Swatches: Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash and Flash Light

7:23 AM

I recently decided to pick up two of the Milani Lip Flash lip crayons when I saw some posts about them online and on their Facebook page.  I have always liked the concept of a lip crayon, but just haven't dabbled in them very much.  I usually just go for my standard lipsticks or lip gloss and move on with my day.  After drying these, Milani's Lip Flash have definitely found a place in my makeup bag.

There are eight shades to chose from, from a pale pink, bright fuchsias, reds and a really pretty bronze.  I picked up two of the reds.  I've been trying to find a red lipstick I can pull off, so I figured I'd give these a whirl!

These Lip Flash are big chunky pencils.  The tips are thick, and make application really easy.  It doesn't require a lot of application to fill out the lips. 

Below are swatches of each - each swatch is one swipe!  This is what I am asking for when it comes to pigmentation!  Even better, if you want more color on your lips (let's say in the case of Flash Light), just apply another coat to your lips and the intensity is amped up.

Hot Flash is a gorgeous warm red with coral shimmer.  I think you can see the shimmer on the picture below if it is enlarged.  Flash Light is in the same family as Hot Flash, only a more sheer, lighter, and just a bit more coral version.  This also has shimmer throughout, but it isn't over the top.  Just enough to add a hint to the lips.

Below are the lip swatches.  I find that Flash Light is my more wearable color out of the two, but Hot Flash is definitely a gorgeous red, that I feel I can actually wear. 

Like I mentioned above, the pigmentation on these are wonderful.  The consistency is so creamy, but it doesn't feather and spread out from the lipline.  I couldn't be happier with the wear on these - they are so surprisingly long wearing!  But, amazingly, the Lip Flash didn't leave my lips dry or flaky.  I suppose the wear and pigmentation comes from the fact that these pencils has some body to them - the product itself is actually quite dense - like a less "wet" version of a lipstick, so they wear very similarly to a lipstick.  Obviously, the darker the shade, the more residual color there is on the lips once the product is long gone, but I suppose this is another facet of the long-wear for these crayons.

I think I may have to pick up one of the pink shades, just to see if these are wearable on me as well.  I don't typically go for the bright colors - I'm more of a neutral shade kind of girl.  I really hope Milani comes out with some other shades. 

Have you tried these yet? 

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