FOTD - Laura Geller's "Eye Dream of Italy" Collection

8:00 AM

Talk about beautiful and natural - that sums up what the Eye Dream of Italy collection by Laura Geller can do for you!  Not only do all the colors coordinate so well with each other, but they add such a beautiful, almost no makeup look, that is as easy as 1-2-3!

I used the entire collection, and nothing more, to create the look below.  I applied the foundation all over my face, and tightened up the retractable brush when applying under my eyes and around my nose for added coverage.  The blush, which has the color and the highlight, I used on the apples of the cheeks, and then added the shimmering highlight to the cheek bones to add a little depth of color.  For the eyes, I used the blue/purple color all over the lid, lower lashline and into the crease and blended the golden cream color from the brown bone down to where I met the crease color.  Two coats of the mascara and that was it!  

This lipstick is basically a lipgloss in disguise!  Not only is it natural in color, but the shine and texture lend itself to more of a gloss.  A perfect everyday shade, I would recommend this for anyone!

Again, this is such an easy look to achieve - I absolutely love Laura's products!

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