NYX Glitter Cream Palettes: Sweet Chocolate Browns & One Night in Luxy

8:00 AM

I have seen the NYX Cream Glitter Palettes in magazines and specifically in Ulta numerous times, and just never splurged on them.  I couldn't exactly figure out what I needed them for, so I decided they might work well as a little added glitz to my basic brown and black eyeliners.  Soooo....I picked up the "Sweet Chocolate Browns" and "One Night in Luxy" sets, each complimenting black and brown.

All of these are a cream, if you will, but I think it is probably better described as a very dense gel.  Once applied, the product dries and you are left with a pretty glitter line or layer on top of your eyeshadow.  It doesn't smear your makeup or flake off through the day.  For the price, I was very impressed with the lasting power and quality of each.  I did find that the microglitter wore a little better than those with larger glitter, but I figure that is to be expected.  Although I picked up two neutral palettes, there are 9 sets available, ranging from blues, greens, turquoise, purples...you name it!  You can see them all here.

Sweet Chocolate Browns is a set of browns and golds. Two of the shades are a larger glitter, while the other three are consistent of micro glittler.  From left to right, we have 1) a deep chocolate brown made of larger glitter, 2) an irridescent, extreme gold micro glitter, 3) deep charcoal brown made of larger glitter, 4) dark brown microglitter, and 4) deep beige micro glitter.

One Night in Luxy is a set of more neutral blacks and grays.  All but the gold are micro glitters, where the gold has larger chunks.  From left to right, we have 1) a dark black/charcoal with microglitter, 2) a deep slate gray with microglitter, 3) deep taupe with microglitter, 4) iridescent gold made of larger glitter, and 5) black micro glitter.

Just as a note, I swatched all of these using my Bare Escentuals Heavenly Liner brush, which is an angled liner made of soft but dense hair.
Although I have only tested these out for a few days, I really do like the versatility.  I can see how fun they will be when I decide to get a little more exotic with my eyeshadow, and add some glitz and glam.  Seeing as it doesn't smear your eyeshadow underneath when applied (because it's not a "wet" gel), this applies easily and adds that shine that is fun to have every once in a while!
Who else has tried these out?  Thoughts??

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  1. Nice swatches. The only glitter gel I've tried is from Hi-Fi cosmetics on Etsy, but they sound very similar. I agree that a little glam is awesome now and then and these look gorgeous!


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