Reader Question RE: Nailene sensatioNAIL Invincible Gel Polish System

9:10 AM

Several weeks ago I posted a display of the new Nailene sensatioNAIL Invincible Gel Polish system that is available at Walmart, and reader mlk asked a good question, below.  I'm working on a little research here on my end, but just in case someone knew the answer, I thought I'd post it here as well.  Thanks!!

"Hey you guys, I'm new to all this nail stuff and I'm getting the sentationail starter Kit with the LED light, and I was wondering if it's possible to use products such as Shellac or Gellish or OPI axxium gels with this light? Please let me know I'm really curious and love all the OPI colors!"

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  1. Yes you can! You should like the Sensationail Facebook page! All the women on there have been talking about it. Shellac and Gelish have been tested by many. I haven't heard much about OPI but I'm guessing there wouldn't be a problem either.

    The key is to cure for the same amount of time as you would with Sensationail. Since it is an LED light it is different than the UV lights that CND (shellac) and Gelish use. Go at 30 seconds for the first layer of color and test it. If you feel it needs a little more go for a minute and repeat your process!

    It's a little trial and error but once you figure it out you're golden! =)


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