Spotted at Meijer and Swatch Comparison: Revlon "Carbonite" Nail Polish - A Chanel Graphite dupe? Let's take a look...

9:12 AM

First of all, what is graphite, besides what is in your pencil?  Well above is a picture of it...

Above is the display that the Revlon Carbonite comes on.  This is another one of their Limited Edition colors, just in line with Black with Envy and Perplex.  This is a dupe of Chanel Graphite, and since I have Graphite I thought I'd show you some side-by-sides of the two.

Actually, this is a really good dupe.  There are slight differences, which I'll get into here shortly, but overall, when you look at these side-by-side, it's hard to tell them apart. 

Both have a deep pewter gray base with silver micro-glitter.  Chanel's glitter/shimmer is a bit larger and more complex than the Revlon.  Chanel has hints of very pale, almost silver-gold glitter, giving it a hint more of a warmer tone than the Carbonite.  Where Graphite has the golden shimmer, Carbonite has hints of darker gray shimmer though out.

With the flash, below, you can really see how much shimmer is in the Chanel.  I think what is really *lighting up* the bottle there is that pale gold shimmer that is in Graphite, that isn't in Carbonite.

OK, now onto so side by side swatches on the nail.  I didn't clean up these swatches, so please ignore the mess.

See that hint of gold above?

In this picture, you can really see the difference in the microglitter size in Chanel vs. Carbonite.  Where Carbonite is really a true metallic, Graphite borders on being a microglitter polish.

Then again, when you see them in natural light, side by side, there is very little difference.  I will say, the Revlon is a bit thicker and more intense upon application, where Chanel is a thinner and a bit more sheer of a polish.  Both are two coats, but I think the Chanel could afford three.  I am going to be doing a full fledge manicure with Chanel shortly, so I'll post those pictures once completed.

Well, what do you think?  Does Revlon Carbonite match that of Chanel Graphite?  Have you seen the Revlon Carbonite displays yet?  In my opinion, if you see this and have been lusting over the Chanel Graphite, I'd definitely pick it up - it's worth the spend, and can easily satisfy your need! 

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  1. Thanks for swatching! I almost thought about grabbing it, but I'm glad I didn't now. The gold is a little much for me in some of the lighting and I already snagged Graphite.

  2. They are both so similar, but definitely have their differences. I think really, when you look at the two side-by-side, you get the same effect with Carbonite as Graphite. Enjoy!

  3. @preciouspearl - it is SO pretty too! I really like the deep shimmer undertone in this one, which is much more evident in person than in the pictures.

  4. Just came across your blog -- great comparison! The revlon one has a hint of Chanel Kaleidoscope (my all-time favourite nail colour!) in the 2nd swatch picture. That's enough for me to try it!

  5. @The Procrastinator - I haven't seen Kaleidoscope in person, so I'll have to take you word for it. I will say, the Revlon is really pretty, but I do love the Chanel. The hint of gold in it, almost makes it feel a subtle duochrome effect, which I tend to lean towards. They both are really pretty though. Enjoy yours when you get it!

  6. Chanel Graphite is definitely a douchrome. Inside it looks VERY gold but in the sunlight, it looks like actual graphite. It's so gorgeous and if you own both, you see a ton of differences in them.


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