Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

8:00 AM

The newest sensation in liquid foundation has been the Beauty Blender sponge applicator. Sonia Kashuk (at Target) created her own version, and the store close to my house FINALLY got back in stock so I was able to pick one up when I was there this past weekend.

The Sonia Kashuk blender sponge is a deep purple and looks like an Easter egg! It is made of a dense, but very squishy and flexible sponge that has a narrow tip at the top for application into smaller areas (under eyes, around nose, corners of eyes) and the broader end that can be used to apply to a broader areas, like the cheeks, forehead, etc.

I tried it for the first time today and was amazed at how little foundation I had to use in order to get excellent and flawless coverage - definitely a lot better than using my fingertips which apparently was just smearing it all over my face! Although I am a mineral makeup fanatic, I do have Laura Geller's Phenomenal Foundation and I found this made a world of difference in it's application compared to how I had in the past.

For around $9-10, this is definitely worth the try! Pick one up next time you are at Target, or take a look online here.

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