Swatches: Flower by Drew Barrymore Nail Polish "I Lavendare You!"

12:59 PM

Spring is so close, I can feel it.  In honor of my desperate need to get past the winter blues, I grabbed a bottle I had been holding onto for warmer weather - Flower by Drew Barrymore in "I Lavendare You".  The new line by Drew is a complete collection, including BB Creams, blushes, nail colors, lip sticks and butters, eyeliners and name it.  Most range from $4.98 (as the nailpolish is) $13.98 for the foundations.  Really a nice price for a new cosmetics line. 
I picked up the Nail'd It Nail Lacquer in I Lavendare You (below) and a Lip Butter in Haute Honeysuckle.  I will swatch the butter later. 

I Lavendare You is a gorgeous, extremely pale lavender shade with just the slightest (and I mean slightest) hint of an iridescent blue shimmer.  It was so slight, it was difficult to capture, but I think you might get the idea in the second picture.   There are a variety of shades, from rich wines to pale nudes, and a couple extravagant colors like a turquoise and orange as well.  The bottles squat square bottles, but easy to hold.  The brush was nice, thin, and applied an even coat.  The actual consistency of I Lavendare You was much thinner, more jelly like than I anticipated.  I guess by looking at it in the bottle, I was expecting an opaque creme, but it did not apply as such.  With that said, I was very pleasantly surprised with the outcome.  
This closeup (above) gives you a feel for the shimmer in this color.  Not over the top at all - in fact, I can't say it actually translated onto the nail.  When I look close up, I do not see any shimmer at all.  Just a pleasant little surprise in the bottle. 
Below, my swatches.  See how gorgeous this color is?  I mean, it screams spring.  Just a light, beautiful pastel.  I actually thought of those conversation hearts for Valentine's Day when I saw it on.  This could easily have used one more coat to get full opacity (I did two here), but I am very happy with the color and slight transparency of this.  With one coat, it is streaky, so I would suggest two.  Application was a breeze - runny enough to get a nice thin even coat, but thick enough to hold on when you are getting close to the cuticles.  Dried quickly and didn't shrink with a top coat, which is another added bonus. 

Final verdict?  I will certainly be picking up another color or two in this collection.  I really love this shade, and hopefully the wear will live up to the hype of everything else I have experienced with the color.  I would definite suggest picking this shade, I Lavendare You, if you are needing a little spring pick-me-up.  You won't regret it!

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