FOTD: Yes to Carrots

8:00 AM

Just a quick post to show you how beautiful the Yes to Carrots tinted balms are.  I was so pleased with the pigmentation and lasting power (not to mention the moisture and smell), this product will always be in my purse to use when I don't feel like a gloss or lipstick!

Above I am using the Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Expression Eyeshadow Palette in Sand Castle, my go-to for any day that I don't know what to wear.  For my blush, I am wearing L'oreal Front Page Peach.  And, of course, the purpose of the post, for my lips I am wearing the Yes to Carrots Tinted Balm in Sunset Pink.

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  1. your lips look full, supple and really delicious! now i know that sentence came out wrong, but those were the three words that came to my mind when i saw the pic. :)

  2. I love it! Thanks for the compliment, because as we all know, not every product can accomplish all that (if at all!).

    Thanks :)

  3. Looks really pretty and easy to wear. I think I'll pick those up up soon! Thanks!

  4. Hey! Don't take this the wrong way--but your right eyebrow doesn't follow the pencil rule... There's a good site, I'm referring to steps and 3. (You see how you tweeze/wax too far in?) I think it will definitely improve the framing of your face! You do your makeup so flawlessly you should definitely have a nice frame for your canvas. :D

  5. Anonymous - no offense taken, but for the record, I don't tweeze, wax or anything. I've actually been trying to get them to grow out (using Ardells Lash and Brow) so I can have them professionally done for a more clean cut look.

    Not everyone has perfect features, and I for one just have funky eyebrows that don't grow and/or look like the "Pencil Rule" suggests they should. Too bad for me I guess, that my eyebrows don't follow what you consider to be "the standard".


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