Sephora Brand Eyeshadow "Mysterious Forest"

8:48 AM

Sephora has a new set of colors in their Colorful Mono Eyeshadow collection, that look specifically appealing for fall. While wandering through the mall last weekend, I decided to give one of these a try! As the website says, these are "a new generation of highly-pigmented, long lasting, exclusive eyeshadows that reinvent color", so I was immediately intrigued.

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Being that I have been on a teal/turquoise kick recently, I decided to pick up Mysterious Forest 46, which is a gorgeous deep iridescent pine green with lots of shimmer and hints of deep turquoise. I couldn't find a tester in the store, so I went out on a limb, and decided to give this one a try! The shadows run $12 a piece.

As you can see, these are jam-packed full of shimmer and glitter. The color is absolutely beautiful in the pot!

Overall, I have to say I'm disappointed with this eyeshadow. I was hoping for something that I could use as a smokey eyeshadow or liner, but the product is very gritty due to the glitter, and difficult to blend. I don't even think the pigmentation was all that great, to be perfectly honest. If you use a brush, the ability to get a smooth, even application is very difficult, so I would suggest using your pinkie or ring finger, because the heat and oils in the skin seem to help make it a little easier to blend together (that is how I swatched above). I also tried using some water to create a liner, but that didn't work very well either - the water just soaked into the eyeshadow and the brush didn't pick anything up to work with.
Although I hate to do this because of how pretty the shadow is in the pan, I think I might crush this into a powder and create a loose "pigment" to work with, and see if that works any better. I imagine this would definitely help make this easier to use as a liner, but the jury is still out on if this would help make the eyeshadow application any better.
I have to say, I probably won't buy anymore of these shadows that are packed with glitter, unless I can find a better way to apply. Too bad, really...I was definitely looking forward to this for the fall!

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