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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NOTD: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure "Problem Child"

Purples are all the rage this fall, and Sally Hansen is right on top of the trends. If you are looking for a deep, dark, and intense egg plant purple color, Problem Child is absoultey gorgeous and can be found at your local drugstore or Ulta, which is where I bought mine.

Problem Child is almost a black purple, with almost burgundy, purple, and larger (but sparse) irridescent shimmer.  In the pictures below, the picture taken in the flash is a much truer representation of the color.  I did take a picture of the bottle in the sunlight, as well as the very last picture, so you can see all the complexity of the polish.  This is a stunner, especially if you are looking for something a little bit edgier for the fall...

(natural light)

(with flash)

What is your favorite shade for this fall?


  1. Definitely vampy colors. I'm so pleased that this are a hit.

    Thanks for the review on this one because I had wondered about it. Now I can see it in my shopping cart next time I'm at Ulta. ;)

  2. oooh that's a awesome purple ! I adore purples .

  3. I love any dark color for fall. That shade is lovely!


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