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Friday, April 24, 2009

Jane Lipsticks from my Easter shopping

Last week I showed you all my Easter goodies, and I finally got around to taking pictures of my lipsticks! When I came through Walgreens and they had the sale on Jane, I snagged 3 of their lipsticks - Aquaceuticals Laguna, Cotton Candy and Toasted Rose. The Easter Bunny also brought me a gorgeous Rimmel lipstick called Coffee Shimmer, which I love.

Laguna is a beautiful shrimp pink with shimmer
Cotton Candy is exactly as it sounds - a cotton candy pink - no shimmer
Toasted Rose is a warm rose color - no shimmer
Coffee Shimmer is a warm brown with champagne shimmer

Absolutely gorgeous colors and at a great price due to the sale. I can't wait to wear the Cotton Candy - what a pretty pink for spring.


  1. dont you just love the untouched glory of a brand new lipstick?

  2. I am absolutely LOVING your blog! :) I just added you to my blog roll--your swatches and image photos are excellent and such a wonderful resource. I love every post I've read so far. Thanks so much :)


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