LA Splash Cosmetics - Eyeshadow Swatches

8:00 AM

Have any of you ever heard of L.A. Splash Cosmetics? (Their website is up, but not officially running yet). I'll be honest, I had not heard of these until I found some at my Ulta, as well as my local Meijer store. They come in a variety of colors, very similar to the size of a Bare Escentuals eyeshadow.

Each of these are very shimmery, and some have a hit of very fine glitter in them. The colors are very bold, pigmented, and can be used as a shadow or liner, depending on if you use them wet or dry. For approximately $5 a piece, these are very affordable, and versatile.

Below there are pictures of each shadow, as well as wet and dry swatches.

Golden Smoke: A chalky black with golden shimmer.

Enchanted Forest: A beautiful deep emerald green with iridescent green/blue and gold shimmer.

Supurb: Deep sapphire blue with shimmer.

Unsolved: A beautiful garnet red and platinum color, with hints of golden/beige.

Nude Diamonds: A very warm ivory with crushed pearl shimmer.

Regal: Deep copper with golden shimmer. (the color does not show through correctly in the picture below).
Platinum Sand: Beautiful, shimmery beige - just as the name says!

Dragon Dust: Very deep black with tons of golden shimmer.

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  2. Thank you so so much for these swatches! I just put in an order for "Regal" and "Platinum Sand" because they're on sale @ Cherry Culture, yay! You made it so easy to choose the colours :)

  3. Crystal,

    I'm so glad they helped out! I have been so MIA this week - I have lots to catch up on! Let me know how you like the LA Splash when you get them. And, a sale at Cherry Culture? Looks like I'm heading over there! :)


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