EOTD: Laura Geller "On the Bright Side" Collection

8:19 AM

A very quick EOTD using the Laura Geller "On the Bright Side" collection I posted about on Friday.  (I think these pictures give a better indication as to the colors, where the swatches looked a little distorted to me on the computer).  I am absolutely loving the Eye Rimz in Mystic Sea (below).  This was my first go-round with the Rimz, and they are quite nice.

Just like the other Laura Geller shadows and liners I have used, these are very smooth, creamy, and well pigmented.  The Fresco Pink had a whole different look on, especially when blended with the Mystic Sea.  Honestly, I thought the pink looked a bit warm-toned in the pot, but once applied, it went either way, depending on what was worn with it.  Below, I used the Mystic Sea as a crease shade, as well as a liner, so the pink took on some lavender undertones to blend in with the Rimz.  I also tried the pink with some browns and coppers this weekend, and as a result of that the color took on warmer undertones.  It is quite a chameleon shade.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Laura Geller "Fresco Pink" - inner corner, blended across lid
Laura Geller "Mystic Sea" - outer corner, crease, and wet as eyeliner
Laura Geller "Milan/Rome" duo - ivory/copper shade used as highlight
Laura Geller ICare Eyeliner "Bone" - lower lashline, waterline
Prestige Blackest Lashes mascara

In retrospect, I don't think I would use the Milan/Rome duo as my highlight, and instead would opt for something a little less shimmery, and more skintone in shade.   I really do love Mystic Sea as an eyeliner - it is multi-faceted in colors and shimmer, so this is a great alternative to the traditional black, while still giving eyes the definition and depth that a typical black eyeliner does.

Thoughts?  Have any of you tried this collection, or any of the Laura Geller Eye Rimz?

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