Swatches: Milani Black Magic Liner & Eye Glimmer in Teal and Pink

10:09 AM

Milani Black Magic Liner and Eye Glimmer were on clearance at Meijer a few weeks back, so I picked up two to try out: Teal and Pink.  These are dual ended eyeliners, with one side being a blackened liner in the color stated, and the other end being a thick glitter-crayon topcoat. 

From the Milani website:
A dual-ended pencil that delivers three amazing looks! Apply blackened liner on lash line or on the eye lid for deep, dramatic eyes. Use the glimmer top coat over the blackened liner to create a spectacular dazzling look. Wear the glimmer top coat by itself on entire eye lid for a magical effect! 
The glitter-crayon side reflects the color the best.  In the picture below, the color really stands out. 

The other side (the blackened side) is difficult to decipher the color, which is the point.  When actually swatched, there is a hint of shimmer, in either teal or pink in this case.  The consistency of this side of the pencil reminds me of a kohl.  Somewhat chalky, but actually quite pigmented and easy to use, I preferred this side of the pencil to the glitter portion.

Below are swatches of Pink and Teal.  From left to right: glitter side alone, pencil/kohl side alone, glitter on top of kohl.

Notice how the glitter side actually washes out the kohl/blackened pencil?  That really frustrated me.  I really don't think I'll use the glitter side.  It was chunky, difficult to use/blend, and really doesn't show up on it's own.  Instead I will lend these pencils to the use as a smokey/smudgy liner. 

Have you tried these before?  What did you think?

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