MAC Color Craft Haul Part 2: Mineralize Blushes "Hand Finish" and "Draft Pink" and Eyeshadow "Odd Bits"

10:21 AM

Since I can't seem to stay away from MAC's newest collection, Colour Craft, I went by Nordstroms again and picked up a couple more colors that were on my "wish list". I decided I needed a couple of the mineralize blushes, so I picked up Daft Pink and Hand Finished. Both are gorgeous, light pinks, but Daft Pink has cooler undertones with raspberry swirled through it, and Hand Finish is truly a shrimp pink color.

I also picked up one more of the mineralize eyeshadow quads, this one in Odd Bitz. I don't know why, but I am definitely drawn to the beautiful mauve and purples of this collection, so I couldn't resist.

I have been on the look for some beautiful pale shades of blush to use, and these two fit the bill perfectly. I don't have a true berry pink blush that doesn't make me look like a clown, so when I tried Daft Pink out, I couldn't have been happier. Although you do need a light hand to apply this, it isn't so overwhelming that the color is not wearable. Hand Finish is just a beautiful color, no way around it. Perfect on it's own for a very light blush, I think this would also work extremely well over the top to tone down blushes, or as a high light.
Again, Odd Bits was calling my name when I first saw it, but I was trying to *budget* my purchases, so I didn't buy this during my first spree at the MAC counter. I love these colors, though. I am really excited to try them out in the fall because I have a lot of sweaters that have these shades running through them. Again, the texture is a bit gritty, but if you can manage that, the pigmentation and colors are beautiful!

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  1. I like this group too. My daughter liked one of the shadow sets especially for me, but it is hard for me to pick out which one. They are all similar. They would be great for you!

    I'll have to ask her again. Free shipping I should not pass up! The nearest Nordstroms to me is an hour away. Ditto for any MAC counter.


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