Laura Geller Baked Vanilla Nudes: Pictures & Swatches, including the New! Porcelain Balance 'n Brighten

9:45 AM

When Laura Geller said she was going to be introducing a lighter shade of Balance 'n Brighten (porcelain), I was very excited.  This new color was introduced in a collection called Vanilla Baked Nudes.  The set comes with your choice of Balance 'n Brighten, a Cheek Dreams Blush, mascara, dual ended brush, Marble Lipstick and Baked Eyeshadow/Eye Rimz duo.

First, let's take a look at the Balance 'n Brighten in Porcelain.  This color truly is different than any of the other BnB's she has - I'll post comparison's later.  Instead of focusing on the yellow and beige corrective colors, this is swirled with ivory and pink to help correct the imbalances us fair girls have in their skintones.  At first I was scared this was going to be too pink, but I couldn't be happier with the color.  There are hints of true skin-tone colors swirled through, so this nicely offsets the pinks and ivory shades that are swirld through, giving a very true porcelain color with great buildable coverage.

Next up, the blush.  This is a bit different than her typical baked blushes, and instead plays off of the Dream sets she has had in the past.  This is her Baked Cheek Dreams in Neapolitan.  This instantly was remanicant of the MAC Blonde, Brunette, Red Head blushes from a year or so back. 

The three colors can be worn separately (highlight, blush, and contour), or they can be blended together to create a more intense color.  These are not overly shimmery, but have a nice frost to them.  The colors are really nice, and the pink really brightens the face and gives the apples of your cheeks a nice color without over doing it. 

Vanilla Toffee and Black Cherry are quite possible the two favorite colors I've have from Laura Geller, and if you filter through my LG posts, you'll see I have quite few.  The Vanilla Toffee color is a very shimmery bronze, ivory and gold swirl that mixes together and becomes a beautiul guilded, intense bronze on the lids. 
Black Cherry is such a different play on black.  At first glance, you see black and irridescent white swirled together, but upon closer inspection, there are these beautiful berry sparkles swirled throughout, softening and warming the color.  If applied dry, or without primer, this is very muted, but when applied wet or over a primer, the color is so intense and beautiful.  I've used this both as a liner and as a shadow and I am just blown away every time I put it on. 

The brush is double ended, with a nice contoured blush brush on one side, and an oversized, almost paddle shapped, sponge applicator on the other. 

The Berry Banana lipstick is a really warm berry shade, with swirles of creamy banana throughout.  The color is very nice (the picture below is muted, but the swatch is accurate), and it smells like banana berry.  Yum-o!

Swatches are below.  For the blush, I swiped them alone, and blended together.  The eyeshadows are over Pixie Epoxy so you can really see the intensity of the colors. 

FOTD's and BnB comparison's coming soon!  Did you pick up this set?  What were your thoughts?

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  1. Gorgeous and 'Black Cherry' looks hot! x

  2. Iti a beauty! It's one of those you have to see in person. Unfortunately, my picture hardly does it justice.

  3. Is it okay to become hungry looking at those products? I just want to go into an ice cream store and eat!

    I wish I didn't pass on this. Looks very interesting!

    Can't wait to see a FOTD :-D

  4. OH. MY. GAWD. That lipstick!! I neeed! lol :)

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