Wet 'n Wild Color Icon Solar Heat LE Baked Eyeshadows "Feiry" & "Singe" & Color Craze Nail Polish "Bora Bora"

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EDIT/NOTE:  **I mislabeled things as Swelter, when in face they are Singe!**

I mentioned a few days ago that Wet 'n Wild had a new seasonal, limited edition line called Solar Heat.  The products consist of swirled-baked bronzers and blushes, as well as baked eyeshadow singles.  Unfortunately, I didn't see any of the bronzers/blushes at my Meijer, but they did have a few of the eyeshadows left so I picked up Singe and Fiery.  Also, next to the eyeshadow display was a display of limited edition Craze nail polishes, which are in a smaller version of the Color Craze bottles from this fall.  I picked up a color called Bora Bora.

Bora Bora is a beautiful bright coral with silver shimmer.  The shimmer is very hard to capture with a flash, and seeing as we had rain the day I did this manicure, I couldn't get the picture taken in natural light.  As mentioned above, the bottles are smaller than the original Color Craze nail polish, which I appreciated, especially with the $0.99 price tag!  The consistency is very smooth, although a bit sheer.  I was concerned that I wouldn't get good coverage in two coats, but was pleasantly suprised once I applied.  Although the first layer went on thin, the second layer applied just the right amount of color.  Because of the thin consistency of the polish, the tips didn't get gloppy.  I was also worried that the silver frost would end up making the polish somewhat chunky, but this wasn't the case either.  Really, a great buy for $0.99, and a beautiful color for the summer, and could easily be applied ontop of darker shades to create a new look all together. 

Here is a close up of the bottle so you get a better idea as to the silver shimmer running through the polish - so pretty!

The two Limited Edition Solar Heat baked eyeshadows I picked up were Singe and Fiery - retail $1.99.  These are beautiful eyeshadows, which remind me of a smaller version of the Jesse's Girl Color Your World baked eyeshadows or the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Pearls Marbelized Eyeshadows.  Swelter is a swirled mix of ivory, bronze, sage, and olive green.  Once applied, it becomes this beautiful olive-taupe.  Fiery is a swirled mix of peach, gold and purple.  This one applies as more of a true taupe shade.  Both are pearlescent, so there is shimmer.  If you are looking for less shimmer, I would suggest the Maybelline versions. 

(Click to enlarge)

I wanted to compare the sizes of these to something we all know, so below is a shot of the Wet 'n Wild next to a MAC eyeshadow.  They are comparably sized, although the Wet 'n Wild does have a "domed" shape (see below), so you might get a little more shadow in it than an a MAC. 

Swatches below - the colors are gorgeous.  I will say, that Wet 'n Wild eyeshadows tend to be hit and miss, at least in my earlier experiences.  I absolutely love the Sand Castle palette, which is one of my every day go-to items.  I have not tried the new eyeshadows that have replaced their old formula, but would love to.  I have read such wonderful things about them, and the price is great for being on a budget. 

With that said, if these LE baked shadows are any indication of the new lines available, I'm totally sold.  These were smooth, creamy, and very pigmented.  The colors blended together effortlessly.  Where sometimes these types of mixed-shades have one color that overwhelmes the rest, not in the case of the two I picked up.  The colors worked together to create two beautiful, neutral shades.  I have tried these out for two days (one for each shade), and both wore the entire day without creasing, smudging or smearing.  I will run a couple of EOTD's so you can see the shadows on in the near future.

Who else has run across these shadows?  The bronzers and blushes?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I passed on the shadows when I went to Meijer, but they look really nice in your swatches! I'll have to pick them up next time.

  2. Oooh. Swelter is a unique color for sure! I may have to pick that one up if I see it!

  3. Heather - the shadows really are nice. I'm wearing the Singe (accidentally labeled it Swelter above) again today and its gorgeous!

    Elvira - I immediately thought of you when I swatched these and saw what beautiful taupes they turned out to be!


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