e.l.f. Haul during 60% off sale....

8:00 AM

I love sales!  When e.l.f. cosmetics had their 60% off sale, I decided to take this as an opportunity to purchase some items that I haven't tried yet: e.l.f. nail polish, mineral concealor and the waterproof eyeliner pen.  I also stocked up on tons of brushes, as I absolutely LOVE the e.l.f. professional line, as well as a few from the original line as well.

I ordered five nail polish, all of which I am anxious to try out!  I decided I needed to update some of my bolder colors, as well as grab a few for fall.  I ordered two reds (Red Velvet, Cranberry), two purples (Plum and Purple Pleaser) and Coral.  All are absolutely gorgeous.  I will swatch these out for you as soon as I can.

As much as I love my Bare Escentuals, I am always on the lookout for a less expensive options on the market.  I had just run out of my bisque, and in the meantime had been using a basic liquid concealer I had in my stash.  I figured at 60% off, this would be a great opportunity to try out the e.l.f. mineral concealer in fair, so I picked up one of those.  I will do a review in the next few days on this item, comparing it to Bare Escentuals bisque as well, just for a reference.

The waterproof eyeliner pen I ordered is in Plum.  Although I will do a more intensive review of this item, this is truely as it is described - a felt-tip pen that dispenses a deep plum/black eyeliner and dries instantly.

Last but not least - the brushes!  I really don't know what else to say except that for the price, these are fantastic!  I purchased duplicates of some I already use, just to have a frew extras in my stash: the blending brush and the eyeshadow brush.  Both are so amazing, and have really helped make eyeshadow application a breeze!

Like I mentioned above, more details to come on these products!

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  1. Nice haul.
    I like their flat brush to cleanup my nails ;) And I love their nail polish remover pads.

  2. YAY ELF! I love the ELF brushes, haven't tried the nail polish though.

  3. I agree ladies - their brushes are fantastic! The best part about this entire order, is that I had a gift card with a remaining balance, so I didn't have to pay a thing! It was like a present to myself :)

  4. those polishes are gorgeous! and i love their brushes too :)

  5. Ok, here's my question - where do you store all of these goodies?! Hehe. I am looking forward to your review of the eyeliner because I am in fact in the market for a plum liner.

  6. Ok, here's my question: where do you store all these goodies?! :) Just curious about how you keep it all stored and organized. Can't wait for your review of the plum liner bc I am in the market for one! Have a great week!

  7. Liana - the polishes are so pretty. I really liked the purple/plums, just because for me these were a little different than the norm!

    Emily - that is the grand question! I have tons tiered drawers. Good idea for a post! I'll work on that one...

  8. Great haul!! I love love love the color of that Coral nail polish, and I adore those wp eyeliner pens! Oh, and you got my fave brush of all time for gel liners, the small smudge brush! Try that with a gel liner--I am SO curious if you'll like it as much as I do. I love it with the PF liners. :D

  9. I have sooo many elf products! The reviews are on my blog if your interested:)


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