me to dabble with instead of the Disney character pallets from the Barbie aisle! 

If I recall correctly, the retail ranged from $2.99 on up. 

Have you seen these?  What did you think?

Experiencing Techinical Difficulties

12:16 PM

So, the lack of posting is due primarily on the fact that all of the "verbage" in my posts is gone, and instead all I have are pictures remaining.  I'm working on it, but do apologize!  Please stay tuned...

Hard Candy

Spotted at Walmart: New Hard Candy "Fox in a Box" Bronzing Duos and Blushing Quads

8:00 AM

I know many of you have a love/hate relationship with Walmart, and that the "hate" can be overcome by some new Hard Candy products, so I bring you "Fox in a Box" by Hard Candy - a collection of Bronzing Duos and Blushing Quads that retail at $6 a piece. 

From the Hard Candy website:
A highly pigmented multi-color powder compact that will surely bring out your inner foxy lady. Each box contains coordinated shades that blend together perfectly and a custom Hard Candy applicator brush. Sweep across chin, cheeks, and forehead and unleash the foxiness in you!

Below are the Bronzing Duos - your options are basically a warm coral and bronze (Skinny Dipping) or a bright pink and bronze (Truth or Dare).   Yes, the coral is that bright!  I did not buy this, but it would be interesting to see if the bronze portion tones down the intensity of the colored sides once swirled together, giving that "perfect finish".

The Blushing quads looked promising.  These are not super shimmery, so for those of you that prefer a more matte look, but still want a *pop* of color, these might be a nice and inexpensive alternative. 

Like I said, I didn't purchase these.  I am holding out for the new Milani baked blushes I have seen all over the blogosphere.

Have you purchased these?  What were your thoughts?


Reader Giveaway: Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron!!

8:00 AM

I am very pleased to announce a reader giveaway, sponsored by

About a year ago I discovered the wonders that are a professional styling tool.  Not only do they make styling a breeze, they also help minimize the damage that can occur when styling with heating tools. has quite a few to choose from in their online store - it's amazing what is available to help you acheive the style of your dreams! 

Well, the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Styiling Iron is no exception.  Take a look at the details below: ceramic tourmaline plates, temperature control, and a long and flexible cord are just some of the benefits.

Introducing the New Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron, the Ultimate Hair Styling Tool.

Whether you choose to curl, flip, straighten or add volume and body, the G3 is the only styling iron you will ever need.

The Karmin Salon Pro is perfect for both professional use as well as at home with features such as flash quick heating, a tangle-free swivel cord and temperature settings for all hair types. Styling your hair is virtually effortless and results are smooth, silky, shiny hair.

This ultra glossy and super sleek styling iron is available in 3 distinguishing and enticing shades, choose the one that reveals your personal style.

Product Features:
1.Ultra hard, mirror smooth Tourmaline Ceramic plate surfaces.
2.Negative ions and infrared heat (removes static) for silky shiny hair.
3.Ion field technology (seals in natural oils).
4.Micro-porous technology (locks in moisture).
5.Won't damage hair like other straighteners.
7.Unparalleled infrared heat for deep, long lasting straightness.
8.Micro chip temperature control with infrared heat for flash quick heating.
9.232°C (450°F) variable temperature control.
10.Tangle-free 3 meter, 360° swivel cord.

Now, onto the details for the give-away! 

How to Enter:
1.  You must "like" our friends over at on Facebook!  If it weren't for them, this give-away would even be possible!

2.  Please enter your *valid* email address into the entry form below - please make sure everything is correct as this will be how I am contacting the winner!

3.  There is a quick question about your favorite or essential hair styling product in the entry form - please answer that as well...think of all we will learn from eachother!

4.  Winner must be from the United States or Canada.

5.  This is not a requirement, but if you feel up to it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect!  I'll be having more giveaways soon!

The giveaway will run from 4/12/11 to 12:00 a.m. 4/25/11. 
U.S./Canadian Residents Only. Winner will be chosen at random based on entries above. Please enter a valid email address, as this is how you will be contacted!  Again, this is sponsored by and item will be directly shipped from this sponsor. 


Spotted at Walgreens: New E.O.S Lipbalm Duos w/ Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit

8:27 AM

For those of you EOS lovers (me included - I have the Lemon and Spring Fruit and can't live without it!), there is a set for spring including two new flavors: Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit! 

**NOTE** These are duos of the new flavors, not trios as I originally stated.

This was a hanging rack right in the middle of the cosmetics aisle where all the perfumes and new cosmetics are located. 

See the new flavors?

Have you seen these?  What do you think?


Review: Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara

9:30 AM

I'm sure by now you have seen the new Physician's Formula 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara during your hunt for those adorable Mood Booster blushes.  Well, for one, the packaging definitely stands out, so it's hard to miss!

Obviously, being from Phsyician's Formula, this is going to be as natural as it gets.  From the website, the product is the following:

Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Jumbo Lash Mascara


100% of the Total Ingredients are from Natural Origin.

47% of the Total Ingredients are from Organic Farming.

100% Dramatic Volume & Glamour.

OrganiSoy® Moisturizes and helps nourish lashes.

Eco-Olive(r) a natural antioxidant, shields lashes from harsh environmental aggressors.

I thought I'd take a picture of the back label because it gives tons of good information about what this mascara is about, and what's in it.  You can click the image below for a larger view if it's too hard to read on your computer.

The packaging on this guys is very large.  At first, I thought it might be cumbersome, but it's actually quite well thought out.  The outside is a gorgeous green "metal" with a leaf handle.  The actual brush handle sits quite comfortably in your hand, and is what I would consider ergonomic as far as mascaras go. 

The brush is a very large, rubber bristled brush, similar to Lash Blast, but I would say it is even larger/fatter than that.   The tip tapers in a little bit, but doesn't come to a point.  Overall, the shape stays pretty uniform throughout. 

The consistency of the mascara is what I would expect from a volumizing mascara, although to me it was a bit on the dry side.  This wasn't clumpy at all, and the thickness and complexity of the brush allowed the product to pull through on the lashes, leaving even application across the board.  The color is nice - it's an intense deep black (I got "Ultra Black", although there is just a basic "Black" as well).  I did not experience any flaking, smudging or smearing.  There was absolutely no irritation for me.  Removal was quite easy as well - I didn't need any makeup remover, instead I used my Philosophy Purity and the Clarisonic.  Nothing was left behind upon removal.

Below is a snapshot of my lashes with two coats.  I will say, this does what it says: volume.  There was little to no lengthening of my lashes, and I couldn't get any curl out of it.  With that said, if you have naturally long lashes, and are just looking for some volume, this would be a great natural alternative to some of the synthetic or high-priced mascaras around.  For me, I need the best of both worlds, so I require some lengthening in my mascara as well.  If I could just get these puny little lashes to grow out a little bit longer, this might just be a great mascara for me!  But, alas, I will probably only use this on days when I'm wearing little makeup and just want some mascara on. 

So, final thoughts?  I'd give this mascara a B to B+.
Retail Price: Approximately $9.99-10.99
Where to purchase: CVS, Walgreens, Meijer, Walmart...anywhere that carries Physician's Formula
Product: 3.5 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5
Would I purchase again?  Right now, probably not.  Not because this is a bad product by any means, but because I am not getting the length out of the mascara that I like to see on my lashes.  Like I said, this is a self proclaimed Volumizing mascara, and it does just that!

Have you tried this mascara?  What about their regular line: either the Organic Wear Natural mascara or any of the other types?  What do you think?

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