New Sinful Cast Away Polishes at Walgreens - Only $0.49????

10:11 AM

Over my lunch yesterday, I stopped by Walgreens to pick up some chocolate for the office.  Yes, I am the official "Candy Queen" of my office, with a bowl of candy on my desk bringing people into my office to top and chat, and allowing me time away from my computer.  After I filled my basket with Easter chocolates, I went by the cosmetics aisle to see if they had any of the new spring colors I've been reading about, especially the Sinful Castaway collection.  If you haven't seen the display, stop on over to Nouveau Cheap and check it out here.  If you want to see swatches, MakeupWithdrawal has some swatches of these beach beauties here.

Anyway, they did have a new display of the Cast Away Sinful colors, and as I was picking them up to choose a color, the cashier working the cosmetics department told me the Sinful's were only $0.49 a piece.  Wait, what??  Only $0.49 a piece!!  You better believe I purchased several, and just as proof I took a snapshot of my receipt below.

Here are the four colors I picked up - Athens, Zeus, Olympia and Neptune.

Just in case you can't see - they actually rang up $0.49 each!  What a steal!  I mean, even at $1.99 each I am happy with the price, but 75% off!  Woo-hoo! 

Get on over to your Walgreens and check it out - enjoy and Happy Friday!

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  1. Omgosh, I am PRAYING that this is a nationwide thing! That is so awesome, I have to run to Wags and see if the same deal is gong on over here!

  2. I know!! I couldn't believe it either!

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  4. I'm so jealous! I was planning to go to Walgreen's tonight to get Rimmel Wild Orchid (Rimmel is 50% off so it was $1.99, and I had a $1 off coupon), and I ended up checking TWO CVS's to see if the Sinful Colors were ringing up 49 cents there. Both had them full price at $1.99! :( I'm too cheap to buy full price even though I adore the collection. I'm just hoping they have another 99 cent sale before they're all sold out.


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