Swatches: Milani Baked Blushes "Dolce Pink" and "Terra Sole"

11:43 AM

A few days ago I posted the picture of the three Milani Baked Blushes I had already picked up.  Today I wanted to post two more - one I bought (Dolce Pink) and the other I won on their Facebook page (Terra Sole). 

I believe Terra Sole might be an online exclusive, or at least it was at one point.  This is a warm, very much terra cotta, shade.  Although it isn't completely matte, it's almost-matte.  There is just a hint of sheen to this blush.  No glitter, no chunky shimmer.  Just the most subtle sheen.  I wouldn't call this a muddy bronze, although the picture might make it look that way.  When it's applied, I actually get a bit more pink out of it.  This is definitely a dark and pigmented shade (for me anyway).  I can use it during the summer to contour, and maybe lightly apply as a bronzer, but as a blush I found it too dark.  If you are a darker shade than me (I'm Porcelain to Fair in Laura Geller's BnB, Fair in BE, and honestly couldn't tell you what I am in MAC), then this would probably work a lot better on you.  The consistency is nice and smooth, and it blends very easily into the skin as well.  I just need to see a little more sunshine, or visit the bottle of sunless tanner, before I can wear this on a regular basis.

Dolce Pink is the color I had been lusting over after I saw Nouveau Cheap's swatches.  I finally found it at Walgreens and snatched up the last color.  Honestly, I've been looking for something to fill the void for the MAC Love Rock mineralize blush that I didn't pick up for myself, and I am hoping this will do the trick.  This is true pink, with warmer champagne colored shimmer thoughout.  It's basically bubble gum pink, but more neutral.  I'm not sure that all makes sense or not, but it's definitely worth seeing.  This gives my cheeks a bright pick-me-up.  Like the others, the pigmentation is great, the consistency is blendable and smooth.  This definitely has shimmer, which I love.  It can easily be buffed off if you don't want it, though.

Again, I am happy to report Milani has brought us another round of great products.  Just as the other ones I posted (Corallina, Luminoso, and Berry Amore), these are beautiful shades at a nice value compared to other baked blushes out there.  What do you think?

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  1. I have these and love them. I am hoping they make more with similar finishes to Terra Sole, as I much prefer subtle sheen blushes and bronzers.


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