Sonia Kashuk Born to be Wild Palette

8:00 AM

Yesterday I posted about Sonia Kashuk's Blending Sponge, and when I was searching through her products I found that several over her eyeshadows were marked down (although there wasn't any rhyme or reason to it). I had been looking at these colors in the past, so I took the opportunity to pay $6 for the palette instead of $9 - always looking for a bargain!!

Born to be Wild is a palette of four beautiful colors - an indigo, navy, turquoise and wine color. I figured if anything they would make great liners, but I do have quite a shortage of blues so this was the perfect addition to my collection.

The colors are very smooth and really well pigmented conidering they run about $2.50 a peice if you purchased the palette at full price. I really like the violet irridescence to the indigo color, and the turquoise is absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to try them out!
Below are swatches so you can see the colors and the shimmer in each of them.

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  1. that looks great! but how do you incorporate the lone brown with three blues?

  2. I'm not quite sure yet - maybe as a liner or crease color. I'll play around with them and see what I can do!

  3. omg "born to be wild" are nice colors! ima check those out!


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