Review: Lash28 Eyelash Conditioner

8:57 AM

I recently had the opportunity to test out Lash28 Eyelash Conditioner.  This is an ALL NATURAL eyelash conditioner, that helps moisturize, strengthen, condition, promote healthy lash growth, and replace broken or sparse lashes.  Now, I'm not going to lie, I have always wanted to try a lash conditioner, but have been very skeptical as to the effectiveness of them.  Well, I'm happy to say that after 4 full weeks of use, I can definitely see the results, and I think you can too in the pictures below.

(Click the pictures for larger images)

I used the product every morning during my skincare routine.  I know that the instructions are to do this before bed, but I am usually to tired to do an extensive routine, so instead I chose the morning.  Before I put any moisturizers, serums or creams on, I applied the Lash28 to the lashline and allowed the product to soak in.  I then went through my normal routine of moisturizers and makeup.  The product itself is a nice consistency, semi-opaque white cream, that is applied with a brush-tip wand, similar to an eyeliner brush.  (I tried taking pictures, but of course my camera would not focus in the way I I just gave up!   Let me know if you have any questions on application and I will do my best to explain.)

After 4 weeks, I have to say that the results speak for themselves.  Not only do the pictures above show longer, thicker and more plentiful lashes, I had fewer lashes fall out by the end of my testing period.  I am very pleased with the product, and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a product to help promote fuller and healthier lashes.

Please note (and this is very important!)...
-This is NOT tested on animals
-This is hormone free
-This is paraben free
-This is hypoallergenic

Again, stop by and take a peak at all the details on the product.  It's worth the investment!

This product was sent to Shakeupyourmakeup for review.   All reviews are the honest opinion of the author - the receipt of product does not determine the outcome of the review.

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