Swatches: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Quints "Caffeine Rush" and "Forest Fury"

8:47 AM

When I spotted the new Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Quints at Walgreens the other day, I picked up the green, Forest Fury, and brown, Caffeine Rush, sets.  These boast four coordinating eye colors, and a shimmering/luminizing "top coat" to put over the look to add sparkle to the look.  I was very pleased with the Eye Studio Quad's I'd picked up the past few times at the drugstore, so although these retail for $11.99, I figured I'd try them out.

First up, Caffeine Rush.  This is a gorgeous set of brown/taupes.  My favorite color is by far the taupe in the right triangle.  There is also a shimmery beige (left triangle), a milk chocolate brown ("v" in the middle), and a warm ivory shade to highlight (bottom triangle).  The luminizer is an ivory sparkle, which is the top triangle.  This is not a powder, but instead is almost a cream shadow that isn't wet at all.  I'm not sure how to describe it, although it is reminiscent of the NYX Glitter Cream pallets, but with a much better staying power, in my opinion.

Swatches are applied on bare skin - no primer.  If you use a primer, the colors stand out even more boldly. 

Forest Fury is a gorgeous set of greens.  These are a bit on the cooler side, and less olive in color as compared to the Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in "Green with Envy" I posted earlier.  Still, these are warm enough to be work without looking too over the top.  The far left is a satin lime green.  The far left is a shimmery, medium forest-turquoise.  The crease color in the "v" is a deep forest green with a hint of shimmer.  The highlight is again a warm ivory, but with just the slightest green shimmer.  The luminizer is also a pale warm white base with iridescent green and gold shimmer. 

 Again, swatches are on bare skin.

I am so glad I bought these two quints.  Not only are the colors beautiful and extremely pigmented, but they wear well, the luminizer adds some gorgeous shimmer, and the luminizer actually lasts without creasing or causing any discoloration to your actual eyeshadow application.  I really think I would like to get the purples next.  The colors in that quint look a lot different than some of the other purples/mauves I have.

Have you tried these?  What did you think? 

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