Spotted at Walmart: New Nailene SensatioNAIL Invincible Gel Polish Kits and Refills

10:00 AM

It appears the at-home gel nail craze is in full effect.  I posted Nutra-Nails Gel Perfect UV Free Gel Color review and swatches a few weeks ago, and since then I have started to see those particular kits pop up in more than just Walgreens, so I would say they will be soon available in a number of outlets.  Anyway, at Walmart the other day, not only did I see the new SkinnyGirl Face & Body collection, I turned around to look at the Essie polishes and found this: Nailene's SensatioNAIL Invincible Gel Polish Kits and refills. 

The kit itself (pictured above on the display, and then a few closeups below), actually contains whatever color you pick for the polish, The Gel Primer, The Gel Base and Top Coat, the Cleanser, and the LED Light to set the polish.  You can also pick up other colors, which come in a smaller box with a swatch on the front.

All in all there are 12 colors to choose from:

I took some pictures of the actual main kit below - it's a simple four step process on the box - primer, color, set and top coat. 

This is what is actually included in the starter kit :  Cleanser, color, primer, base and top coat, and the LED light.

If you are really interested in the "how-to's", I downloaded the PDF for the actual instructions, found inside the box.  Click the image to see a larger view.

The starter kit retails for $49.98 and the refills/new colors are $9.98 a piece.  Seems about right compared to some of the other kits I've seen that sport a light - the light themselves tend to sell for around $50 a piece, and then you have to purchase the colors and cleansers separately. 

What do you think?  Something you might pick up? 

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  1. I saw that too! I'm off to check out your review of the Nutra-Nail polish. I have two shades but haven't gotten around to testing them yet. I bought the Gelish starter kit (with mini-light) and have been pleased with it. However, I like to change my mani every other day or so because I have so many untrieds, so long-wearing color is hard for me to do!

    Here are my posts on my gelish kit and the results:

  2. I liked the Nutra-Nail set, although it does take a bit of patience to get used to the consistency of the product. I did like the convenience of not needing a light, the price (I think it's around $12.99) and online there are a lot of colors to choose from.

    The Nailene version has a lot online too, so I'll be anxious to see if Walmart carries the full selection of shades at some point. I'm sure it depends on the success of the basic colors.

    I love the Gelish color you posted about - the shimmer is really pretty! I'm with you, though, as much as I like the concept of having a lasting manicure, I want to test so many colors I have right now in my stash, that I can't commit to one shade!

  3. I bought the kit last Saturday and so far the results look good. It was my first time doing gel nails and they look nice. I think it is a great deal. I am also glad that the polish is still made in the U.S., although their packaging is from Mexico and China. By the way, I wanted to mention that the starter kit currently only comes in red and the berry color. I also wanted to mention that I bought an extra color, chiffon pink, and it was was missing the brush...Nailene is awesome and they are sending me a new one.

  4. @MyPinion - thanks for all the information!

  5. I just got my nails professionally done at a local salon and it was $35! So, I'm so excited to try this. I love reading reviews.

    I just saw the advertised price that you mentioned and on their Facebook page they have a $5 coupon!

    (I'm a savings and bargain blogger!)

    Love your blog! Thanks for sharing!
    Holly @

  6. i bought and used this kit for the first time just this weekend and I would really recomend it! The results were just as advertised! (Imagine that!) I would say that if you are crummy at polishing your nails the traditional way then you are not going to have nice results with this either because you still have to "polish" your nails...but if you do your nails alot at home anyway then this kit is perfect! I am going on 3 days and they look great! We will see how they hold up but so far I am sold!

  7. Hey you guys, I'm new to all this nail stuff and I'm getting the sentationail starter Kit with the LED light, and I was wondering if it's possible to use products such as Shellac or Gellish or OPI axxium gels with this light? Please let me know I'm really curious and love all the OPI colors!

  8. @mlk - good question! I will post and see if anyone knows. I honestly don't know how each of these systems are set up, but I imagine some of the readers do.


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