Spotted: Nox Twilight Beauty Nail Polish

7:22 PM

Grocery shopping today at Meijer, and when I'm there I *must* stop by the makeup department - they always have something new and exciting, especially during the holidays.  Today was no exception!  On one of the end-caps with all the Fantasy Makers were two displays of Nox Twilight Beauty Nail Polish.  
  Now I've heard of Nox Twilight Beauty, but I wasn't aware it was available around me, so I was very excited to see these!  The polish retail at $6.99 a piece, and there were 12 colors to choose from.  Each bottle has a replica of the Cullen family crest.

"Nox Twilight nail polish is the newest edition of products from Twilight Beauty. Inspired by the powerful Cullen coven, this line of professional quality nail polish prominently features the enduring Cullen crest on the center of each bottle."

 I picked up two:  Sangria (a deep blood red) and Wine & Dine (a pink microglitter).  I'll post swatches shortly!  Now if Meijer would carry the rest of the line!

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  1. I'll be looking forward to seeing your swatches!

  2. I'm a sick, sick person to be so disappointed that we don't have those here!


    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Lisamarie - I was so excited to see these! It's the first Nox I've seen in my area! I'm going to be posting swatches soon!


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