NOTD: Sinful Cast Away Polish in Olympia

9:31 AM

I couldn't wait to try out the Cast Away polishes from Sinful, and as I mentioned a few days ago, I was able to pick them up for $0.49 a piece!  Anyway, onto the first swatch: Olympia.

Olympia is a pale minty green creme with a hint of yellow/lime to it.  Depending on the light, you gather more of the yellow tones vs. the creme/mint tones.  I think the first picture below (with flash) reflects the more true to life color, but I took one without the flash (second picture below) just so you can see both scenarios. 
(with flash)
(without flash)

This color is particularly beautiful in my opinion.  I'm not usually one for green polishes, but I found this to be very bright, cheerful, and wearable.  This is two coats with one coat of topcoat.  The polish itself was thick enough to get an even application in two coats and dried quickly.  I didn't find this gloppy or overly difficult to work with. 

I will say, being a green with some yellow tones to it, I notice in the first picture my hands look a little on the red side of things, but I really liked the color so I think I'll deal with it.  I am anxious to put a flakey over the top - maybe I'll try Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (the original) and see how it looks. 

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