Spotted at Walgreens:Lots of new Nail Polish by Sally Hansen Crackles, Sinful Polishes, Revlon, Black Radiance and Essie

9:40 AM

Lots of pictures for you today from my Walgreens run earlier this week!  First up, the Sinful Phenomenon collection, which looks to be some beautiful colors for fall.  I'm not sure how many, if any at all, are new shades on this display, but regardless, it is a neat collection.

Secondly, in a totally different direction from the Sinful Phenomenon display, the Revlon Nail Art Neon collection.  This has two polishes - a white base polish on one side to use as a base coat, and the other side has a neon cream polish.  These are absolutely lit from within.  My camera had a very difficult time capturing the colors, but you get the idea (I think!)...

Essie's newest collection is the Mirror Metallics, which is a set of beautiful foils. 

I stumbled upon these Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polishes, as they weren't on a display, but instead were just stuck between a couple of random displays on a shelf.  I happened to notice the coral one below, which made me stop and look.  I believe all four of these are new: Coral Collide, Sage Smash, Wave Break and StarBurst.  Starburst is really interesting - it's almost a black jelly with gold glitter in it.  This would be interesting for Halloween over an orange polish.  The Coral Collide and Wave Break remind me of two of the old Sally Hansen Hi Def polishes (which are on clearance right now).  Wave Break reminds me of Laser and Coral Collide reminds me Three D, but with more shift.  Beautiful!

Lastly, the new Black Radiance Girls Rock collection.  The bottles remind me of Butter of London, and the colors are really pretty too.  There were three glitters, a royal blue, an extremely bright pink/coral and teal. 

Have you seen any of these yet?  So much to see...what to buy!?

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  1. I'm interested in the Essie metallic foils, but I have heard in some reviews that they have really bad streaking...

  2. Interesting for sure! I didn't pick any up, but I will have to read about them too. Thanks for the info.


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